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Mantic59's Shave Of The Day 6 September 2018

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Today’s shave: Catie’s Bubbles Waterlyptus shave soap, Stirling badger brush, OneBlade Genesis, Bevel aftershave.

Hot, muggy day here in Texas so I’m going for a “picnic” with Catie’s Bubbles “Waterlyptus” shave soap: a watermelon scent with a little menthol thrown in for a refreshing feel without my face getting frozen off.  🙂
The OneBlade Genesis (with a Feather FHS blade) did it’s usual effortless BBS job.  The pivot makes for an easier, more consistent shave.  Some say OneBlade razors are too mild, and I can understand that, but for me it really hits the sweet spot.
I continued the menthol cooling with the Bevel aftershave.  Decent moisturization with just a bit more cooling to survive another Summer-to-Fall transition day here in Texas.


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