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Open Comb Razors?

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The Goodfella Razor

A YouTube viewer asks:

Please tell me the significance or the difference between an “open tooth comb” and the smooth edge safety razor. Thanks. I have not heard you discuss the “open tooth comb.” I thinking about buying one.

Open tooth comb razors were originally designed to cope with thick, multi-day (or week) growth: men of the time were used to shaving once or week (or less) and the open comb would help channel the beard hair. Think of it as a grooming instrument rather than a shaving instrument. These days that is not much of an issue. However it is fair to say that open comb razors are typically more aggressive than safety bar razors, exposing more of the blade to the skin. The big exception to that is the Goodfella razor out of New Zealand (photo above)–its actually quite mild for an open comb. Hope that answers your question!


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  1. Weather it is an open comb or straight bar razor does not effect how aggressive the razor is. It is the angle of the blade and how much is exposed.

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