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Micro Touch One Razor (And How To Shave With It!)

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You may have seen the late night television commercial selling an old style safety razor called the Micro Touch One and it piqued your interest.   Maybe you were attracted by the sales pitch from that guy who runs the famous “Pawn Stars” shop in Las Vegas as seen on TV–I’ve been there and they do a lot of business so they must be doing something right.  Or maybe the commercial triggered a memory of you watching your father or your grandfather shaving when you were a kid and it appealed to you.  Or maybe you were attracted by the low cost of blades because they are a lot cheaper than cartridges for the modern razors.

Anyway, for whatever reason, you’re interested in the Micro Touch One.  But what do you really get for the money, and more importantly how do you use the razor?

micro touch one

I ordered the standard package with the razor and the extra blades when the commercial first aired on TV and it took over 8 weeks to arrive.  Hopefully they’ll improve the turn-around.  Anyway, I received the razor, a travel case with a little mirror in it, and four packs of blades.  There was also a little pamphlet on how to get started using the razor.  The instructions were actually pretty complete, though I think they did neglect to mention a couple things–but I’ll get more into that later.

DECEMBER, 2013 UPDATE: The razor has also appeared at some “megamart” retailers in the US, probably just for the holiday gift-giving season.  It appears to be the same razor and blades, though instead of a travel case there is a chrome razor stand:

big box micro touch 1

The razor has a relatively small amount of blade exposure, which should give it the reputation of being “gentle” and “forgiving” of technique.


The Micro Touch One razor and travel case look an awful lot like like one made by a Chinese company called Weishi, as you can see from the side-by-side comparison above.  The Weishi safety razor is in itself a knock-off of a Gillette razor from the early 1960’s so I supposed the Micro Touch One could be a knock-off of a knock-off–it is a bit lighter than the Weishi I bought a few years ago by a few grams.  But it would not surprise me if the Micro Touch One was made by Weishi.  And if that is the case you can use your favorite search engine or internet shopping site to find comparable razors and their prices.  But I should say that the razor is all metal and seems to be decent quality.  Only time will tell how well it will hold up over the long-run.

If you bought a One Touch Micro razor on an impulse from the TV commercial, you probably paid too much for what you got, and I don’t know how it’s going to hold up in the long run, but I think you will find it an acceptable entry into “old school” DE shaving.  Be prepared to give yourself some time to adjust to a new way of shaving.  However there are also other razors available to you that might be better.

The blades are from a South Korean company called Dorco, however these blades were made in Vietnam.  Again, knowing the company should give you the knowledge you need to find comparable prices.  The blades work fine for me (a bit harsh on the first few strokes but then it smoothed out pretty well).  As always with blades “your mileage my vary” so I acknowledge that what may work for me may not work for you.

But the most important thing here is how you use the Micro Touch One.

How To Shave With The Micro Touch One

Shaving with a double-edge razor like the Micro Touch One is not like shaving with a cartridge razor–you can’t just take great mindless swipes with it an expect a decent shave.  It’s a skill, like learning to ride a bike or play a musical instrument.  There’s going to be a learning curve, but for most people it’s relatively short.  You may just have to unlearn some bad habits.  Here are the basics of shaving with an old-school safety razor like the Micro Touch One:

  • You want to hold the razor so the blade edge is at an angle of between 30 and 45 degrees to the skin.  Modern cartridge razors set this at an average angle for you but here you can to do it for yourself.  On the positive side you can learn the angle that is optimum for you and the area you’re shaving.  Try holding the razor handle parallel to the ground and slowly rock down the handle until you feel the blade begin to cut.  Be sure to lock your wrist and move your arm as a single unit while you use this type of razor.

  • Since there is no pivot on this kind of razor you want to avoid shaving around corners whenever you can.  So divide up the area you’re going to shave into its flattest parts.  Think of it like shaving a diamond by its facets.

  • You don’t want to go over the same spot again and again all at once, particularly without shave lather.  Use strokes that overlap slightly and don’t worry about getting every bit of stubble all at once.  Shave in phases or passes from different directions, relathering each time, with each pass gradually reducing the amount of hair, until you achieve the level of closeness you are looking for.

  • Know how your hair grows.  Shaving (at least initially) in the direction that your hair grows in (the “grain”) is a common suggestion really essential when shaving with a cartridge razor.  But you may be able to “cheat” a little bit with a safety razor like the Micro Touch One: I suggest trying to shave straight down to make learning to hold the razor at the proper angle and pressure easier.  You want to develop a “muscle memory.”

