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Method Shaving Grande Starter Kit

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method shaving grande starter kit
Sharpologist has occasionally covered Method Shaving, and I’ve visited Charles Roberts and Enchante’ several times–it’s a day trip from my home.  I just received an email about a special promotion.  To my knowledge this is the first “sale” of Method Shaving products Enchante’ has ever held.

“Grande” Starter Kit

The promotion is for a Method shaving “Grande” starter kit.  Here’s what comes with the starter kit, and what each product does:
Primer soap: essentially an olive oil-based Marseilles soap used for “priming” the cloth (or a shaving brush)–think of the lather from this soap as the mechanism that helps bind some of the other ingredients together.
Cutting Balm, Shaving Paste, Activator: these three products are used together in different combinations and ratios to achieve the level of lubrication and cushioning needed for different parts of the shave.  Like a cook modifying a recipe’s ingredient mix to create a slightly different dish to match the diner’s tastes.
Shave Cloth: Method shaving requires a lot of water and a lot of “surface area” to prepare the “mix,” and this rough cloth can do the job inexpensively (a large silvertip badger or latest-generation synthetic brush will also work well).
Peppermint Conditioner: there’s been a lot of controversy about Method shaving over the years, but one of the things a lot of people agree on is the quality and effectiveness of the aftershave conditioning balm.  Several people have said it’s one of the best on the market, particularly for those with very dry skin or who live in arid climates.
Bay Rum Tonic, Lime Tonic,  Tonic Spray Bottle: These are aftershave splashes contain essential oils for some additional skin moisturizing.

If you’ve been curious about Method shaving but the cost has been a barrier-to-entry, this may be a chance to see what it’s all about.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any Method shaving myself, so I have one of these kits coming.
Have you tried Method shaving?  What do you think of the results?


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6 thoughts on “Method Shaving Grande Starter Kit”

  1. That pack of goodies looks too good to be true. I love pampering my face to be honest here, nothing feels quite so refreshing as a clean shave.

  2. I know it is not possible for most, but if you are ever in Austin you owe it to yourself to go visit with Charles Roberts in person. His method and products take up way more time than your standard soap/brush shave, and as Mantic said, it is a little messy, but it does work. If you do the shave like instructed, you will experience something you have never experienced with your standard prep, build lather with brush shave. Personally I have always wondered why Charles has never offered a kit before now. He is a bit eccentric and hard to follow, but the man knows what he is talking about. My next trip to Austin will involve at least a two hour visit to his store.

  3. Interesting, I’ve always been curious about Method shaving, but have been off put by the cult-ure of it (makes me think of crossfit, proponents swear by it, everyone else thinks they’re full of crap…)…
    Thinking about ordering a kit to try…

  4. Interesting stuff. Although vaguely familiar with the concept of Method shaving, after going to the Hydolast website and reading about it, I am intrigued. Especially with the concept shaving with these forms will train the hair to grow in the preferred direction. I’ve never heard that before, and I’m not entirely sure I buy into that idea.

    1. You are correct to be suspicious. Hair follicles are located deep in the dermis so the trajectory of the hair shaft is predetermined and has nothing whatever to do with any topical agents .you apply.

    2. Method Shaving is just another way of making money. Wet Shaving varies and YMMV. So to believe in this regimented system of shaving is to believe in the tooth fairy. It’s all marketing hype and has not been adopted by the vast majority of wet shavers for obvious reason. I am disappointed you still believe in this hype. Just get back to the old fashioned wet shaving techniques that have proven over many years to be the most efficient and consistent way to enjoy a shave.

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