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Is This The Only Full List Of Merkur DE Razors?

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merkur razors
I was browsing through my shave den the other day and thought to myself, “gee, I have a lot of Merkur razors.”  I decided to research it a little more thoroughly and as it turns out there are a lot more Merkur razors in production out there–but I’ve never seen the full list in one place!  Individual retailers all seem to carry only a portion of the line.  And unlike the Edwin Jagger line that basically uses a single head with many handles, Merkur razors come in a variety of forms: two piece, three piece, adjustable, open comb, safety bar, long handle, chrome, gold tone,  etc.  So here is my (hopefully complete!) list of Merkur razors.

Merkur Model Nomenclature And Availability

Merkur razors enjoy a long history.  Unfortunately that long history plays havoc on how individual razors are identified over the years.  Depending on source, there are no fewer than three different identifications for each razor: a two-digit number followed by a letter denoting the plating type (C for chrome, G for gold, M for matte, etc.  Chrome is the most common plating by far so you will mostly commonly see a model designation like “34C”), a three-digit number, and the current wholesale numbering scheme from the latest Dovo/Merkur manufacturing catalog.  The two-digit model numbers are the most prevalent so that is what is listed here, though alternative nomenclature (Also Known As–“AKA”) will be listed when commonly found.

Merkur razors are widely available from many sources.  A few select purchasing links are provided for comparison shopping purposes (note our disclosures regarding purchasing links; Amazon and West Coast Shaving links are affiliate).  Remember to include shipping charges when determining total cost!

Each razor is listed by model, how many pieces it breaks down into, the comb type (safety bar, scalloped safety bar, open), weight (in grams), and the handle size/material.  Weights and dimensions listed are approximate.  I tried to find every razor in production but this list may not be complete.  If you can add to it please leave a comment!

15 (AKA 157)

merkur 15c

  • 3 piece
  • Open comb
  • 50 g
  • 3 inch etched chrome finish textured handle

Typical Review: Shave Like Grandad.  Relevant quote: “This razor continues to shine as a capable yet comfortable instrument.”
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Amazing Shaving, Classic Shaving

20merkur 15c

Added in 2011

  • 3-piece
  • scalloped bar
  • 60 g
  • 4 inch matte finish black textured handle

Typical Review: The Dappered Society. Relevant quote: “These heads are by far my favorite that I’ve used so far. They just feel so soft against your face when you’re shaving. Another thing I was really loving about this razor was the handle. The grooves really give you a nice grip. And the little end piece at the bottom provides a great stop. It allows my ring finger to rest against it perfectly and my pinky to stay underneath it. It really is the perfect length.”
Sample Purchase Link: Amazon

23 (AKA 180)

merkur 23c

The Merkur 23C (AKA 180) is one of Merkur’s best selling double edge razors and a frequent selection of “newbies” because of its relatively low cost. The blade gap is 0.64mm

  • 3 piece
  • scalloped bar
  • 50 g
  • 4 inch chrome handle

Typical Review: The Close Shave. Relevant quote: “I found the razor a bit too light for me – I prefer a razor with some weight to it. I also found that the handle could have used a bit of substance, my fingers felt a bit too close for comfort (I would say that I have average sized hands). Having said that I could also see someone enjoying this razor – especially if the only thing they are comparing it to is a cartridge razor .”
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Amazing Shaving, Classic Shaving


merkur 25c

  • 3 piece
  • open comb
  • 60 g
  • 4 inch handle

Typical Review: The Close Shave. Relevant quote: “If you are just starting out or wanted give a long handle a try this might be the place to start.”
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Classic Shaving


merkur 30c
Added in 2011. Slightly head-heavy.

  • 3 piece
  • scalloped bar
  • 55 g
  • 3 inch handle

Typical Review: (forum posting). Relevant quote: “I was thrown by how mild the razor was yet surprised at how good the shave was.”
Sample Purchase Link: Amazon

33 (AKA 163)

merkur 33c

  • 3-piece
  • scalloped comb
  • 55 g
  • 3 inch chrome textured handle

Typical Review: (No independent reviews available)
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Amazing Shaving, Classic Shaving

34 (AKA 178)

merkur 34c
The Merkur 34C was the closest thing to a “bog standard” safety razor for a long time, though over the past few years the Edwin Jagger DE89 series of razors have made it a horse race.  Due to its popularity, this razor has taken on a number of aliases, including the HD, the Heavy Duty, and the Heavy Classic. It has a 0.71mm blade gap

  • 2 piece
  • 77 g
  • scalloped bar
  • 3 inch chrome textured handle

Typical review: many reviews are easily found with a search engine query.
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Amazing Shaving (also has the gold-plated version!), Classic Shaving

37 (AKA “Slant”)

merkur 37c

The blade sits on a slant in the razor head with one side raised higher than the other.  Sharpologist recently had an article regarding the future of slant bar razors.

