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The Moustache Styles Guide UPDATED: How To Grow And Maintain 7 Popular Moustache Styles

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Moustaches can be more than just facial hair; they can be a statement of personal style, with icons like Errol Flynn, Tom Selleck and Freddie Mercury setting the standard.

Struggling to find the right moustache style for your face? This guide dives into the top seven styles to turn that upper lip into a masterpiece. 

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How To Choose A Moustache Style

Understanding the Basics of Moustache Styling

1. The Chevron Moustache

man with chevron mustache

Growing a Chevron Moustache requires patience, proper grooming, and maintenance to achieve its desired style.

The Chevron is a classic moustache style characterized by its thick and full appearance. It features a straight, horizontal line of hair that extends across the upper lip. The Chevron exudes a sense of masculinity and makes a bold statement. It has been popularized by iconic figures such as Tom Selleck and brings a touch of retro charm to the modern gentleman’s look.

The Chevron is a moustache style that has stood the test of time, known for its thick and voluminous appearance. This particular style showcases a straight, horizontal line of hair that stretches across the upper lip, creating a prominent and defined look.

How to Style and Maintain the Chevron Moustache

To style and maintain the Chevron mustache:

  • Comb your mustache hairs downward regularly to train them to grow in the desired direction.
  • Use a small amount of mustache wax to shape the ends of the mustache into a slight upward angle, creating the iconic Chevron shape.
  • Trim the edges of the mustache regularly to maintain a clean and defined look.
  • Keep the skin beneath your mustache clean and moisturized to prevent any irritation or dryness.

2. The Handlebar Moustache

man with handlebar mustache

The Handlebar is a classic moustache style known for its curved and upward-pointing ends, resembling the handlebars of a bicycle. This style adds a touch of sophistication and charm to a gentleman’s appearance, exuding confidence and flair. It has been popularized by notable figures throughout history and continues to be an iconic choice for the modern man.

A shorter variation of this popular style is the Petite Handlebar Moustache, which demands frequent trimming above the top lip and around the philtrum for a neat appearance, as well as grooming of hair on the outside of the mouth and beneath the handlebars.

To maintain its distinctive shape, regular trims are necessary to keep it looking polished. The use of high-quality mustache wax is key in achieving those iconic twisted ends associated with this timeless moustache style.

How to Style and Maintain the Handlebar Moustache

To style and maintain the Handlebar Moustache, start by shaving the hair beneath the handles at the outer corners of the mouth. Use wax and a comb to twist the ends up into a curl for the classic Handlebar look. Trim above the top lip and around the philtrum to maintain a clean appearance for a Petite Handlebar style.

To prevent dry skin and itchiness while promoting hair growth, apply beard oils regularly. Remember to avoid neglecting regular trims and using inappropriate products when styling and maintaining your Handlebar mustache. For best results, use facial hair growth supplements, mustache wax, beard oils, and beard kits with proper technique. Mastering the art of mustache styling with these tools will keep your look sharp.

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3. The Walrus Moustache

actor sam elliott with walrus mustache

The Walrus mustache is a thick and bold style (like Sam Elliott, above) that covers the upper lip and extends over the corners of the mouth, resembling a walrus’ whiskers. This style suits men with oval, square, or rectangle face shapes but may not be recommended for those with round or heart-shaped faces.

To achieve this look successfully, one needs patience and the DNA to grow an impressive amount of facial hair.

How to Style and Maintain the Walrus Moustache

Here are the steps to style and maintain this bold and thick mustache:

  • Begin with a clean-shaven upper lip to allow the hair to grow evenly and avoid any stray hairs.
  • Regularly trim the hair around your mouth to keep the mustache in shape and prevent it from covering your lips entirely.
  • Use high – hold wax or balm to tame and sculpt your walrus mustache, ensuring that it stays in place throughout the day.
  • Train your moustache by combing it downward, helping it grow below your upper lip rather than into your mouth.
  • Keep patience as growing a fuller walrus mustache requires time and commitment, along with genetic predisposition due to its substantial size.

4. The Pencil Moustache

actor errol flynn with pencil mustache

The Pencil mustache, famously sported by celebrities like Errol Flynn (photo above) and John Waters, is characterized by its thin, precise line just above the upper lip. Whether you’re aiming for a suave vintage look or simply want to experiment with different styles, the Pencil mustache can add a touch of sophistication to your overall appearance when well-groomed.

Precision and attention to detail are key aspects of grooming and maintaining the Pencil mustache. It requires meticulous grooming to maintain its sharp and clean appearance, as it tends to grow out quickly.

