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OneBlade Model 1 vs. Model 2

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I’ve written about the OneBlade Razor several times (like HERE, HERE, and HERE).  I think it’s an excellent razor but the recent manufacturing update to their razor head (“Model 2.0”) confused me a little.  So I reached out to OneBlade for an explanation of what has changed.  I also surveyed some users who have used both versions of the razor for their opinion on how the change may have affected their shave.

OneBlade “Model 2.0” Updates

The OneBlade “Model 2.0” updates involve a different metallurgy in the head parts, and some redesign of the internal blade-holding mechanism inside the head.

Metallurgy – PANACEA

The razor head parts are now made with an even higher-grade of stainless steel known as “PANACEA” (a newer alloy that was until recently restricted to medical device application).  The previous model of OneBlade used 316L stainless steel.  PANACEA offers  four times the strength and durability of 316 and can survive accidental impacts (like getting dropped onto a hard bathroom floor!) much better. It is even less susceptible to corrosion than 316L stainless steel (a bit of a moot point given OneBlade’s PVD coating, but still worth mentioning).

It’s also interesting to note that the new alloy is nickel-free, a happy side-benefit to those who might have a nickel sensitivity.

Using the new alloy also permits the manufacturer to make parts at an even tighter tolerance than previously permitted.
(Note: You really won’t be able to tell the difference between 316L stainless steel and PANACEA by looking at the two steels head-on as there’s no discernible difference in appearance or weight).
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“Active Floating Blade Approach System”

The conventional wisdom of razor design is that razors are supposed to hold a blade in place very securely.  OneBlade turned this on its head by “slightly expanding the blade insertion area and by adding a longitudinal pivot point approximately halfway back from the cutting edge of the blade which allows the blade edge to rock up and down during the shaving process.”  This permits a blade, once latched in, to still move very minutely, while still maintaining blade angle, exposure, and gap tolerances (the pivot point is very tiny.  I can barely see it with a macro lens on my camera).  This “Active Floating Blade Approach System” (AFBAS) design is patent-pending.

The end result of the AFBAS design is that the OneBlade razor is even more “forgiving” than the previous version (which was pretty “forgiving” to me already!).

Full details of the metallurgy and design changes HERE.

These changes will also help avoid transient manufacturing glitches like the “smiling blade” issue that affected a small number of OneBlade Razors last year.

Curious if your OneBlade Razor is a model 1.0 or a model 2.0? If you purchased a new OneBlade Razor after October 15, 2016 directly from OneBlade or on Amazon, it’s a 2.0 model (even if they didn’t outright tell you). If you’re still unsure, you can shoot them a message and they’ll be able to confirm, just have the razor’s serial number handy.

Usage Reports

Design and manufacturing tweaks are one thing but the shaving experience is where “the rubber meets the road.”  How’s the shave?
For myself–from a purely subjective point of view–it feels like the razor’s pivot is ever-so-slightly “heavier” and there isn’t quite as much tactile feedback from the blade edge.  In fact, the first time I tried it I did a double take to make sure I had inserted a blade!  It almost feels as if the blade isn’t there but that stubble just magically disappears.  🙂
What about others?
From Andrés:

Oneblade 2.0 vs Oneblade 1.0
Both are very similar, a little more “deep shave” perhaps in the OB 2.0. It’s necessary more technique and retouching using OB 1.0 to achieve the same result.
Sensation of smoothness very similar using both of them, although in the OB 2.0 is a little more noticeable the edge of the blade, because I believe that you have to shave yourself with no pressure in the case of OB 2.0. With the OB 1.0 you have to shave yourself with some pressure and more retouches to achieve a similar final result.
I find pivoting very similar in both razors.
Something I had not noticed until I used both at the same time, in the same shave, is that the edges of the OB 2.0 handle are more rounded (not seen at first sight), which makes it even more comfortable.
Although I have not experienced irritated skin feeling on either side throughout the day, I do notice a better skin sensation on the side shaved with
CONCLUSION: If you have good technique and a Oneblade 1.0 with no tares, you can reach a similar close shave with both razors. And there is something to keep in mind in my case… Oneblade 1.0 is like a continuation of my arm. I have shaved with it no less than 180-200 times and my technique using it is now very refined, that make my shaves practically perfect.
From Oz:

