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Mantic59's Shave Of The Week: Matador DE, And Rise Of Indian Razor Manufacturing?

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I bought a Matador razor from Razor Blades And More a while back and finally got around to trying it recently.  It came with Gillette 7 o’clock and Polsilver blades so I slipped a Polsilver in for the 1st shave (the balance of the “shave of the day” shown above was a Havanna Handle brush from, DR Harris Arlington shave soap, Ursa Major Toner, and Shaveplace a/s balm).
The Matador performed well: solid and well-built, competitive with razors costing more money.  It has a handle longer than normal and a scalloped safety bar a la Merkur and Edwin Jagger, though the head is thinner. I found it “middle of the road” aggressive-wise.  My first shave was very good, though I did get a nick on my chin. I suspect that had to do more with the Polsilver than the Matador though.
It certainly wasn’t due to the lather.  DR Harris’ Arlington shave soap is one of my favorites and an old school tallow soap.  It’s lather is really exceptional for me, particularly because I have hard water.


I’m told that the Matador comes from the same factory in India that makes the Cadet and the RazoRock Black Tie razors.  If true I’m beginning to wonder if India will be the next manufacturing hub for traditional shaving gear (though perhaps for export only).  There is still a lot of junk out there but this razor and Parker razors are competitive with other good razor brands, at a better price-point.
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9 thoughts on “Mantic59's Shave Of The Week: Matador DE, And Rise Of Indian Razor Manufacturing?”

  1. Thanks Dipesh for your addition!
    Good to see Mantic likes these razors. Just want to add that they also come just the same under the Pearl brand.

    1. Hi, Are you sure Pearl is just a re-branded name for these same products. Pearl products are available on Amazon India and are dirt cheap compared to these prices.
      I have however not opted for them because I was not very sure about the quality

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      1. I think it’s a hollow resin of some kind, but it still feels substantial in my hand. There’s some weight to it.

  3. I also purchased a Matador. I got the Toro Mastiff Corto. I like how it feels in my hand and the weight of it. But what I have found is that it takes the comfort level out of my favorite blades. I also use a EJ89. What feels comfortable in the EJ89 (like 7 o’clock blacks or Silver Blues) feels harsh in the Matador. I’m still on the hunt for an appropriate blade.

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