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Nylon Washers for your razor, and just what was I thinking

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I have made my dent in the shaving world. No, it isn’t due to these articles I have the privilege of writing here.


Way back in 2015, I started using a safety razor. I realized after buying a few second hand razors, that there was a problem.

People did two things – they tended to overtighten the handle, and they tended to mark up the baseplate with a circular mark when they did so, cutting through the chrome plating, or just making an unnecessary mark.

I went to eBay and purchased a package of 100 nylon m5 washers, and placed the washer between the handle and baseplate:

The washer does two things: it protects the baseplate from being damaged by the tightening of the handle, and for people who tighten the handle a little too much, the nylon acts as a buffer that will crush a little first before damaging threads or otherwise stressing the threaded post of the top cap.

Catching On

I didn’t really tell anyone what I was doing. I sometimes borrowed and loaned razors with Michael Freedberg, who proceeded to use the washers on nearly all the razors in his videos, and commented on it telling people about it.

Apparently, it caught on, because Maggard’s Razors has started selling a pack of 10 m5 washers for $0.99, saying, “Some folks asked for these so here they are…”

And that’s how I unintentionally made a dent in the shaving world.

Victor Marks

Victor Marks

8 thoughts on “Nylon Washers for your razor, and just what was I thinking”

  1. This is a great idea , got a pack of 100 and put them on all my three pieces and I know it sounds weird, but they seem to shave better Thanks Mike

  2. Oh this is for 3-piece razors.
    Do yourself a favor and buy an adjustable.
    You won’t have to buy a 3-piece again.

    1. … I have adjustable razors. Some good, some less so.

      I also have three piece razors. Some of them are very good. Of course I’d want to do this for them.

  3. I’ve been doing this for a while and I do think it does protect that most vulnerable part of the razor.

  4. Yes, it’s a simple, inexpensive investment for your razors, though with the vintage Gem/Ever-Ready razors there’s too little threading on the handle to use them.

    1. Yes, although on a vintage GEM or Ever-Ready, you don’t need to remove the handle to change the blade. This is really more beneficial for the 3 piece DE safety razor.

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