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Mag T Razor Review

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Released earlier this year, the Mag T Delta grabbed my attention with its unique design that I have yet to see in a double edge safety razor.  I actually discovered it by accident, just scrolling through my feed on Instagram (*Note to producers/vendors/artisans, this form of advertising does work). Intrigued by the design of the handle, I had to see what this razor was all about. 

Upon reading the concept description on the main website, not only does the MAG T  Delta look different, it actually uses a pair of strong magnets to assist in blade changes and maintain the blade’s sharpness. Not knowing much about how magnets could help maintain the sharpness of the blade, I figured this new razor was worth a shot.  I took the plunge.  


The whole concept of the Mag T revolves around the magnets.  According to the Mag T website, magnets have been used to maintain sharpness since the 1930’s with the invention of “The Vintage Monroe Magnetic Blade Sharpener”. This product was advertised to sharpen blades without the need to hone, strop, or grind in a very short amount of time by using the force of the magnets to realign the cutting edge of the blade.

If you hone or know of the processing of honing razors, realigning the cutting edge is crucial to blade sharpness.  Although we use strops to ensure the blade is realigned after use with straight razors, the Monroe blade sharpener used magnets to obtain the same result.     

* An Image of The Monroe Magnetic Blade Sharpener. 

 In order to get a better understanding on how the Mag T works and became a reality, I contacted the company directly to find out more information.  I was fortunate enough to virtually meet Vittorio Velho, the founder of Mag T and I was able to ask a few questions regarding his new razor:  

Mag T was founded by Vittorio Velho, a long-term developer of shaving products and Prajay Shirodkar, a medical engineer based out of India.  The two met while involved in another wet shaving project where Velho discussed his interest in creating a new safety razor. His vision was a razor with an easy blade loading system that performed well and was different, in comparison to the countless razors available.   

*Original Sketch of the Mag T Delta Razor 

Velho and Shirdokar discussed the possibility of using magnets in order to create an easier way to close the razor. The system would not require any threads of the top cap and would make blade changing quicker.  Velho brought a pair of Neo dynamic magnets and safety razor blades one day while having coffee with Shirdokar.  While fidgeting around the blade quickly stuck to the magnet and the light bulb went off to say the least. The pair continued to work throughout 2019 and 2020 on the concept of the razor and were able to officially launch the Mag T Delta on January 26th 2021.  

*First Aluminum Prototype 

 Recently, Mag T has added a few more items to the line-up: The Mag T “Alpha” which consists of a teakwood handle and the same razor head from the Delta, The Mag T “Geo” synthetic shave brush and the Mag T “Quad” synthetic shave brush.  

*Final Prototype 

 *Vittorio Velho & Prajay Shirodkar


Although as I mention in all my reviews, I never judge a product by the packaging. The Mag T comes in a nice cardboard box that is embossed and very modern. It comes with a 5 pack of blades to get you started and although the razor does not need a stand (as it sits perfectly on its head) the box is still durable enough to store the razor for long periods of time.  

The Razor: 

The razor Itself consists of a two-piece design (top cap and handle) that connect with the use of two strong magnets.  The razor is made from forged zinc alloy coated with a high polished chrome which is corrosive resistant. The handle of the Delta has a slight grip indication which is positioned in the middle to prevent slipping on the polished chrome.  It’s also designed to be self-standing so no need for a razor stand, just simply turn it upside down and store the razor on the top cap (see image).  


*Note: This razor was purchased directly from MAG T at full retail price. The author is not affiliated with the brand and all opinions are his own. Remember YMMV.   

I used the Delta primarily for several weeks, using a variety of soaps and brushes but stuck to only one brand of blade, Vostok.  

At 5 oz (142 grams) the Delta is on the heavier end of the safety razor spectrum, with most modern-day razors being 110 grams or less.  It’s solid and bulky in the hand which many wet shavers would prefer over the lighter examples available. The unique handle is very wide making it easy to hold, and does not create any issues with maneuverability. 

The razor being an open comb design was more aggressive than I expected.  I found that with the heavy weight and open comb it is extremely important to use light pressure as this razor will bite you if you’re not careful.  Shaving with the grain was simple, there is literally no blade flex, and the razor gilded easily.  Even several days’ growth posed no issue in efficiency.  Against the grain yielded similar results, although I did find myself using a slightly greater angle than I would normally do.  

As for head shaving, I did not attempt to use the Delta in that respect.  I rarely use open combs in regards to head shaving which is a personal preference on my part.  


Overall, the Mag T is a very approachable razor that offers a slightly aggressive but very efficient shave.  I love the design, it’s very different from any other double edge razor I’ve seen to date and it’s refreshing to see someone create something from scratch and make it a reality. Currently only offered in an open comb design I would love to see a solid guard bar in the near future.  

 The blade changing system requires a little practice, as it’s easy to get the blade stuck on the handle due to the powerful magnets.  If you pull the top cap off at an angle it does come right off but this took me a few tries to figure out.  

I Love that the razor is self-standing. It stands perfectly on the top cap and I can see this being perfect for the minimalist shaver who is interested in the core razor and not the accessories.  

In regards to the magnets keeping the blade sharper longer, I personally cannot verify or deny this claim as I change blades frequently.  I never go more than two shaves on a blade and I didn’t try to “go the distance” while using the Delta.    

 At a price point of $50 shipped, the Mag T “Delta” is a great razor that offers a unique design and concept. It shaves well and offers a tad bit aggression that new and seasoned wet shavers will appreciate. 

The Mag T “Delta” razor is available from the company’s website and at Shave Nation, Fendrihan, and The Razor Company.

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli

Joe Borrelli is a long-time wet shaving enthusiast and collector. He hosts the Wet Shaving News/Talk Podcast, runs his own self-funded website and operates a YouTube channel to help inform the community of new information involving the wet shaving world. Joe holds a BBA from Florida Atlantic University, and currently works for the nation’s largest wine/spirits/beer retailer. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Linda & son Anthony, reading, writing, outdoor activities and collecting wet shaving apparel. Joe has also written several dozen articles for online publications such as Sharpologist and How to Grow a Mustache.View Author posts

2 thoughts on “Mag T Razor Review”

  1. When you first see this razor it’s stunning but once you use it that another story. When you’re ready to shave you will notice with the first stroke this is an aggressive razor.

    I was told it was designed that way to emulate a straight razor but as a hybrid. I pointed out to the designer Vittorio Velho that purposely making the MagT razor aggressive does not make a good design goal. I went on to tell him I’ve used straights before and many DE, SE, razors, and had amazing close shaves, and not one of them was aggressive.

    As the designer of the razor, he came back defending the aggressiveness which is understandable be that as it may the aggressiveness is the only issue I have with this razor.

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