How to Style and Maintain the Pencil Moustache

The classic and sleek Pencil Moustache requires precision and attention to detail. Here’s how to style and maintain the Pencil Moustache:

  • Trim above the lip, ensuring a clean line with a sharp razor or trimmer.
  • Regularly maintain the length by using small scissors to keep it short and neat.
  • Use beard oil or wax sparingly to shape and hold the ends in place without making it look greasy.
  • Clean the mustache daily by gently washing with a mild cleanser and thoroughly drying it to prevent any skin irritation.
  • For a styled look, use a small amount of styling wax or gel to sculpt the pencil-thin line.

5. The English Moustache

salvador dali with dramatic english mustache

The English Moustache, popularized by iconic figures like Salvador Dali (photo above) and Hercule Poirot (though both are a perhaps overly-dramatic version of the style), is distinguished by its clean, straight line across the top of the lip with ends that are slightly upward curved.

This style is recommended for oblong, square, and triangle face shapes due to its ability to add balance and symmetry. However, it is not well-suited for round and heart face shapes.

To achieve this look, one must grow out their facial hair to a certain length before carefully grooming it into the desired shape.

Grooming and maintaining the English Moustache requires precision trimming to maintain the distinct shape while avoiding overgrowth or unevenness. Regular brushing and trimming sessions are essential in keeping this particular style looking sharp without sacrificing fullness.

How to Style and Maintain the English Moustache

To style and maintain the English Moustache, follow these steps:

  • Begin by growing out your mustache to achieve a length that allows for shaping and curling the ends.
  • Use beard oil daily to keep the hair moisturized, prevent dryness, and minimize itchiness while promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Trim around the lips and cheeks to maintain a neat appearance while allowing the mustache to stand out as the focal point of your facial hair.
  • Train the ends of the mustache upwards by using a high – hold wax to create an upward curl, giving it that classic English Moustache look.
  • Regularly maintain and shape three specific areas: the center is kept longer with outward-sweeping tips, while the sides are trimmed shorter for a defined appearance.

6. The Hungarian Moustache

wyatt earp with hungarian mustache

The Hungarian moustache is a distinctive style that gained popularity among Wild West legends such as Wyatt Earp (photo above) and Doc Holliday.

Resembling bicycle handles with fine points at the ends, this style combines elements of both the walrus and handlebar mustaches. Growing a Hungarian mustache may take up to a year to achieve the necessary length.

Maintenance involves regular combing or brushing to keep it clean and training the hair to curl naturally. For those seeking an effortlessly stylish look, high-hold products like hairspray can be used to keep the Hungarian mustache in place without needing frequent grooming.

How to Style and Maintain the Hungarian Moustache

To style and maintain the Hungarian mustache, follow these steps:

  • Grow the mustache: It may take up to a year to achieve the necessary length for a Hungarian mustache.
  • Shave beneath the handles: To keep focus on the long, swooping handles, shave the hair beneath them at the outer corners of your mouth.
  • Train the hair: Use a sweeping motion to curl the handles and train the mustache to keep its shape.
  • Groom with wax: Apply high-hold wax to keep the ends in place.

7. The Horseshoe Moustache

creative commons attribution, cesar bojorquez with horseshoe mustache

The Horseshoe Moustache is a bold and distinctive option. This style features a thick, full mustache that connects to two vertical strips of cheek hair grown parallel to the mouth and extending to the jawline.

Grooming this style involves trimming mustache hair out of the mouth or letting it grow longer for a bushier horseshoe. The ultimate guide provides visuals, recommended face shapes, and length needed for the horseshoe mustache while also offering grooming and maintenance recommendations tailored specifically for this striking moustache style.

How to Style and Maintain the Horseshoe Moustache

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to style and maintain this iconic moustache style:

  • Begin with a clean shaven face. Use scissors or clippers to trim your facial hair to an even length. This will help in achieving a well-defined horseshoe shape.
  • Apply a small amount of high-hold wax evenly through your moustache, focusing on shaping the ends downward towards your chin.
  • Groom your hairs regularly to maintain the desired shape and prevent any stray hairs from disrupting the horseshoe look.
  • Keep your horseshoe moustache clean and moisturized by washing it regularly with a dedicated beard soap and applying nourishing beard oil to keep it soft and healthy.
  • Avoid common styling mistakes such as neglecting regular trims or using inappropriate products, by staying committed to proper maintenance and care for your horseshoe moustache.
  • Finally, embrace your unique style with confidence knowing that you’re maintaining a classic look made famous by icons like Hulk Hogan and Burt Reynolds.