  • You want to use as little pressure on the razor as possible.  The pivots and head design of modern cartridge razors can compensate for too much pressure on the razor–up to a point anyway–but old school safety razors like the Micro Touch One require a light touch.  Tilt your head to one side and rest the head of the razor on your cheek.  That’s as much pressure as you want to use while shaving.  Don’t press down on the razor if you can avoid it.

Give yourself some insurance for the shave by preparing the area well.  Use a mild facial soap–no deodorant or body bars please!–and lots of warm water to clean the area.  Then leave it wet, don’t towel off.  And for goodness sake, use a decent shave cream.  Nothing out of a pressurized can!  The propellants will dry the skin, then they have to add all sorts of artificial lubricants to make up for it.  I recommend going “old school” with the shave lather too, by using a shave cream or soap you apply with a shaving brush.

If you find that you are experiencing a harsh shave, try shaving more in direction with the grain instead of just going down (or up).  You may want to try a different blade as well: while the Dorco blades worked fine for me, blades can be a very “personal” thing–a brand that works well for one person might be terrible for another!  Blades are not all made the same (they can have different metallergies, coatings, and grindings) so it pays to experiment to find the brand(s) that works for you.

For a lot more information on how to shave with old school tools be sure to view our VIDEOS!


Shave tutor and co-founder of sharpologist. I have been advocating old-school shaving for over 20 years and have been featured in major media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Lifehacker. Also check out my content on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!View Author posts

76 thoughts on “Micro Touch One Razor (And How To Shave With It!)”

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  2. It’s been 40+ years since I used a DE razor. After reading your review and watching the video I decided to pull the trigger. Bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond. Had a coupon, so only paid $16 and some change. I’ve shaved with it twice now and using a two pass method got a good close shave. I plan on buying a blade sample pack to try different blades. And will get a brush and some cream so I can get a total wet shave experience. I ditched my Gillette Fusion some time ago and have been using a Gillette Atra handle and Personna Twins. For right now, the MTO and Atra are the only two razors that I need.

  3. The one razor is complete garbage. I do not recommend this razor to anyone. If you want an amazing shave order a Harry’s razor.

  4. Thanks to the Micro One I’m a lifelong and forever de wet shaver now. It was the Micro One that pointed me in the right direction. I NEVER buy anything off the tv. I’m familiar with many nightmares cultivating from ordering stuff off the tv; the merchants have your card, and despite promises of money back guarantees, they have your card and they can charge your card anytime they want. Even if they plead guilty, getting your money back can be an awful experience, so you have to block and reissue a new card etc etc. Besides, like the Micro One you can find the same products in Target and Bed Bath etc very often anyway. Anyway, instead of buying the Micro One I searched the internet and found that my granddad’s razors WERE available for sale! The rest is history. Kudos for Micro One and the gentleman from Pawn Shop!!

  5. My first DE razor. For the money thought it would be ok to see if I liked a DE. Picked one up, got it home, didn’t open right. Took it back and found a Van Der Hagen that opened smooth. Speaking of knock offs. The micro touch is either a perfect knock of the Van Der Hagen or it is a Van Der Hagen. Anyone know? Also don’t see the name Van Der Hagen much online. Is it worth trying.

  6. I goty micro touch 6 months ago and is my first and only DE razor. It was $35 with the “extra” 20 blade option. I’ve had very good results so far. I use the Van Der Hagen soaps and they work well together. I agree that the kit can be purchased cheeper at other sites or megastores as mentioned. Good first razor!

  7. This is a Great video and review. I recently picked up my micro touch at Wal-mart since I had seen the commercials and because I have my Great Granddaddy’s old razor and always wondered what it would have been to shave with one, I decided to try it out. I have used it twice now but have found it to not give me a good close shave. After watching your video I knew I was shaving the right way. My problem is I have a THICK beard and I mean THICK along with very sensitive skin. I found myself having to lather up a couple of times and even by doing that I still have stubble and missed places on my neck. Which I don’t know about ya’ll but my neck hairs grow crazy and every direction. I’ll give the razor props as far as being able to open it up and clean out my hairs, but with my THICK beard I am constantly opening and cleaning it. So in the end I think my Norelco 3D electric razor is a better razor for THICK bearded men like myself. If I had to use this type razor back in the day I would find myself getting in trouble with my boss and probably having to shave twice a day. Thanks again for the Great video and review!

