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The Origami Razor

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origami razor
A few days ago an interesting concept made its way around the “techie” sites on the Internet–The Origami razor. Originally seen on Designboom, Gizmodo picked it up and from there it went viral.

Gizmodo’s write-up breathlessly says it’s “made from waterproof paper so they won’t disintegrate when you rinse away shaving cream, these razors could even be sold flat-packed, requiring the user to perform a few simple origami folds to assemble them.”
The only problem is, it’s not real.
Designboom’s article clearly states in the first paragraph it’s just a fictional product.  I emailed the Nadeem Haidary, the industrial designer responsible for the idea, and he said:

“Thanks for your interest. As an industrial designer, you’re constantly considering the properties of materials. One day I found myself listing out the pros and cons of paper, and came up with the fact that it’s capable of cutting fingers. Initially I had it as a negative attribute, but then thought that cutting things, if applied properly, could be a positive attribute.

“The project was about taking something that we think of as a pain and turning it into something useful. The prototype was meant to illustrate the idea. It doesn’t and wasn’t intended to work. As of now, I’m not following up on it, but am open to any opportunities that might come up.”

So there you have it.  An interesting idea but don’t look for it at your local grocery any time soon.
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3 thoughts on “The Origami Razor”

  1. Oops—hit Post Comment too soon.
    I wanted to add the designer has some interesting product designs that might actually be useable, on the site I linked to above.

  2. While it’s fun to look at these, they are in no way whatsoever “origami.”
    Origami has strict rules, and in order for something to be origami, one must start with a square sheet of paper, and only folding the paper is allowed (no cutting, gluing, taping, etc.).

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