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New Edwin Jagger Razor – The Verdict

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I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I received a new Edwin Jagger razor as a gift.  Now that I’ve used it for a while I think I can give it a “Mantic59 Seal Of Approval.”  Its a good razor: well-built, heavy (in a good way), aggressive but not wildly so.  It seems to work best with high-performance blades, Feathers and the like.  The only negatives I can think of are that the shaving angle is a little different than other razors I use, it’s a three-piece razor (which I’m admittedly biased against), and its really a razor for an experienced shaver, not a “newbie.”
Will I abandon my beloved Merkur Progress for it?  Well, no. 

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9 thoughts on “New Edwin Jagger Razor – The Verdict”

  1. A bit dated, but I’ll reply anyway. This was the first DE razor I purchased. The price was right, and the reviews were generally very positive so I took the plunge into the DE razor world after finally having enough of the expensive cartridge razors that consistently gave me razor burn (and broke my wallet). I instantly became hooked. This is a great DE razor to start out with and I’ve purchased several others since this, such as a Goodfella, Merkur, and a vintage 1950’s Gillette, but I still prefer this one when shaving daily. Call me inexperienced, but I still find this to be the least aggressive on my face and the easiest to cleanup and maintain for those rushed mornings. The only suggestion I’d add would be to get the 89L model, as the non lined handle can become slippery if your hands are wet/soapy.

  2. Nice to have your comment on this razor! With so many positive comments regarding this razor on the web, I decided to take the Mühle R89 (same head as edwin jagger) against the 34C as my first razor. I also think it is a good razor, newbies should not be afraid of it, one will have to learn how to use it, but for me one month was enough and I am keeping it as my only razor!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Edwin Jagger razor. Can't say I blame you for sticking with your Progress. Regards, Nick

  4. Ever thought about doing vidoe on making your own Soap/Cream/After shave balms Mantic ?

    Its really not that that hard.

    Plus i have a new aftershave treatment at the moment its called a fresh Aloe Leaf REALLY AMAZING so soothing nothing compares to a fresh leaf cut open and brushed across freshly shaved skin. You should try it out.

    Cool Blog , Peace.

  5. JosephandElissa- You know, that's a very good idea! As I think about it, I should do a video on nicks, another one on razor burn, and a third one on ingrown hairs.

  6. Oh, and sorry that for the comment that was off topic! Thank you for sharing your verdict on the Edwin Jagger razor. For Christmas this year and for my birthday this month I received Edwin Jagger's Razor (Chatsworth Ebony DE), their black apothecary mug, a best badger brush from them, and their black lather bowl. It is a beautiful set, and I have enjoyed using it! Thanks for all information.

  7. Mantic, I wanted to thank you for all the information you share about shaving with a brush and safety razor. Earlier this month I received a Edwin Jagger razor for my 30th birthday, and I have learned how to use it along with my brush from your videos. I would say you have forgotten one tutorial video though that is of great importance! Tonight I am sick and I am drowsy. I started shaving… which in hindsight I realize that that was a dumb decision, but you must do whatever makes you feel better, right? Well anyways, I nicked myself really good twice! I stopped the bleeding with toilet paper, but what about those styptic matches and sticks? You should do a video on how to use those to help with the occasional nick. You must nick yourself right? What do you do? There should be a video on that! Thank you so much again!

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