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PAA Peregrino Shave Brush

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Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements PAA Peregrino Shave Brush
[Updated March 2021] Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements (PAA) has introduced their Peregrino shave brush with synthetic fibers.  This incredibly budget-friendly (under US $20!) brush has been a lather-making machine for me.

PAA Paragrino Shave Brush

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From the PAA Website:

“Ahh The Peregrino, the 5th installment of our EPIC, Retro Brush shave line…in this homage to the classic, vintage Ever-Ready 500E!

“…However, unlike the Atomic Rocket‘s 26mm knot I opted for a 24mm hybrid (Fan/Bulb)…. This was after experimenting with over 10 different synthetic makes, sizes and models!”

“Why Synthetics?

“You’d be amazed at how fast synthetic fibers are evolving…we came up with The Roswell (Grey) Hybrid Synth, something REALLY special. The feel is pretty much a combination of our Suave & Tribble knots.”

Specs (dimensions approximate):

  • Complete Length: 131 mm
  • Width at Widest point: 45 mm
  • Width and Shortest point: 27mm
  • Weight: 122 grams (4.3 ounces)
  • Knot: 24mm
  • Loft Ht: 56mm
  • Handle Material: Acrylic
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free

My Experience With The PAA Paragrino Shave Brush

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements PAA Shave Of The Day

This brush is a study in contrasts for me.  The brush’s fiber is described as a cross between PAA’s “Tribble” and “Suave” fibers.  The Tribble fiber is very similar to the Plisson-style fiber (sometimes referred to as “Plissoft”) and I think the Suave fiber is comparable to the Faux Horse synthetic fiber of other artisans.

Personally I don’t care for either of those fibers by themselves…but combined the resulting “Roswell” fiber feels just fantastic to me.  It’s almost like badger hair with a “gel tip” construction (where the very tip of the hair has a bit of a hook shape).  I find it very soft on the skin but still with enough backbone to give it a hint of scrubbing action while lathering.

A minor gripe: the brush’s handle is just a bit too big for my preference. While the ~75mm handle length is usually at the far end of what I can grasp for best control with my fingertips on the brush knot base, the brush’s wider-diameter-than-most handle doesn’t let me grab it like I can others.  [Update: PAA’s Amber Aerolite uses the same fiber with a slightly smaller handle.]

I mentioned the handle size issue to my wife and she suggested I let my father-in-law try it (I converted him to traditional wet shaving a few years ago)–he has arthritis in his hand which sometimes makes grabbing and holding things a challenge.  I let him borrow it for a week and he promptly “stole” it from me!  He says he can hold it very easily and loves the way the synthetic fibers feel on his face.

So I ended up purchasing another Peregrino for myself despite its size…and bear in mind I already have over 50 shaving brushes in my “den” (though only four–including the Peregrino–are in my regular rotation).  Luckily the PAA Peregrino shave brush is comparatively inexpensive (certainly an excellent value IMHO).

Peregrino Shave Brush Lather Percolating

Another reason I like this brush is that it’s just a lather-making machine.  Some other synthetic brushes I’ve tried take a little more work to get a good, hydrated lather in my “hard” water.  Not the Peregrino: I’m able to get a good, voluminous lather quickly and without drama.

As I mentioned earlier it feels almost like a gel tip badger brush with just enough backbone for a bit of scrubbing when lathering.

Not only that but water stays deep inside the brush knot instead of draining out. The brush “percolates” lather very well during the course of the shave–lather and water continue to mix rather than separate in the brush’s “breach.”

When I’m finished I give the fibers a quick squeeze and wipe with a dry towel.  The brush finishes drying very quickly.

All-in-all the PAA Peregrino shave brush “punches way above its weight” for me.


Once relegated to specific circumstances, I think the “state of the art” of synthetic shave brush fibers have pretty much caught up to the performance of the best badger hair products.  And they’ve done it at a competitive price point, or better.  The PAA Paragrino shaving brush performs as-well-or-better for me than badger hair brushes costing much more.