  • 2 piece
  • 77 g
  • scalloped bar
  • 3 inch chrome textured handle

Typical Review: (forum posting). Relevant quote: “The bottom line is that the slant bar is quite aggressive, and there is a learning curve. But, I got a better shave than a standard DE every time. It is far more efficient, too.”
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Classic Shaving

38 (AKA “Barberpole”)

merkur 38c
Longer and heavier than the 34, it is often compared to the 34 but it has a blade gap of 0.64mm. Several handle finishing options are available.

  • 2 peice
  • scalloped bar
  • 95+ g (depending on version)
  • 4 inch heavily textured chrome handle (black, non-stick coating over chrome available)

Typical Review: (forum posting). Relevant quote: “The balance is also perfect,or almost perfect,since I can feel how most of its weight is on the head, and not so much on the handle,once Im shaving.”
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Classic Shaving

39 (AKA”Barberpole Slant”)

merkur 39c barberpole slant

  • 2 piece
  • scalloped bar
  • 115 g
  • 4 inch heavily textured chrome handle

Typical review: Jason’s Ordinary Guy Reviews. Relevant quote: “While it excels at busting through multiple days of growth, it also lets you get a ridiculously close shave with minimal irritation. ”
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Classic Shaving

40 (AKA “Barrel Grip”)

merkur 40
Introduced recently so there is little information on it.

  • 3 piece
  • scalloped bar
  • 140 g
  • 3 inch colored (blue or red) “barrel” handle

Typical review: (No independent reviews available. UPDATE: for Sharpologist’s own review of this razor CLICK HERE)
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Classic Shaving


merkur 43cMerkur has recently dipped it toes into the higher-end, artisan category with this razor, using a standard chrome-plated head with an unusual stainless steel handle.

  • 2 piece
  • scalloped comb
  • 150 g
  • 4 inch brushed stainless steel “keg barreled” handle

Typical Review: The Close Shave. Relevant quote: “There is a lot of razor here, and it feels like you are holding something worthy of the few extra bucks.”
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Classic Shaving


merkur 44

Introduced in 2011 and not commonly stocked.

  • 2 piece
  • scalloped bar
  • 71 g
  • 4 inch matte black or satin chrome, cigar-shaped handle

Typical Review: (forum posting). Relevant quote: “The shave is close and extremely smooth but not aggressive. I really like this razor and will match it to any EJ razor for quality.”

45 (AKA “Bakelite”)

merkur bakelite 45
The first synthetic plastic, Bakelite, is used in this very light-weight razor.

  • 3 piece
  • straight bar
  • 15 g
  • 3 inch red-and-black finish

Typical Review: The Close Shave. Relevant quote: ” It would also make a great little travel razor – its light – and also available with its own travel case. What this razor isn’t, is your first razor, save the purchase of this once you have mastered and enjoyed classic shaving with a razor made out of something other than Bakelite.”
Sample Purchase Link: Amazon


merkur 47cRazor is a heavy duty double edge with a long, lined handle.

  • 3 piece
  • scalloped bar
  • 80 g
  • 4 inch chrome “lined texture” handle

Typical Review: (forum posting). Relevant quote: “All in all, this is not a UFO or Ikon Bulldog XL handle, but I will almost compare it quality wise and feel wise to my Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Barley Chrome handle.”
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Classic Shaving

Classic (AKA 1904/1906, 41/42)

merkur 1904 1906 41c 42c classicA frequent selection of the beginner for its relatively low cost, classic design, and mild 0.56mm blade gap. But model numbers and variations can be confusing.  Be sure to read descriptions closely (particularly regarding comb) before buying.

  • 3 piece
  • scalloped bar (42) or open comb (41)
  • 65 g
  • 3 inch faceted chrome handle

Typical Review: Dapperism. Relevant quote: “The Merkur 1904 is a rock solid razor for a rock bottom price, and for someone looking to venture out in the double edge safety razor world, the Merkur is an all around great choice for someone not wanting to spend a lot of money. ”
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Classic Shaving (Scalloped, Open)

Travel Razor (AKA 413, 414)

merkur travel razor
The standard Merkur head (scalloped or open) mated to a small, two-piece handle (4 pieces total).  Comes with a small leather pouch

  • 4 piece
  • 56 g
  • scalloped bar (413) or open comb (414)
  • 2 inch handle

Typical Review: (forum posting) Relevant quote: “This is everything a travel razor is supposed to be; light, packable, easy to use, capable of giving a decent shave while being almost impossible to hurt yourself with.”
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon (Scalloped), Classic Shaving (scalloped, open)

Merkur Adjustable Razors


merkur progress
The Progress is available in a short (3 inch) or long (4 inch) handle with a very wide adjustment range.  I make no secret that this is my favorite razor.  There are several aftermarket dials available to replace the standard plastic (some say ugly) adjustment dial.

