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How to Manscape: A Gentleman’s Guide

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This how-to-manscape guide will teach you all you need to know in order to get into manscaping. In case you’re unsure what manscaping is it’s the trimming or removal of a man’s hair for cosmetic effect. By this definition you most likely already manscape in some way shape or form.  However it’s more commonly referenced with a man’s body hair and yes even more so the groin area. As times change so does everything else. Everything ranging from what we eat, fashion, and to how we shave changes over time. A major thing in our time now is manscaping and mostly because women love it!  So follow along and let us dive right into how to manscape.

Before You Even Begin

Let’s consider a couple of things before you start shaving away here. If you haven’t first discussed it with your wife I recommend doing so. Manscaping can change your entire look and even affect your sex life. Both very important things to consider. Sit down with your other half and see what their thoughts on manscaping are. If they’re not sure what manscaping is then briefly educate them on the topic.

Consider the areas of your body that you want to manscape. Every guy is different and no one is the exception here. Think about the areas of your body that have the most hair. These are your typical trouble spots. For a lot of guys this will be the chest, back, and sometimes both. Of course your groin is a given for this decision.

Think about how your look will change if these “trouble spots” are trimmed or shaven. If both you and your other half like the idea of a trimmed you then you’re ready to move on. If you’re single then I always recommend you learn how to manscape. Statistically women prefer a guy who manscapes to one that does not.

Now You’re Ready!

IMG_1094sNow that you’re ready to manscape and know what areas of your body need it the most we can get started! I highly recommend getting yourself a decent body groomer if you don’t already have one. They’re very handy shaving tools that will you must have if you’re going to trim.
Now if you’re going with a completely shaven approach I still recommend a body groomer to trim first but, you’ll also need a good razor. With these two tools you’ll be ready to begin your journey into manscaping!

At the beginning of your manscaping session just visualize how you want yourself to look in the mirror. You’ll begin every session with your body groomer. If it’s your first time we recommend setting the trimmer setting to a higher number length. Then lower the guard as needed to get the desired length of hair.

You want areas like your chest & stomach to be a matching length. Experiment with what looks best on you but, remember you can always cut more off as needed. If you cut too short to begin with you’ll have to wait for it to grow back.

If you plan to shave it all off then go ahead and set the guard to its lowest setting. Trimming the hair as low as possible this way will make shaving with a razor much easier. For areas such as the back I recommend using a special body groomer that has a longer handle to reach the area or have someone help you. Personally I’d just go with the longer handle! 🙂 Then shave the back using no guard.

The same process for your chest will be used on your pubic region. That’s the area just above the main attraction. This is the most frequently questioned area on how to manscape. So, I’ll break down in more detail below. However while on the pubic region you’ll continue with the same concept as your chest while using a great body groomer.

That’s the basis while learning how to manscape. Now let’s get a little more detailed for those doing more than trimming!

Manscaping Your Chest

file000725844206Now that your chest is well trimmed it’s time to shave it clean. Before you begin any shaving where you’re using a shaving razor I always recommend warming up first. Jump into the shower and let your skin warm up. This will loosen the hair follicles and allow for a better shave.
Now that you’re all warmed up it’s time to lather up with your favorite shaving gel/cream. Only use a light layer for shaving. A lot of guys use more than they need and it only makes it harder to shave.

While shaving the chest start from the bottom up and then from the center out. This is my personal recommendation and it makes it much easier to shave. While shaving like this keep your hand over your nipple to prevent cutting yourself. Pull the skin taut as needed to keep the skin flat and straight. This will give you a closer smoother shave and an overall better experience.

Manscaping Your Stomach

Your chest is clean and you’re ready to move south. If you shave your chest then you must shave your stomach. You always want these two areas matching and looking the same. Unlike the chest where people won’t have to see the hairs peeking up around your collar the stomach is shaved only to make it match.

It’s just a good habit to get into if you’re shaving the chest. Plus it just general looks better and will make you feel better. Don’t believe me? Don’t knock it til you try it!