Do you have a Peregrino brush?  What do you think of it?  Leave a comment below.



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17 thoughts on “PAA Peregrino Shave Brush”

  1. Thank you for this review! I am relatively new to shaving brushes and I have purchased 8 brushes, both badger and synthetic. I recently received this brush and it immediately became my favorite brush. For me, the balance between backbone and splay is perfect. I lather using this in my shave scuttle and with face lathering using shaving sticks. It works equally well for both. I should have purchased this first. Then again I wouldn’t have realized how well this brush works for me compared to other brushes.

  2. Anyone that can point me in the direction of a stand for the Peregrino? My current stand can’t hold it except awkwardly by the bristles and it just doesn’t feel right to let it dry standing up on the counter. Everything I look at for stands online seems to be the same size.

    1. I have one of those stainless steel brush holders, which works well. You hang the brush by the base of the knot downward. Sorry, I don’t remember where I got it, but they are available on Amazon. Doug Smythe also sells a brush holder for four brushes on which it should fit.

  3. I purchased mine back in April; great brush! I prefer synthetics and the Peregrino is one of the best I have. The knot is more dense than the other synths I have and, quite honestly, if I use one of them, I only do it once and then I’m back to the Peregrino on the next shave. I’ve been using it (almost) exclusively since I bought it.

  4. I’ve already looked at it more than once. You talked (wrote) me into pulling the trigger. Thank you for the well written and informative article.
    All the best.


  5. I bought one a few weeks ago, and I love it. The handle is bigger than the other brush I have. But doesn’t cause me issues with my average sized hands. And like you said, it lathers like a beast. Whether I use a hard puck soap or a softer artisan one like the PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum, it loads quick and feels great on my face. I like that it has a sturdy spine as a foundation for the soft tips. Especially when loading from a puck. Wonderful brush. And I intend to get one or 2 more of the PAA brushes based on my experience with the Perigrino.

    1. Hi Ron,

      I also have the Star Craft, which is similar to the Peregrino. Your excellent description of this brush applies to the Star Craft. I also have the Green Ray, which is less dense and has a fan head. It doesn’t have as much backbone, but a good brush, especially for creams.

  6. I picked up a Peregrino after reading your review. I must say it is a way better brush than those costing twice as much or more on Amazon. I enjoy using it every morning. I also picked up a few of their other products to try out.

    I do like that they offer a military/veteran discount. The drawback is that you are redirected to put your personal info on some other website. So I skipped that discount opportunity.

    Still it’s a great brush, well worth the cost – even without a military/veteran discount.

  7. Glad you are converted to the synthetic fiber brushes! I have the Atomic Rocket and love it.
    You are tempting me to also try the Peregrino.

    1. Hi Daryl,

      Synthetics are all I’ve used for the last 5 years. I am a shaving vegan, but not a food one. This is driven by a lanolin allergy and the need to keep tallow and other rich fats and oils from causing pimple breakouts on my soon-to-be 70 year old face. I also have the brush you mention and like it too, but I like the Peregrino more. I believe you will be happy with it.
      Best regards,

      1. Then, I will try it.
        I am 70! I’ve noticed that lanolin base products just make my face more greasy. So much for face moisturizers !
        Splashes work best for me as I have oily skin.
        – Daryl

        1. Hi Daryl, appears that our age dictates our shaving needs. My skin is confused, part dry, part oily. I use balms, but once or twice a week I treat myself to a splash of Clubman original or Sea Breeze. Enjoy your brush!

  8. I have been enjoying this brush for a few weeks. I agree, great at making lather and has a nice soft feel. I have enjoyed all of Doug’s brushes. I also agree, that I would like a less wide handle for better control.

    Interestingly, you mention that you squeeze it and wipe it on a towel. Since it is a synthetic, I always wash with anti-bacterial hand soap. Hope in a future column you would address cleaning synthetic brushes. I would like to read your thoughts and those of others.

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