    1. The razor is a day to day razor. Meaning you shave with it either everyday or every few days. You shouldn’t be trying to cut a fully grown beard with this razor. That’s what electric razor are for.

  8. I picked this up about two months ago (March, 2014) as my first DE razor and have not had a problem yet. It seems gentle enough for a beginner and is a pretty good value.

  9. Wow ! What a range of views about shaving. Many stores that have the “As Seen on TV” section, have it for $19.95. Razor, 12 blades, razor stand. Got mine at Wahlgreens, also at True Value hardware on the “ASOTV” section. Just wanted to say that I have been US Navy for 28 years, meaning : shaving every day no matter what. I enjoy the comfort of the one touch and the savings on blades. $24 for eight blades that only last a few shaves (on purpose by mfg) Suck it up, learn a new tool (razor) save the money and do something good for your family with it. Don’t be so vain, its just shaving. good luck, and do something positive for someone just for kicks. TC

  10. vinyl records probably would have made a comeback if they weren’t 25 to 50 dollars a pop. I used to find vinyl records at flea markets around 2 to 5 dollars back in the day, I was actually browsing to see if anybody tried other blades with the micro touch one, but I found this instead. I’ve seen some dollar general store blades for a dollar a pack but not sure if they’ll fit it?

  11. 100 years ago that same tool was american made, what makes this one any better, the chrome finish is probably lead based to make it shiny

    1. Lead is Not ‘Shiny,’ but dull IS shiny. Research into metal alloys. In some era, Asian steel (especially China in epoch of Mao’s “back-yard family” mills, but Japanese also) were indeed inferior (you ARE aware difference between iron and steel, right?). Additional ‘learn this:’ those brilliant bumpers on 1950-60’s automobiles are Nickel, chrome-plated not lead.

  12. In the past 4 months I’ve gone through 2 of these. I dropped the first, and the second spontaneously deplated. It may shave like a Super Speed, but it’s built like a straw hut. Super Speeds older than I am are still kicking it, and look like they could go another 120 years! They’re built like an Abrams tank.

  13. I bought this razor and two packs of blades for $9.00…shaved with it a few times…not happy..I was issued a single blade Gillette in the Marine Corps, wasn’t happy with that one either…but didn’t dare tell the Di…I will give it a few more chances.

  14. Sadly, the replacement I purchased was branded a Weishi, not MT One. It lost the plating on the turn to open knob after a few weeks. I’ve got enough razors so it won’t matter. It still shaves well and I will soon see what a brass razor looks like.

  15. Thanks for the well thought-out review. I’ve been wanting to go retro for quite a while, and I hate spending the money on multi-blade disposables. I don’t mind taking a little extra time to shave using a different product. My life is too rushed anyway.
    I figure the Razor One will give me a low-cost entry point into wet shaving, and, if I like it, I can always get a better quality product in the future.

  16. After 8 weeks of heavy use I dropped it in the shower. Suddenly it became an aggressive razor! Close examination showed a gentle bend in the safety bar, which made proper blade seating impossible. My error.
    I will be replacing it with another Weishi as they deliver smooth shaves with the right blade, are a great size for travel, and remind me of my first razor a 1975 Super Speed.

  17. As a “hipster” and one who is 58yrs of age I have finally given up on cartridge razors and canned creams. I have found DE shaving to be clean, close and comfortable with NO irritation or afterburn. You gotta at least give it a try!

  18. Got my micro touch razor yesterday …only took about a week to come in. Used it today…yes it took a little longer than it would with my Schick quattro but that will get better with practice.
    I love that I can get 10 blades for way less than it would for a 4 pk of my old ones.

  19. I was thinking of giving the Micro Touch One Razor a try, but after reading the steps it takes to shave with one, I think I will stick to either a disposable razor or an electric one. The Micro Touch One does sound like it will give you a close shave, I just don’t have the time to take to use it properly and I don’t want to end up cutting myself.

  20. Like a White Castle slider this razor may not be for you, but it is converting many new shavers to the DE experience. I’m still getting great results with mine .

  21. I’m 59 and learned shaving with DE blades. Do not see any difference between the One Razor/Weishi and my old Gillette SS. Razor arrived after 10 days, and was what they promised. I use Feathers as the Dorco blades don’t suit my beard.
    My son uses a Merkur, and Merkur blades but he also switched to Feather blades.
    It is a good razor to introduce wet shaving, and to relearn technique after wasting decades with a five o’clock shadow from electric & cartridge shaving.
    I get a perfect shave from it and won’t upgrade unless or until it breaks
    There are car snobs, ski snobs, wine snobs, and razor snobs but I challenge any razor to shave me as close as this Chinese knockoff of an American Classic.

