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The "Micro Touch One" Saga Continues

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You may have read a few months ago that I ordered a “Micro Touch One” razor.  After hearing nothing about it for some time, a few weeks ago I got a postcard that said my razor would ship Sept. 17.  Yesterday I received another postcard stating that the razor was on “back order” and that my order would be automatically canceled and my money refunded unless I contacted their customer service group.

The pessimist in me wonders if they are either didn’t get enough orders to justify a production run, they didn’t get enough orders to buy inventory at the price they wanted, or that they never had any intention of shipping and were merely keeping the money as long as they could for the interest it generated in a bank account somewhere.  The optimist in me wants to give them the benefit of the doubt.
I’m going to keep the order active, perhaps out of morbid curiosity more than anything else.
If you’re tired of waiting for a review of this razor, bear in mind there are plenty of low-cost alternatives for getting into the double-edge razor game.  I have previously written about a couple good, inexpensive vintage razors for the beginner.  And there is also my article about recommended razors of different price and types.


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13 thoughts on “The "Micro Touch One" Saga Continues”

  1. Rick Harrison runs a huge pawnshop. Seems like he would have better shaving options! That aside, it is a good looking razor. I’m just too pleased with my Merkur and Gillette collection to be looking elsewhere.

  2. And this is why I have never done business with Shamazon and NEVER will. If I were you, I would complain to the customer service department about this. Threaten to take your business elsewhere, too. Send the letter directly to HQ even.
    Of course, I don’t think some customer service agent from India is going to care whether you stay or not. They’ll probably flip you off over the phone and become irate for wasting their “valuable” time or whatever. It’s just how they are trained these days.

    1. Amazon has incredible customer service, IMO. I’ve only had a few issues when ordering through Amazon and they cleared them up ASAP. I only wish more retailers where half as good as Amazon.

  3. I can understand some newcomers to DE shaving might want to start with a new razor. While I have never tried them, wouldn’t something like a Feather Popular make some sense? Supposed to be very mild and it is less expensive (counting the S&H) than this repackaged Weishi. Also Frank Shaving, RazoRock sell reasonably inexpensive brand-new DE razors. Heck, Bullgoose has Cadets for sale for $15. I’m thinking of pulling the trigger on an open comb, just for the hell of it, at that price.

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