How to Choose a Moustache Style

mustache shapes graphic

Consider your face shape, facial features, and the maintenance needed for each moustache style. Understanding these factors will help you choose the perfect style that complements your overall look.

Learning Your Face Shape

Figuring out your face shape is a major step towards finding the perfect moustache style. Start by pulling your hair back and looking straight into the mirror to get a good view of the edges of your face.

Check if your jawline is round, square, or perhaps more of an oval shape; these details are key in discovering whether you have a round, square, oval, or maybe even heart-shaped face.

Use this knowledge as a compass for selecting facial hair styles that will flatter and balance your features.

Trace the outline of your reflection with some washable marker directly on the mirror if it helps you visualize better. Measure different parts of your face: the width of your cheekbones, the distance from forehead to chin, and across your jawline.

Comparing these measurements can reveal much about what styles – such as walrus mustaches or petite handlebar mustaches – will enhance natural contours without overpowering them. Armed with this understanding, choosing becomes simpler when browsing through options like chevron mustache or pencil mustache designs that compliment individual facial architecture.

Consider Your Facial Features

Before choosing a moustache style, it’s crucial to consider your facial features. Learning your face shape and understanding the maintenance needed will help you make an informed decision.

For instance, if you have a round face, opt for styles like the chevron or Hungarian moustache to add definition. If you have a strong jawline, the horseshoe or handlebar moustache might compliment your features well.

Additionally, understanding how much time and effort each style requires is essential in making the right choice.

Exploring popular moustache styles can be overwhelming without evaluating how they align with your unique facial characteristics. Understanding this aspect helps ensure that the chosen style enhances rather than detracts from your overall look.

Understanding the Maintenance Needed

To maintain your preferred mustache style, grooming and maintenance are vital. Regular trimming and shaping with trimming scissors or an electric trimmer are necessary to keep the look sharp.

Daily use of mustache wax can help control unruly hairs and achieve a polished appearance. Additionally, incorporating a beard balm into your routine will ensure that your facial hair stays conditioned and healthy.

For on-the-go touch-ups, a travel brush and pocket comb are handy tools to have in your grooming arsenal.

Understanding the Basics of Moustache Styling

man trimming mustache

Growing and maintaining a stylish moustache requires proper care and attention. From training your moustache hairs to keeping them clean and moisturized, mastering the basics is essential for achieving the perfect look.

Growing Your Moustache

Patience is key when aiming for a full moustache. Hair growth varies among individuals, so it’s important to give your facial hair ample time to fill in before shaping it. Use beard balm or oil to keep the hairs soft and healthy, which also promotes even growth.

Trim any stray hairs carefully with beard trimming scissors to maintain a neat appearance as your moustache flourishes.

Focus on proper maintenance during this initial phase; clean regularly with shampoo specifically designed for facial hair. This routine not only prevents itching but also stimulates hair follicles for better growth.

After you’ve achieved a decent length, begin the next step: training your moustache hairs to lay as desired and establish the foundation for your chosen mustache style.

Training Your Moustache Hairs

Training your moustache hairs is crucial for achieving the best style. Start by combing them daily to guide their growth in the desired direction. Use a fine-toothed comb and work with care to smooth out any curls or kinks.

Apply mustache wax as you shape your hairs, which not only holds them in place but also conditions them throughout the day.

Employ a blow dryer on a low heat setting if you need extra control over unruly strands. Aim it along the length of your ‘stache while brushing, allowing you to set your facial hair in perfect alignment.

By training routinely, your mustache will be well-groomed and ready for more intricate styles like handlebar mustaches or lampshade mustaches.

Keeping Your Moustache Clean and Moisturized

Wash your moustache regularly with a gentle, hydrating cleanser to keep it clean and free from daily grime. A proper diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, along with plenty of water intake will ensure that the hair remains healthy from the inside out.

Apply beard oil or conditioner after washing; these products are specifically formulated to soften facial hair and moisturize the skin beneath.

Trimming your moustache not only shapes it but also gets rid of split ends that can make hair look unruly. Exfoliate your skin weekly to prevent dead cells from building up and to encourage a smoother surface for hairs to grow through evenly.


In conclusion, mastering moustache styling is within reach by learning the basics and choosing a style that complements your face shape. Remember that maintaining a moustache takes time and effort but is well worth it for the stylish look you desire.

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