    1. Now that I have tried a Merkur, I understand the differences between razors. While I can get the same BBS shaves, I see that the One Touch has a sweet spot and angle, that I do not need to find with the better razor. You can get a perfect shave with many razors, but the difficulty of doing it with the cheaper models is greater. Cancel my loyalty, going to get a EJ89 and use the Chinese razor for travel. Live and Learn!

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  23. I picked my up at one of the mega mart stores as they had been out of my expensive replacement cartridges for weeks and I refuse to buy another gimmicky multiblade with new bells and whistles. I was pleasantly surprised, while I took my time and still used my old can of lather. I found the shave to be close and comfortable. Now looking forward to trying the different blades and soaps to find what fits my needs the best. I see no reason to ever go back. Eventually I may upgrade to a “better quality” but for now it does a great job.

  24. Was going to give this a go but seeing all those negative reviews int he comments has got me thinking twice. Does anyone have any good alternatives that arrive quicker/cost less?

    1. Sure, there are a number of good alternatives. Weishi, as linked in the article, is equivalent to the MT1. The Lord L6 is an inexpensive alternative found on Amazon. Maggard razors ( has some inexpensive razors that are quite good. If you want to spend a little more look for Merkur, Edwin Jagger, or Parker razors.

  25. I own every Gillette razor. From the Trac II to the Mach 3 and all in between. I’ve been using Gillettes for 30 years. I recently switched over to try DE shaving, bought a Weishi on E-Bay for $15. Used it 1 week and ordered Merkur razor for $45 from A huge difference between the two, but the point is, is that I have no more razor burn, even after a 4 pass shave. My skin looks and feels better too, no more ingrown hairs. I wish I’d have switched to DE shaving years ago. Also, one thing I’ve found is to use an Alum stick on your wet face after you shave. It cleans and tightens the pores and your skin will have a more healthy appearance. Happy shaving to all, no matter what your preference is.

  26. If you want the identical package (razor & blades) go to ebay and buy the Weishi. It will cost you half the price of the TV commercial price, and, you will get it shipped immediately (with free shipping). I had mine delivered in two days. Why pay double when the same package can be had for about half?

    1. Or just buy a good safety razor. I had a Weishi, and 7 months of use and the sucker dissolved in my hands. I would never advise anyone to buy a Weishi.

  27. At the price (basic pack + extra blades) I’m going to give it a try: and their choice of spokesman is intriguing. Now, here’s my pro bono advice for everyone: shave AFTER showering/bathing. The beard will never will be softer, and I estimate that you can cut significantly reduce or even eliminate the use of lathers. After showering I use only a small amount of Lubriderm skin lotion – and have done so for about 20 years. I also like to shave at night in order to not remove the protective oils on my face just before going out into the day (something I learned in the Alaskan winter). Works well schedule and boss permitting.

  28. I got my MicroTouch on Nov. 14, 2013 . It took two weeks to come and so far it is doing alright by me. Very close shave I mean close have used it three time and I like it. I just wish the handle was a few inches longer but it is the same size as others of its type. I have seen some on other sites with longer handles but they cost about 100.00 bucks. With my other razor I had to shave twice a day. But not with this I am waiting to see how many shaves I get with one blade.

    1. To keep it clean I boil it once a week while empty and closed. Then let it air dry hanging upside down with the pod bays in open position. When dry a few drops of orange oil available as a gun cleaner and lubricant down the shaft, and it works nicely.

  29. I 100% agreed with Thomas comment, yes, it is absolutely cheating the people. Not worth for paying cost and shipping charges (espcially shipping charge is almost equal to the price of the razor). If I want to return, they were not agreeing to pay the free shipping return label (like other products, they will send us free shipping label).
    Anyway my advise to those who want to purchase this product, think very well and purchase, otherwise you will be cheated. I didn’t see any use of this product, waste of money – better to go and buy very quality razor , not these (if you buy this you will be chated)

  30. I ordered my Micro Touch over two weeks ago and is still waiting on it. I see what the others are saying about the shipping time. They are to slow I could have sent my cat to pick it up from here in Miami and he would have been back by now. Also the way they have it set up you can not stop the shipment. When you email the department they tell you to email they just email you back and tell you to call another department. But the razors i use now are just going up in price and now that they are out with the five blade instead of lowering the price on the older model they just put a higher price on all of them. I only get two shaves pre blade time to change. Besides if the Mirco Touch don”t work for me I am going to send it back. Funny how these companies charge so much for shipping and it cost us only a few bucks to send it back and case no one knew that is another area they make money from but I will see. Stay tune I will see if Rick H. word is any good about this product but i already know that he do not return emails about this product, he did not return mine any way.

