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Overcoming Your Fear of Changing Up Your Look

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Oftentimes we tend to feel too comfortable with how we look and how things are. And although there is nothing wrong with that, there are cases where we want something new for whatever reason that may be. Whether you are moving up the corporate ladder or you simply just want to shake things up, as with anything else the only thing that is constant throughout the world is change. This especially applies to looks, and that’s OK because change isn’t always a bad thing, it may take you out of your comfort zone, but it’s not always a bad thing to step outside of that zone every once in awhile. As much as you are comfortable with how you look now, your usual clothing, favorite shoes and how you style up, don’t be too timid to try out a new look for yourself.

Now when I say look I’m being very broad here; This can be changing up your hairstyle, having or getting rid of facial hair, new clothing, new cologne and tons of other stuff but you get the point.

It’s not as easy as for some as it is for others to change up how they look, which is why I put these tips together for you.

Start With Having The Right Mindset.

A lot of people never entertain the thought of reinventing or redesigning their look simply because they fear that others won’t like their new look, or they will be judged for doing so.

No matter what you wear, other people will always have something to say.

So why bother to always think of other people’s opinion? It is your choice but you just need to have the right mindset.
Start by appreciating what is good about your style.

What makes it unique? What do you like about your style? Then you can start eyeing for more specific details. What are the other things that you want to change? What are the things that you don’t like that much?

Asking these questions allows you to open up yourself to the possibility of changing up your look and having the right mindset. Pinpointing the details that you want to improve and work on allows you to look at your style in the most objective way possible.

Set It As A Goal.

Once you already have the positive mindset, the next step is to set it as a goal. Yes, you might have finally accepted that you need to make certain changes with your look but without really committing to that idea, it is basically pointless. Make it a personal goal for yourself.
What do you want to achieve? For instance, if you are vying for a promotion, you might want to elevate your type of clothing that will make you look classy, smart and professional- the kind of look that you see worn by top executives.

If you are a single who is in the dating scene, you may want to make it a goal to make your style much more appealing and endearing with the opposite sex.

Every person has a different reason why they change their look, and it is up to you to decide.

Do Not Be Afraid To Try.

With all the different items that you can find on the market today from a wide range of clothing items, shoes to accessories, it gives you a lot of choices to choose from to the point that you find it cumbersome to choose, not to mention that you might also have doubts and fears.
What if you buy the wrong items? It would be such a waste of money, right? Although it is definitely okay to be mindful of these things, you should never be afraid to try. How would you know if you never gave it a shot?

Here is an example of me changing things up, well at least trying to.

When I saw Brad Pitt as Achilles in the movie Troy years ago I thought that long hair look was just plain awesome and made a commitment to try it.

Well, I tried it and needless to say I didn’t pull that hairstyle off like Brad did, but I would have always thought “Man, I would look sweet with long hair” if I never gave it a go. Now it’s out of sight out of mind.

Slow And Steady…

There is a thin line that separates a person who wants to improve his look and the other who is too conscious about what others may think.
When it comes to deciding to change your style, how quickly you make these changes can make a factor on how others actually look at the new you and whether or not you stick with the look.

If you come into class/work with a complete new look from hair cut, clothes, facial hair, the whole nine yards then literally all eyes will pretty much be on you, and some guys (myself included) don’t like being the center of attention, especially when I’m trying something I’ve never done before.

The best option here would be to change up things in opposite directions of another so it doesn’t come off as noticeable.
Yea, so that sounded like complete gibberish but allow me to explain what I mean by it.

If you were to grow a beard and change your hairstyle that is a major change in one area. Instead try something like keeping your same hairstyle while growing out your beard, however, also maybe change up your style of shoes.

Complete opposite parts of your body so it’s not all up in your face (no pun intended) change for everyone to take overwhelming notice of.

Do Not Be Afraid To Find Inspiration In Other People’s Style.

Most people struggle deciding what and how to wear certain items/styles. If you happen to be one of them, relax it is okay to copy other people’s style.

The key here is to find what works best for you. This is not to say that you should copy everything. But what you can do is to see how you pull it off and go from there.

Wanting a beard but having very bad facial hair genetics is an example, so maybe look at someone who also has similar facial hair to you and see what they are doing.

There’s More To Your Look Than Just Items.

Your personal style isn’t just a fashion statement. It is your personal branding and how you look is very important, especially since it affects how people perceive you and more importantly how you feel about yourself (cliche I know, but it’s true).

This stretches beyond just what you wear but also if you’re in physical shape as well but that’s for another article, way too much to talk about with that.

Don’t forget to look into changing other things as well like the type of cologne you wear, changing it up can make for perfect synergy to go with your new wardrobe.

Own Your Style.

Now that you know what you want to wear and how you want your new look to be like, own it. Wear your personal style with confidence. Without confidence, your new style is meaningless.

At the end of the day, it is not your clothes, accessories and other fashionable items that will make you a stand out above the rest. It is you.
Changing your look takes time, effort and even money. But if you really want to make that bold move to look better and to be more stylish, then you should be willing to get rid of your old ways and fashion habits.

It all starts with acknowledging the need that you need to make changes and from there you can start working to find ways on how you can reinvent yourself and to change your style in such a way that it helps you achieve your personal goals.

About the author:
Sterling is a writer, fitness junkie and loves all things technology. Sterling is the owner of, which is where you can get in touch with him if you have any questions/comments.

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3 thoughts on “Overcoming Your Fear of Changing Up Your Look”

  1. Christopher Kavanaugh

    THE cardinal rule of ‘style’ is never look affected or consciously assembled. Dresscodes have this distressing habit of being right based on multiple generations of what works. A man with Tussy Mussie bouttonier, pocketsquare,lapel pin,tietack and watchchain might as well drive a East L.A. lowrider. Take a look at old wedding photos. The guys in mullet haircuts and lavender ‘tuxedos’ color coordinated with the bridesmaid gowns looked rediculous then and more so now while classic blacktie DONE RIGHT is CLASS. If you dress to please a woman you might as well move back in with mother. Women make wonderfull doctors, political leaders and anything else they wish to pursue- but not men’s style consultants. the military and various occupations have always influenced men’s dress. I would caution the affectation of Raybans, leather flight jackets and chronographs unlessyou happen to have a P 51 hangered at the local airport. THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS had a fun song that should give caution.” I see by your outfit, that you are a cowboy. I see by your outfit that you’re a cowboy too. we see by our outfits, that we are both cowobys. If you get an outfit you can bre a cowboy too.”

  2. The truth is that if you feel good about how you look it enables that “you” inside to show on the outside. I have seen people pull of some really silly looks (think Elvis Presley) because they owned it.
    If YOU like the way you look, then other people will be drawn to the confidence and courage you exude. Doing it in steps will help you build the confidence without becoming the center of attention, which will almost certainly make you self-conscious. Unless, of course, being the center of attention is your thing.
    Great article, thanks!

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