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How To Maintain A Shaved Head

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[Introduction by mantic59: Sharpologist has occasionally written about how to shave your head.  But not a whole lot on how to maintain it.  I asked Justin Bounds of The Barbr to discuss it.]  What do Dwayne Johnson, Tyrese Gibson, and Vin Diesel have in common? Bald heads! So, chin up if you just shaved it all off. You are in good company. Whether you cut your mane to make a statement or you did it to raise money for the thousands of cancer survivors, here are some tips that will come in handy with your new hairdo.

Make That Shampoo Your Bestie

Here is the first thing that will probably cross your mind when you shave your mane off; No more shampooing and conditioning this bald head. Well, here’s the truth; little, prickly growth will start to sprout soon enough, and it could use some love.

Only a professionally made product will give it that. Body wash will clean the grime, but it will also leave your scalp dry and your new growth even pricklier. So, keep that shampoo and conditioner within reach.

Moisturize your Scalp

This step is the most forgotten by men with shaved heads. You may think that you do not need to moisturize your scalp but think again. Why should you keep it glistening? Because the sun is not your friend. It dries any moisture on your exposed scalp. A dry scalp is a hub for all that unsightly flake and itch. Unless you want to raise concerns from your colleagues with all the scratching in the boardroom, then invest in a good-quality moisturizer and slather away each morning.

Massage your Scalp

The good thing about this part is that you do not have to necessarily spare time for it. You are already massaging your scalp while washing and oiling it. It would not hurt to make a conscious effort when massaging your scalp so that you give it more effort. Massages improve blood circulation, which you will need for healthy growth.

You do not need a professional to get it right. Just use your fingertips, applying the desired amount of pressure on your scalp. Work the entire head, which shouldn’t take too long, then go about your morning ritual. I’ll tell you this much, you will enjoy it so much that you will make it a habit for the relaxation it brings.

Protect The Scalp!

Usually, your hair keeps you safe from the sun’s rays, but without it, you will be exposed. damage on the scalp caused by the sun, you said? Yes, you may not think much of it until you learn there is a name for the condition; actinic keratosis. Now that this giant name grabs your attention let us talk about causes and possible solutions.

Exposing your scalp to the sun could result in this skin condition, which presents in the form of reddened patches. A full head of hair will not ultimately protect you from it, but it will lower the chances.

How can you prevent sun damage? First, invest in products that offer UV protection. Some moisturizers have built-in sunscreen. If you want your sunscreen separate from your moisturizer, several brands on the market serve this purpose.

Put A Cap On It


In line with applying sunscreen, you can add a cap for sun protection whenever you get out of the house. You could turn it into a cool fashion statement by adding a personal message.

Caps are not only a necessity during summer with the sun at its peak, but they also come in handy during the cold seasons. Nothing announces winter like a cool breeze passing over your head.

If you end up getting so used to the bald head that you decide to make it the norm, you may want to take utmost care with shaving techniques.

Shave It Clean

Short hair is high maintenance in terms of time. You will need to bring those razors out now and then for a clean shave. For those going to try baldness for the first time–especially if you’re a man-of-color–you should cut it very short first with some hair cutting clippers.  If you know in your gut that you are not certain of doing a good job, then it’s best to have a professional work on your hair, especially for the first cut. They will not only cut it neatly but will also recommend the best style for your face. It’s Imperative.

If you have that much faith in your skills, you can proceed in the short process that we have created.

Prep That Head

Yes, guys, you read that right. Your head needs a little TLC to get it ready for the blades. When taking a shower, wash your head as you would always, but this time apply pressure against the growth pattern with a soapy cloth. This makes the definition easy to track.

After this, apply a generous amount of shaving cream and let it soak in for a while. Giving it some time to get through makes the shaving process smooth. Which creams should you avoid? Gels and those containing menthol are not ideal because they close the pores and desensitize the skin. You do not want that.

Let The Blades Do The Walking

Now that the head is prepped, you are ready to go. You will certainly want to do this in front of a mirror so that you can see from each angle.
Work in the direction of the growth, starting with the front and working your way to the back of the head. You will need sharp razors. Why is that? Sharp blades minimize cuts and the possibility of ingrown hairs.

Be gentle with the razor ensuring to apply just the right amount of pressure to avoid cutting yourself. Do not be in a rush as we all know what speed does. Rinse the razor often to give you a good grip.

Once that is done, and you have checked for spots that you could have left out, pat the head with a warm cloth and apply and aftershave balm. There will be inevitable cuts, especially if you are yet to get to pro level, but nothing that the balm won’t heal.

Rock Your Bald!

You are now a certified baldy! Go on and own the look because after all, all the baldies we know are badasses! Just look at Jason Statham!

Author Bio: Justin Bounds is the author at The Barbr – a Hair Care blog providing honest advice, reviews, tips and tricks about the topic. He also has a good experience as a hairstylist for years. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook to learn more about his work.


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  1. I shaved my head bald I love it smooth . So what can I do to keep bald . I know I keep it shaved . But can get something put on to kill the hair off . So it will not grow again ? Tell me what to do . I want bald an stay bald . No hair on my head . I hate hair on my head .

  2. Wow. I recently shaved my head because I didn’t like the way my thinning hair looked. I didn’t realize there was a best way to go about it. I’ll keep these tips in mind during future shaves!

  3. The first rule in double-edge shaving is to NEVER apply pressure. You let the blade and razor do all the work. Let it glide, without any pressure. It’s not a cartridge. Otherwise, you’re in for a painful shave.

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