      1. It is not worth for anybody any use, it’s useless and worthless. it is not same as the advertisement, it is cheating the customer by offering a big deal and saving, nothing. I recommend nobody to purchase. No use at all. It is waste of money, no quality, only ad.

        1. I disagree. Mine was the same as the advertisement and it is reasonable (but not great) quality. Overpriced? Absolutely. But for those who buy it, I think it is an acceptable entry into DE shaving.

          1. Mantic,
            I agree with you. I am looking at this as a “Starter Kit” for using one of these kinds of razors. I am 39 and this will be my first time trying this. If i like it then i will upgrade to a better system. Everyone has different skin and hair types so what works for one may not work for someone else. Peole shouldn’t be undaunted by the reviews. At the end of the day it’s only $30. How many of us have wasted more than that on lunch? Noel.

    1. Have not received the razor yet, but I hope it was worth it. I was in a hurry when I went through the motions of ordering it online. The S&H charge was a real surprise, so be prepared to pay much more than the $19.99 shown. Also, you will have to get through the additional purchase options to make your order.

  31. 1. The way people learn to shave with a cartridge razor is not a “bad habit.” It is the way to do it with a technologically superior razor. One that doesn’t make you have to overlap with every stroke, and not care if you don’t get all your stubble at once. I never get why people really think that living decades in the past is somehow superior
    2. It is far easier and less painful to shave against the grain with a cartridge than a single blade razor

    1. Sorry for personal question, but have you tried shaving with a DE razor or a straight razor?
      It’s a matter of taste, I love my straight razor. It tooks more time to shave with it, but my skin feels better then after Gillette cartridge.
      And it is absolutely free to improve shaving skills to shave quicker but to improve skin I should spend money. Buy better oil, cream and aftershave or replace cartridges more often. I don’t like to buy expendable things, I like to teach myself. Am I a hipster? 🙂

    2. I used to use cartridge systems, the very best, sensor, sensor excel, mach 3, fusion. Always buying the latest product and the best shaving dreams and all that hop-haa. About 4 years ago i discovered wet shaving and believe me, once you learn how to shave properly there is simply no comparison to the cartridge system, wet DE’s are far far superior. sure, you have to make the (small) effort to learn how to use them but considering that it is a small effort, considering that with DE razors you can pick and choose razor/blade/cream-soap combinations and play around with them and considering the overall cost saving, there is no way a “cartridge” system is better. it simply isn’t, i know I tried!

    3. I have been shaving for 30 years now. I started with double and triple blades and I always got razor burn then went to electric but never a close shave with that. ever once in a wile I would and still do go to a barber and have a straight razor shave and that is the best shave there is. then one day my father in law asked me to pick him up some double edge razor blades I didn’t even know they still made them. so I bought a razor set and I been shaving with it since. thru trial and error I learned that shaving cream or a soap with glycerin in important for your skin and a good Badger brush to apply it. the blades make a different and thru trial my referents is Feather. for close shaves the first is with the grain of your wickers then rinse your face with hot water and reapply lather and shave against grain of whiskers. the second shave requires a light touch. you could do this with a four and five blade that are out now but you need to apply pressure and stoke the same spot a couple of times.

  32. Newbs take note mantic is a veteran at wetshaving and his irritation-free shave is a result from all that experience.
    That aside, wow Dorco blades, I thought they were going to sell it with the cheapest carbon DE blades on the market at least they had the decency of choosing Dorco and even after that $5 extra for shipping the Dorco blades is insane considering these fit even in an envolope costing cents to ship. Oh and not to mention the market price on Dorco blades are $7 for 100 blades (BadgerandBlade members and Robert’s Beauty Supply local store) and they asking for $5 for only 12 blades buying it from OneRazor. Newbs are better off buying a Weishi plus blade set from Amazon, specifically Weishi and Dorco combo for the most forgiving blades in terms of shaving.

  33. This razor is going to do a disservice to wet-shaving. Many of the guys that buy it are not going to know proper prep, shaving technique, beard direction, gradual reduction…the list goes on forever. They will use it once or twice and go back to their cartridges and electrics.

