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Kiehl’s Facial Fuel

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Kiehl's, since 1851.

I’m always up for trying products that claim to improve my complexion and slow the signs of aging (hey, I’m almost 38), so I was excited when Kiehl’s sent over a trio of goodies from the Facial Fuel line. Yet another shaving product is an extra bonus.
Their Energizing Face Wash is interesting; it contains caffeine that literally wakes your face up in the shower. It’s a surprisingly pleasant feeling. Kiehl’s says it prepares your face for a less irritating, more comfortable shave.
When paired with their “White Eagle” brushless shaving cream, this appears to be true.
The tube offers a blast of menthol and camphor, stronger than Bigelow, as far as I can tell – that works really, really well. And believe me, I was skeptical, having used a badger hair brush and soap or traditional cream for more than a year.
The stuff doesn’t lather at all, but shave after shave, I’ve been impressed with the results. It seems to keep my neck irritation at bay, which only a few creams have been able to accomplish.
You even get a surprise when you do your cold water rise; somehow it reinvigorates the menthol and your face again feels ice cold. No, I don’t foresee giving up traditional wet shaving, but if I’m in hurry, or it’s during the dog days of summer, I expect this to be my go-to shaving cream.
Finally, the “Energizing Moisture Treatment” is exactly what I was looking for. Coming back from Arizona this spring, I was a little sunburned, and this matte-finish, vitamin-enriched moisturizer had a subtle cooling effect and it leaves my skin looking better than without. Maybe its the inclusion of chestnut extract, which Kiehl’s calls its “facial recovery accelerator” to help skin resist the effects of environmental stress.
Whatever it is, it works. Actually, it all works. And that’s about all I could ask for.
Andy Tarnoff

Andy Tarnoff

4 thoughts on “Kiehl’s Facial Fuel”

  1. As a gift from my girl, I received the Kiehl’s Man Kit with the Facial Fuel line, a lip balm, hand cream, and shaving cream.
    I must be sensitive to menthol because all I could think about was how much my face was burning from the ‘cooling’ sensation. I’ve kept using the face wash but in small amounts and it is better. I guess some people like menthol but my skin is too sensitive. The shaving cream however is just too much. The moisturizers are very nice.
    The crown jewel of the kit is the soap though. The Kiehl’s man soap is just great. It has some scratchy oatmeal in it, and lathers very well.

  2. I have used Kiehl’shaving products for years. I use their sensitive shave cream (no menthol, no fragrance) because my skin does not react well to either of these sensitive skin culprits.
    I understand that Kiehl’s is reformulating its Lite Flite Brush cream and introducing a shave gel.

  3. I use Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash as my daily face wash. I have skin that irritates easily, especially in the winter. I’ve tried close to forty face washes over the past two years and this is by far my favorite.
    I’m also a fan of Kiehl’s White Eagle, but I recommend trying Jack Black’s Beard Lube. It’s weird, I’ll give you that, but it’s effective, doesn’t irritate the face, great for morning when you need to shave quickly, and it’s clear — something I found difficult to get used to, but have really started to appreciate.

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