  • 2 piece
  • scalloped bar
  • 90 g (short); 100 g (long)
  • 3 inch (short) or 4 inch (long) lined chrome handle

Typical Review: (forum posting). Relevant quote: “You will have to pry my Progress out of my cold, dead hands.” — Mantic59
Purchase links.


merkur futur
The Futur is available in matte finish or polished chrome.  More “aggressive” than the Progress, the lowest setting on the Futur is higher than the lowest setting on the Progress.  It is available in matte (“satin”) or polished chrome, and gold-plated finishes

  • 2 piece (with unusual ‘pop-off’ top cap)
  • straight bar
  • 108 g
  • 4 inch handle

Typical Review:
Sample Purchase Links: Amazon, Classic Shaving

Vision 2000

merkur vision 2000
I don’t know if I should have included the Vision (or more accurately, the Vision 2000) since it has recently been discontinued, but it can still be found as “new old stock” from a few sources:
Amazon, Amazing Shaving


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30 thoughts on “Is This The Only Full List Of Merkur DE Razors?”

  1. Just looking to switch up my shaving tools. Got this list from dappersociety, while searching for safety razors. Nice recommendations!

  2. Although the post states different blade gaps for the 34C and 38C, I contacted Merkur and they said they use the same head on both. Just the handles differ.

  3. Hi, I have found a very old Merkur that I can not include in any listing.
    It is identical to 11C model, with open comb, like old type razors, and cromed or nickeled in the head and the upper side of the handle.
    The medium part of the handle and the lower part (the knock) are silver plated.
    I can not find any images or listing where this razors is numbered or dated. I would like to know more of this razor.
    I would like to send you an image.
    Thanks and best regards!

  4. Thanks for your list. I found it very informative. I have a 44 with the black handle that I picked up on a lark at a clearance sale from a site that was discontinuing them. I ended up liking it a lot. It believe the head is the same closed comb on as all of the other Merkurs. Just an FYI: it is a 3 piece though, not a two piece.

  5. I have a Merkur that seems to have escaped your list. It’s a 2 piece, open comb, 3 inch handle that weighs ~75g. Basically looks like a 34 if it were open comb. Any idea what mine is (I bought it long ago and can’t remember what the number was listed as).

  6. Excellent article with great responses. I currently use a Vision 2000 and love it. Once I found the setting that worked the best (I for me) it has been a fun DE to use.

  7. My original DE razor was a Merk HD. 16 years old, looks like new & it is the only razor in One of my two shave dens. The other den has as it’s only razor an EJ DE-89L.
    For me, the EJ’s pretty much shave circles around everything else. As an added bonus you basically get the same business end on all their razors from the least expensive to the most expensive.
    The EJ’s are very forgiving. Buy one to start & keep it for life.
    A bit of inside baseball – EJ has completely crushed Merkur in DE Sales. I used to sell tons of Merk’s but now EJ’s outsell them about 10 to 1.
    One problem common to most all German companies is that they all think they’re the Mercedes of their particular industry & charge Mercedes premiums for their products. German co’s also seem to just love raising prices at any & all opportunities 🙂
    The EJ’s are far far greater value/bargains than the Merk’s.
    All that being said, Merkur is a very old company & their DE’s have alot going for them

  8. Are you just covering currently-available Merkurs? Because I know Merkur also had the Grafco(Graham Field Co)/Adams/Weck/Landauer models like this one:
    They also made the “Psycho-lock” razor that Grafco imported.
    Seems like it would be good to have an addendum to your article with the discontinued models. It’s relatively hard to find these listed in one place anywhere.

  9. Regarding the 33C: I started DE shaving using the 33C and used it, exclusively for about 8 years, preferring it to my gifted Gillette Aristocrat until I was forced to change because the 33C’s head corners began chipping. Now that my technique has improved I prefer heavier, more aggressive razors, but the 33C is a great beginner’s razor as it is relatively light weight and mild.

  10. Excellent piece. With back to back blockbusters you and LG are definitely Generals in this Man’s Movement. I finally “get” the slant, and Merkur’s confusing lineup. Thanks.

  11. I have 2 examples of the gold tone Merkur Heavy Duty Handle with etched design. It’s readily available on Amazon, along with other Merkur gold varieties. The only one that seems to be extinct (which Leisure Guy mentioned) is the slanted gold version. May not have sold well, too expensive to produce, being revamped, or whatever. If I find it somewhere, I will add the link to a future post.

  12. hi, greetings from bombay
    great and informative article as usual i have a merkur 11 i did not see it mentioned anywhere in the article or maybe its known by some other name
    regds raj

  13. Thanks for pulling the clouded veil off the model differences and number classification. As always, a pleasure to glean some knowledge from your input. Just now starting the full gamut of DE again after a 45yrs away from it. What was I thinkin’? I forgot was what a pleasure it was.
    Merry Christmas!

      1. Yes I saw that one. There is another one that has a satin finished handle with a genuine leather wallet style case that holds ten blades which is different from the mini pouch travel razors in the PVC cases.

    1. I am not sure if it is still being manufactured but I have a 4 piece steel travel razor which fits in a compact travel pouch with just enough space to fit a few spare blades. It gives a very decent shave even though it is on the mild side. The handle can be taken apart into a thin upper piece which is small enough to fit into the hollow of the lower and fatter piece.

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