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A love letter to my comb

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I LOVE premium personal belongings. Something about taking that everyday task up a notch with a hyper-personal, one-of-a-kind product is just really…nice. My wife knows that and is quite good at finding unique gifts that fulfill this particular need of mine. She got me an updated Merkur for christmas, for example.  For my birthday I received what I believe to be the best gift ever.

Why Spend The Money on a Premium Product?

I use to be a bit of a miser. I would go to the cheap haircut place. I would buy the generic corn flakes. It was just a part of who I was. I had never considered that spending more got you a big return on your investment.

I found out that in reality a lot of these “premium” solutions are actually cheaper over the long run and deliver a better result overall. The product that changed me was, ironically, wet shaving. I was hesitant at first about spending the money on a double edge handle. I found out in short order that I got a closer and more comfortable shave than any cartridge razor AND over the course of a year it saves me a ton of money because blades are so inexpensive.

I told my wife about this and started talking about how using the premium products (I got some nice soaps and a good brush – not photographed. It’s a long story) changed my outlook on shaving. It was this that got me paying close attention to my daily activities and trying to inject a little bit of ‘premium’ into my everyday life. I hadn’t realized how much me talking about this had influenced my wife. When I opened the gift I was immediately blown away by how thoughtful the gift was AND by how awesome it was.
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Superior Comb

The gift i received was of course a comb. You can see the approximate size in the pictures. It’s a large comb (i believe it’s the ‘Regular’ one on the product page, but it’s fairly large in my hand) and fairly thick. It’s got a bit of weight to it and it feels really nice in the hand.

The comb doesn’t get statically charged because it’s made of the same material your hair is made of. So it gives a much better finished look than the plastic comb that I was using previously. With the plastic comb I occasionally had staticy bits at the front standing up.

I love that the comb is truly one of a kind. Each one is crafted from an individual horn. Every picture on the product page has a different pattern or design that is apparent on the product. My comb is a beautiful pattern that comes across as powerful – and ready to comb your hair. At least that’s what it says to me.

Easily the best gift I’ve received all year. I highly recommend picking one up for someone who ‘has everything.’
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About The Author:
mark p headshotMark Paralovos has been a Youth Care Worker for the last 15 years and a Dad for the last 3 years. He writes for and other publications around the internet.

Mark Paralovos

Mark Paralovos

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  1. Great to hear about premier product. Personally I use always premier product. As like I’ve bought the Yeti Tundra 45.

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