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My Grandfather's Shave Kit

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My sister found my late grandfather’s shaving kit and sent it to me. The razor is a Valet Autostrop.


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10 thoughts on “My Grandfather's Shave Kit”

  1. Thank you for sharing this mantic. It was very touching, enough that my wife (who came in to see why I can't sleep right now) sat down & cried a little bit watching it.

    My own grandfather, although not by blood (step-mom's dad) still shaves with his safety razor that he carried during WW2. He was very surprised & happy to learn that myself & my younger brother are wet shavers, & on our last trip down to visit him, spent hours talking with us about technique, creams, brushes, and everything he could think of.

    My aunt (who has been living with him to help take care of him in his old age) told us that he was so excited to have 2 grandkids to pass on a legacy of shaving, that he was the most active she'd seen him in weeks.

    Thank you again for sharing this with us.

  2. I wish I had something like this form my grandfather. Very nice.

    I have one of those Colgate stick holders with the instructions still inside as well. Very classy looking IMO.


  3. Thtas cool Mantic, Hey can you or someone else point me to that guys site who shows different set ups he uses for shaves usually themed i forget his site but remember it was pretty cool ! thanks

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