I feel it is better for having a much smoorther shave, you just feel less the blade, yet it is more efficent
The pivot is kind of the same, didn’t feel any notice, but I do feel the blade has some more “play” (it is a con), but when you shave you don’t feel it
From Jose:

I’ve been using Oneblade 1.0 since December 2015 until i upgraded to 2.0 about 1 month ago.
For me, 1.0 was an excellent shaver. Is shaves very close and is very comfortable and effortless. No nicks, cuts, and one of the best that i have tested to shave my neck ATG. I have very sensitive neck. I was very pleased with Oneblade 1.0.
The 2.0 shaves as good as 1.0 but the new blade system where the blade can move a little in the three dimensions helps with the smoothness. I get the same close shaves or more but it feels smoother in the face due to this system. This is the only change i noticed, but for me is worth the upgrade.
From Victor:
Day 1, I was sure that the v2 was better – more precise, more advantageous blade exposure, angle. The shave results indicated that I felt smoother longer on v2 side of my face.
Day 2, they were almost the same.
Day 3, I think I may have taken a break from the head to head comparison and done a RR old type vs v2. Old type won on results, but v2 won on ease, from the standpoint of, “how would this have gone if I’d never used a DE?

So it seems the general consensus is that OneBlade (affiliate link) “Model 2.0” is an improvement on an already great razor!


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7 thoughts on “OneBlade Model 1 vs. Model 2”

  1. Ive asked for a cheaper 1Balde, begged in emails. A 1Blade with no case or even a stand but it would still be quite expensive so you are best off with the deal from the affilate link! 1Blade are also launching a synthetic brush & stand, something to keep in mind if the badger isnt to your liking too.

  2. Does anyone know if you can still use the GEM Blade with the 2.0? Are they offering ugrade deals? LOL

    1. No and this is a GOOD THING! V1’s head will ware with GEM blades as they were NOT designed for them and they damage the head and give a subpar shave and all to save a few cents on blades, you ruin your razor! Please dont do it and if buying a used one, make sure its not had modded GEMS in it as some loose ones are being onsold in the second hand market. 1Blade may not fix this if the wares not from using as designed as otherwise it has the BEST warranty, ever ‘for your lifetime and your sons’!

  3. Joseph McCullough

    I have the 1.0 version. What a razor. Nothing compares in my view? The Feather blade is absolutely wonderful but 2 shaves is all I can imagine. I find the Gem modification to be absolutely wonderful from a cost sense. But, I find the Feather blade the best. And, I can make it last a long time by shaving with a favorite DE razor and blade and then touching up with the one blade and the Feather. A 2 razor shave you say. Yes, I say and it works so good I can’t imagine anything better?

  4. I remember when the first 2 blade razor hit the market. The gimmick stated that the first blade pulled the whisker up and the second blade shaved it off. All I could think, was that the first blade was deliberately left dull so ity woulf snag the whiskers and pull them up so the second blade would chop them off.
    This logic left me dumbfounded. I have been shaving over 50 years and I have tried everything from open comb DE razors to straight razors and shavettes. I recently read your review of the Phoenix D.O.C. I bought one as well as their Bakelite Slant. I’v got to say that both razors are the best I have used in years. Thanks for you great newsletter

  5. Got the OB just to try it and return it within the 30 day trial period. After getting my first shave with it I was totally sold on it – was a no-brainer to keep it. Yes…it is that good!!! Yes…it is indeed worth the money!! I can best describe it as combining the best DE shave you ever got with the convenience and ease of using a cartridge razor. Best results are achieved by using a new blade every day. Blades are a bit expensive but..can find good deals on the blades occasionally on eBay and via ordering them from English shaving gear websites.

  6. hi,
    this a fantastic looking razor and would love to grab one but the price was a showstopper for me sadly! anyway thanks for your article very interesting! regards tony

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