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Parker Open Comb Variant Adjustable Razor Review

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Parker Razor’s Variant adjustable safety razor has been a favorite of mine for years. So when they launched an open comb version I had to give it a try.

Parker Open Comb Variant

[Note: Super Safety Razors and Amazon links are affiliate.]

From the Super Safety Razors Website:

Just introduced for winter of 2023, the Parker Variant Adjustable Open Comb safety razor is a precision tool that will serve you well for many years. The new open comb head design allows the skin to be stretched as you shave, ensuring a very close and comfortable shave. This design is great as a daily shaver or when shaving through multiple days of beard stubble. The electroplated brass handle has extra knurling for a sure grip with wet slippery hands, and the knob at the bottom has deeply lined ridges for extra control when dialing the setting up or down.

Adjustable Settings: Multiple settings to adjust the blade angle with a dial at the bottom with settings from “1-5”, with “1” being the mildest and “5” the most aggressive. Customizable settings accommodate differences in facial hair thickness, skin type, preference and experience level.

Handle material: Genuine brass frame, electroplated finish in satin chrome

My Experience With The Parker Open Comb Variant Adjustable Razor

parker open comb variant razor parts

[Note: I received a Parker Open Comb Variant razor unsolicited for review purposes. However my opinions expressed here are my own and have not been reviewed or approved by Parker.]


The Parker OC Variant comes in Parker’s standard “Kraft zero waste” recyclable cardboard packaging. A pack of Parker DE blades (which I like a lot) is included.

Like the standard razor, the OC Variant is a two piece razor design. I find the handle to be well-textured and “grippy.”


The OC Variant’s weight (4 ounces) and length (4 inches) are the same as the standard Variant. Subjectively the OC “feels” a bit different in my hand though, with a subtly altered balance–no doubt due to the different head design. This is neither good nor bad, just different from the perspective of someone who has used both razors.

Adjustment Range

Similar to the standard Variant, the OC Variant razor’s adjustment can go from quite mild to very aggressive. I think the adjustment “window” may be biased ever-so-slightly higher on the OC but not enough to dissuade anyone from thinking they would not be able to dial-in the shave characteristic they want.

The Shave

parker oc and standard variant razors

Three things jump out at me when I compare the Parker Open Comb Variant to the standard Variant.

First, while I don’t detect much difference in performance between the two razors on “daily” stubble, I find the OC Variant is noticeably smoother and more comfortable on long, multi-day stubble. I’ll bet this is probably due to the inherent design characteristics of open comb razors in general.

Second, I think this is a lot more audio feedback with the OC Variant–again, particularly on multi-day stubble. If you’re a fan of ASMR you’ll probably get a kick out of the Parker Open Comb Variant razor.

Finally, I find the “sweet spot”–the range of angles that the razor can be held for a good shave, pretty wide. In fact, maybe a bit more than the standard Variant (which is quite generous itself).

Beyond that, like the original Variant, the OC Variant gives me excellent shave performance. I can tweak the adjustment dial “on the fly” during my shave to routinely give me baby’s butt smooth shaves.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the Parker Open Comb Variant adjustable razor proves to be a versatile and efficient shaving tool. Its open comb design provides a close and comfortable shave, while the adjustable settings allow for customization to individual preferences. The high-quality construction and smooth handling make it a great choice for both experienced wet shavers and beginners.

The Parker Open Comb Variant adjustable razor is available in Graphite Grey and Satin Chrome handles from Super Safety Razors and Amazon, and is currently being shipped to other Parker outlets.


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