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The Mr. Fine Superlite Slant

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IMG_2103The Fine Accoutrements Superlite Slant is a plastic razor which is both affordable and high quality. But it’s also so much more than that. For lovers of slants and vintage razors, the Fine Slant is a faithful homage to a razor from an earlier time.

Bakelite Slant Recreation

When Mr. fine set out to make the slant, he chose one of the most revered examples to honor. This safety razor is a faithful recreation of the famed bakelite slant.
The white Bakelite slant was made in Germany decades ago, but enjoyed a resurgence in 2013 when Italian Barber discovered a hidden cache of them and made them available once again. Stock quickly ran out, and the only option a fellow had for trying the well-regarded razor was to buy one of Italianbarber’s aluminum Stealth Slants. But those razors weren’t faithful recreations, and had been modified to the Barber’s preferences. (This wasn’t a bad thing, but it was not faithful to the original.)
While the baseplate on Mr. Fine’s slant lacks the box that gave the bakelite stability, it copies the essential geometry of the head in every other respect. This is the closest thing to shaving with the Bakelite razor, without having to risk a fragile and irreplaceable example.
The Fine Superlite consists of the torqued blade, a slanted edge, and it’s made of a lightweight, modern polymer instead of the more fragile bakelite of the original. I suspect the polymer is a UV-stable ABS plastic, which should hold up for years to come. The threaded rod in the top cap is metal, and the plastic handle has a metal threaded insert. The thread is the common metric M5x0.8 thread, which works well with a variety of handles.

Who is it for

If you’ve never used the Bakelite razor, this is your opportunity. If you’ve had one and broken it, now’s your chance to have its direct descendant back in your life. If you use one at home and want one that’s safe to travel with, you may have just found what’s missing in your life.
However, if you’re new to safety razor shaving, or new to slants, this may not be the very best choice for you. Read on, to see why.

What problem is it solving

Why would you want a slant? While some don’t think there’s an appreciable difference between using a slant and a non-slanted razor, others find they can get trouble spots like their neck clean-shaven more easily.
The number of recently available slants on the market today are few, compared to the number of available safety razors as a whole. There are, in no particular order:

  • Above the Tie S1 and S2 (bar and comb)
  • iKon Shavecraft 102
  • iKon Slant (in B1 finish)
  • Merkur 37C / 39C
  • The Holy Black SR-71 slant
  • iKon Shavecraft X3 (coming soon)
  • RazoRock Stealth Slant (retired, new slant model coming at some point)

It’s important to note that the Fine Superlite Slant is the most affordable slant razor available. The next most affordable are the Holy Black, Merkur (which is very similar to the Holy Black) and the iKon Shavecraft 102.

How did it shave?

I used the Fine slant for these past two weeks, both on its own, and comparing it to other razors close at hand, and found it to be an excellent shaver, with some of the same caveats Mantic59 found for the original Bakelite.
Compared to some other slants, it feels more aggressive. There’s more blade feel. This could be because it’s an exact copy of the original Bakelite model. The RazoRock Stealth Slant was based on the Bakelite, but with modifications that made it milder. the iKon Shavecraft 102 has mild amounts of blade feel, and is quite comfortable. With the Fine Superlite, it’s important to experiment with angle as you hold the handle in relation to your face. I found that it worked better for me with a slightly steeper angle, with the handle closer to my face than I naturally arrive at.
I used it with a variety of blades, including Feather, Gillette Nacet, Polsilver SI, Astra SP. I found it worked well with all of them, for me.

It Speaks

This is a very audible razor. It growls as it shaves off the follicles, where other razors whisper. I shaved with it by itself, and in comparison with the iKon Shavecraft 102 and Dorco PL-602 on successive days. The 102 is understandably heavier, quieter, and was definitely a bit milder. The Dorco was used because they’re similar in weight, and the Dorco is far milder, unless the handle is loosened 1/2 turn – then the Dorco takes on the same aggressive blade-feel and audible characteristics of the Fine Slant. In terms of face feel, I was always very aware that there was a blade in it, and treated it with great care. This is not a razor you fool about with. The side of the box claims, “You Never Feel It,” but I think this claim is overstated. You absolutely do feel it.

IMG_2094 (1)
“You Never Feel It”

I nicked myself with it a few times, although by the end of the week as I write this, I’ve had several shaves without so much as a weeper. It lives up to its name, it’s Fine, and it’s Superlite, but I have a difficult time recommending it as ‘My First Slant’ to a new shaver, or a shaver new to slants. The blade feel is more aggressive than I feel comfortable recommending to a new user. Seasoned users may like it very much, although some won’t enjoy it due to it’s light weight. I think it’s great that it’s a faithful rendering of the original in every regard, weight included, and I’m confident if you find the right angle and are mindful of pressure, it’s going to reward you with great shaves.

Victor Marks

Victor Marks


11 thoughts on “The Mr. Fine Superlite Slant”

  1. Your review is spot on. I’m happy I bought a Fine Superlite while they were available as we wait to see if a new model becomes available in the future. I found it aggressive at first, it was my first slant. But when I found the right angle, I noticed it shaved very well. Now I’m picking it back up because it feels a lot smoother than my straight bar razors, which tug through the stubble.

    1. One thing I’ve been trying lately is to take a straight bar razor and hold the handle at an angle while pulling in a straight path – effectively using a non-slant as a slant razor. It works very well.
      If your regular razors are tugging on the first pass, I’d suggest things like, is the blade fresh, mind your angle (perhaps increase angle so it’s riding the top cap more on the first pass), or shim the razor (cut the sharp edges off an old blade and stack it in the razor like this: top cap, new blade, shim, baseplate, handle.)

  2. I think Mr. Fine’s slogan “My First Slant” is quite appropriate: he’s not saying “My First Razor,” after all. I do think that some pointers might help new users. Here are three pointers I came up with.
    I found, unlike you, that the razor shaved most smoothly with the handle far from the face, at an angle close to the boundary angle between cutting and not cutting. At that very shallow angle, blade feel was minimized and it felt most like the original white bakelite slant. This may, of course, be YMMV and might also depend on blade choice.
    Excellent review, but I encourage new Fine slant owners to experiment seriously with the angle: try the very shallow angle (handle so far from the face that if it’s any farther the cutting stops) and the very steep angle that worked for you (handle closer to the face).

    1. I’m going to continue to experiment with the shallow angle, which I did try. The 102 seemed to me to be an easier slant for a ‘My First Slant.’
      You’re right to make the distinction between My First Razor and My First Slant, but the line is easily blurred. You found that the ItalianBarber Stealth Slant was observably easier – and were it available at it’s original price, it would be a solid recommendation as a “My First Slant.”
      For experienced shavers of the non-slant variety, the Fine is a “My First Slant” – but for people who may use “My First Razor” and “My First Slant” interchangeably, I am more hesitant.

      1. First shave in, and I have to agree with you. Not a first razor, or a first slant, but for an experienced hand this razor is a winner! Thanks Mr. Fine

  3. Great write up. Mine is set to arrive today so your heads up about the “blade feel” probably will save me a nick tomorrow. Thank you.

    1. I really wanted this to be “my first slant,” a razor I could give to cartridge shaver friends and be sure they’d enjoy it. I’m hesitant that I could do that, but I’m very glad if I’ve saved you from getting nicked. It’s a nice razor, well executed – but it’s maybe not my starter razor.

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