While you’re still in the shower you can begin manscaping your stomach. Learning how to manscape the stomach is easier than the chest. Simply shave from the center outward. Do this all the way down to just above your pubic region. Pull the skin taut like before to make sure the skin’s tight for best results.

While shaving anywhere on your body make sure to shave around pimples or other sensitive spots. This usually goes without saying but, a friendly reminder never hurts.

How to Manscape Your Privates

file8711265573763This area of course requires more caution. Just remember it isn’t a race. Take your time and you’ll be just fine. Most guys struggle shaving their bits in the beginning. It can definitely be a nervous thing to do when you’re a beginner but, don’t worry you’ll be a manscaping champion in no time.

Do keep in mind when I refer to manscaping the privates I’m referring to the area below the pubic region. Now begin in the shower by shaving your shaft. Grab the tip and pull yourself to stretch the skin. Shave from the tip down to the base. Do this all the way around the shaft. Now is the time to decide if you’re going to shave the pubic region.

You can either go with the nice and trim style or shave it completely. Both are acceptable and viable options. You can shave in any direction that feels most comfortable. With or against the grain because it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what’s comfortable to you.
Moving further south to the balls is where guys have trouble learning how to manscape. You’ll still use a razor blade shaver for this area. Begin be shaving the left and right sides going from the sides to the inner part of your leg/groin.

Press yourself to one side against your leg and continue to shave that side of your balls. Stretch the skin as much as possible to get a good shave. Remember it’s not a race! Take your time and simply stretch and shave the entire area. You’ll be surprised how forgiving the skin is in this area.

I’ve personally never had an issue with irritation etc. Once you’ve accomplished this feat once it becomes much easier the next time.

Arms and Legs

DSC_8473You may be asking yourself. Should I shave my arms or legs? Well the answer is maybe. It really depends on the individual. Everyone is different and as such your requirements will also be different.

If you’re very hairy and have shaved your chest & stomach then you may want to consider shaving your arms and legs. A lot of guys shave their arms and legs. This is especially true for athletic guys. Hair can get in the way in athletic events so you’ll notice some guys shave it all off.
If your arms and legs are not very hairy then you’re probably fine leaving them alone. So, just take a personal judgement on yourself and see which shoe you fit best. Still not sure? Then ask your significant other. Just make sure they’re being honest! If you end up needing to shave your arms & legs at least they are easier to learn how to manscape.

Benefits of Learning How to Manscape

Now that you know the basics of how to manscape but, what are the benefits? There’s a couple that you may not have been aware of. Manscaping will keep you smelling fresh & clean a lot longer. Hair holds sweat which will cause you to smell. With less hair there’s less sweat being held on your body for an extended amount of time.

The number of women who prefer a guy who manscapes is growing rapidly. If you’re a single guy this could make a world of difference in your dating life and for the married man it can re-kindle the relationship or just spice things up in general.

One last thing I’d like to mention is — and I’m sure you’ve heard — that the shorter the bush the taller the tree. Just by shaving your pubes you can appear to gain upwards of 2″ inches! Now those are results I’m sure any guy can be happy about.

Thanks for reading and I hope I was able to help you learn something new about manscaping. Leave a comment below and let us know of your experiences with manscaping. Do you manscape or don’t you and why? Anyways hope you enjoyed the read and thanks again.

Author Bio: W. Oaks is an expert in the manscaping field. His website I Manscape is dedicated to all things manscaping and manly.

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  1. Good article. One other tip I always like to give is to moisterize!
    Every time you shave any part of your body it’s always good practice to put a blob of moisturizer on your hand and apply it on the shaved area.
    A lot of people think that’s a step that can be left out of the process, however I completely disagree.
    It’s an important step in the shaving process because it will help avoid any type of dryness or flaking. Plus, it feels so good on the skin.
    So go grab your moisturizer.

  2. That’s really nice and complete body grooming guide. I’ve knew most of the stuff already because I’ve wrote a similar post about a month ago, but anyways you’ve got some great content here. Keep up the good work!

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