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LB Equipment Beer Bar, Shaving Soap, Beard Oil

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Sometimes the Internet can be a funny place. You’ll start off reading up on one subject, and by the time you’re done, you will have gone down some other rabbit holes that you would have never imagined getting into in the first place. That’s sort of what happened here. I was off in social media land doing some reading for one of my other hobbies/passions, watches, and through a guy who restores vintage pocket watches, I came across LB Equipment. After checking out what was on offer, I was rather curious about what was to be had, and placed a quick order. That brings us to today with our review of the LB Equipment Beer Bar, Shaving Soap, and Beard Oil.

Beer Bar

We’ll go through this in the order I use them in my normal routine. Now, the Beer Bar ($5 for a 5 oz. bar) was an interesting one, as it was my first foray into a bar shampoo, let alone one that was specifically for my facial hair. When I got it in, you immediately see the beer connection, as it looks like a foamy beer. It’s scent is reminiscent of beer, to an extent, but it is not overpowering. Nor do you end up smelling like you spilled a pitcher on your chin. After you use it, there really is not much of a scent (at least that I noticed). To use it, it’s a bit different. After you get your beard good and wet, you rub the bar on it, in the direction the hair grows. Once you’ve applied some, you then take your hands and build up a lather in the beard, massaging it into the beard and your skin.

Once it’s rinsed out, you’re left with a clean beard, which is a good thing. Every day it’s bound to collect some bits of oil (applied or otherwise), probably some dirt, and maybe even some crumbs from your lunch. Cleaning things out with some regularity is a good idea, just to keep the hair looking healthy and your skin neat. I have of course used other soaps and shampoos that were more hair oriented, but the LB Equipment Beer Bar had a much different effect. The beard itself seemed a bit fuller (or fluffier) if you prefer afterwards, and was easier to work with.

Shave Soap

lb shave soap
Before the beard gets any more attention, though, it’s time to work to remove the facial hair that is not wanted. When reading through the page for the LB Equipment Shave Soap ($4 for a 4 oz. puck) you have all of the things we’re used to seeing, with claims that the old ways are better, and that this particular soap is formulated to provide a slick lather. As to the first comment, I think we all agree with that, or we wouldn’t be here reading Sharpologist.

On the second point, that’s something I have had a hard time validating, personally. Perhaps its due to my technique or something else, but I have never really been able to say that one soap helps the razor glide noticeably better than another. Where I can pick up the difference, however, is when the shaving is done, and I’m rinsing off my skin with cool water. It’s at this point that I can feel the slickness – and the LB Equipment Shaving Soap is definitely on the slipperiest I’ve felt. In practice (you know, actually shaving with it) I felt it built up a decent lather, and I did not have any issues with irritation or cuts that were not due to my own impatience. In other words, just what you’d want and expect from a shave soap.

Beard Oil

Then, with all the splashing around of water done, it’s time to get some of the oils restored that the beer bar removed. This is where the LB Equipment Beard Oil comes in. I went with the basic (Tony) formulation, which runs $8 for a 1 oz. bottle. I found this scent to be a pleasing one, well-rounded for those who are accustomed to what would be considered “classic” scents for men’s shaving stuff. It’s one that my wife also liked the scent of, and that is a definite plus. I’ve dealt with a variety of applicators, and this one uses a glass dropper in the vial, which I think has become one of my favorite styles, at least when not traveling.

Applying the LB Equipment Beard Oil is just like any other – put it on your fingertips, and then massage into the beard and the skin under the beard. This definitely helps to keep a beard more manageable, and moisturizes the skin, cutting down on (or just plain eliminating) the dry skin one can tend to get, especially in drier climates. The beard oil, as well as the shave bar, performed just as I would expect. I found the pricing on the items to be good for what was being offered as well.

The real gem here is the fact that you can get all of the items together in a single, one stop shop (and shipment). Sure, there are other purveyors out there, but this is one the first independent shops that I found these three particular components together, all for under $20 plus shipping (if you hit $20 or more, shipping is free). While the site does not list out the ingredients of the products, we were able to reach out to the brand and get the details (and we’ve put those below).

it is safe to say that I liked the products offered here, especially in light of the quality stuff you’ll be putting on to your skin. The beer bar has been a definite bonus to my grooming routine, and I’d say the performance of the soap and oil have been about average for my experience, with the scent of the oil giving it a few more bonus points. All in all, a solid grouping, especially at the prices offered. You can check out the whole lineup at their main site.

Beer Bar Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, beer, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, essential oils.
Shaving Soap Ingredients: coconut oil, soybean oil, castor oil,sunflower oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, bentonite clay, essential oils.
Beard Oil Ingredients: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils.

Patrick Kansa

Patrick Kansa

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