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Neck Hair.

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Neck Hair

It’s truly amazing the things that trigger inspiration for my blog…how about this one: neck hair!

I was on my way to an event in NYC when I looked over at the cab driver and saw his neck hair was long enough to consider his hairstyle a mullet*pause* Yep, that long.
Now, I completely understand that neck hair can get long in-between haircuts, but allowing it to grow to the point where it’s fighting your neck for space in your shirt is UNACCEPTABLE.
Quick remedy, consider a tapered neckline. With this option, the back hairline will grow out in a manner that keeps the style looking neater longer. If you happen to be one of the many men who struggle with a fast growing neckline, ask you barber to work out a deal for you where you can come in for a quick clean-up between haircuts. Or, worst case scenario, you can ask a friend, girlfriend, wife (you get the picture) to trim the area with a pair of trimmers. Hey, it doesn’t matter the method you choose, just choose one!
Trust me, it will be worth your “visual” while!


6 thoughts on “Neck Hair.”

  1. I use to trim and shave my neck hair but within the last two years I’ve been using hair removal cream with success. My hair grows in on my neck, shoulders and upper back. I probably remove it about once every 2 weeks and the hair removal cream has been working well. It’s easy to slap on and in 10 minutes I just wipe it off. The way it’s grown in it would just be too awkward to try and shave with a razor. I guess the next step is getting it lasered off.

  2. Hell yeah. Nothing a pair of Andis T-Outliner Trimmers and a disposable blade-straight razor can handle. You can trim your own neck with a portable mirror.

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  4. I have been doing the tapered neckline for a while now. Works great, and I don’t have to decide whether to go rounded or squared. The only thing you have to watch out for is that some times, especially with a barber/stylist that doesn’t do this often, the taper goes WAY up and you end up with very short hair in the back.

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