    1. Most people simply don’t WANT to double the time they spend shaving. (Or more the double) because they have better things to do with their lives. MOST people anyway.

  34. I tried the micro Touch and all I can say is that I am really disappointed. Yes, it is better than a disposable razor but it does not compare to a Gillette Power multi blade razor. After using the Micro Touch several times I had to shave again using my Gillette to get a clean shave.
    Also, the handle is too short to comfortable hold and shave with the Micro Touch. A waste of money ($32.97)

  35. This razor is pretty good but the extra offer they make is on a slow boat from China. And the razor must have came by canoe. There’s no phone number for contacting these people. Hmmmm! Too slow for me to order anything else from these people.

  36. I used mine. Took a day to figure it out…..the degree and angle that is. After that….I think its great. Works like a champ. Just as good as my Gillette but much cheaper. Tried shaving next day and then let it grow for 3 and tried it. No problems to date. Clean and close. 2 weeks on the same blade with no issues and I grow heavy. Blade pack would have cost me $45 bucks and this is much…much cheaper with the same result. I like it so far and am glad I switched.

    1. Some folks love the TTO, but do not want to buy someone’s old Gillette.
      That’s why Weishi and Parker are successful. They fill the TTO void with a new razor. I’m not sure they’ll be working in 40 years like a Super Speed, but it’s irrelevant as long as they provide a good clean shave here and now. I’d use my Dad’s old Gillette but that is as far as it goes.

  37. Thanks for the review. After reading your original post about “taking one for the team”, I was wondering what was taking so long. 8 weeks to receive the goods?…wow! Seeing how your YouTube vids were basically the catalyst for me getting into wetshaving 6 years ago, I was very curious as to what your opinion was.
    Again, thanks for the review. I enjoyed it.

      1. No, they haven’t. Yes…some pathetic hipsters use them because it makes them feel superior to others for some crazy reason…but just like vinyl records, they are not making a comeback. Most people are HAPPY to live in the 2010s and not the 1940s.

        1. Thanks for the good info. I use the Art Of Shaving products not cheap . I also use a pre shave oil but not from The Art Of Shaving they sale a small bottle for 25.00 bucks. I pay 3.00 bucks for a bottle of oil which is three times larger from Sally”s which do the same job or better. We just have to shop around for the small stuff but getting a good cream or soap and brush is good and always use a after shave. Always set aside time to shave do not rush.

          1. Or it could just be that a certain subset of people have been unable to find a good way to shave that didn’t irritate their face and they found that DE shaving with a decent soap and some facial prep didn’t tear their face up. But you know, “stupid hipsters” sounds so much better.

          2. Actually, vinyl records are making a comeback. Many new releases are now available on high quality vinyl. Sometimes things from the past are better, like DE shaving. It’s much better for the face than a multi-blade cartridge. I suppose I’m just a pathetic hipster……..

          3. Like many people who prefer fall for the latest marketing gimmick rather than thinking for themselves, you’re happy to be ripped off by marketers with useless, overpriced junk. Back in 2004, The Onion ran a hilarious article entitled, “F**k Everything, We’re Doing Five Blades”. It was ridiculous, over-the-top comedy back then. Thanks to clueless, complacent nards like you, it’s now reality.
            Enjoy your five blades. It’ll be ten by 2020.

          4. Bill and James are making a half/assed attempted at being witty and they almost achieved their goals, with a combined score of 17.5% on the Limbutt meter.
            The concept they miss, it went way over their Marianas entrenched heads, was that the marketing sales gimmick industry has and is doing it again. NO, not with the double-edged blade, but by paying upwards of $5 per blade with the ludicrous adds.

          5. Actually, vinyl LPs are ‘making a comeback,’ although irrelevant to razor-tech. Digital processing removes layers of harmonic and dynamic-range natural to the analogue recording process. Seems that YOU are one believing anything prior to current-tech is inferior (thus, implying ‘everything old is bad?’ However, you are SOOOooo… Clueless and wrong. {Also extra topical, but you probably vote for Progressive-Parties since it throws a big ‘party’ with music, food and stupidity?

      2. I had one of these bought for me for Christmas. It cost 19.95 as advertised, came with 8 razor blade packages, the case, and the razor. Using, I find it works better when I shave against the grain, than with it. My face. I can’t wait to get me a brush and try actual wet shaving. Anybody have any tips on where to buy good brushes (might try wet shave club for soaps.).

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