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kickstarter Project: Rockwell Razors

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rockwell[UPDATE: Rockwell Razors met their initial funding goal on it’s first day on Kickstarter!]  Sharpologist likes to publicize shaving-related funding projects.  For example, we’ve previously showcased Dave’s Shower Shave and BornSharp.  Here’s a new one: Rockwell Razors.  Rockwell has some interesting attributes–an all stainless steel razor with a price point far below other stainless steel razors, and a set of reversible, interchangeable base plates.

A Chance Meeting

Morgan Nordstrom, 20, is an engineering student and Gareth Everard, 21, is an environmental sciences student at Western University. Both Morgan and Gareth, who met at a business pitch competition, have been working on Rockwell Razors while both studying full time.

Rockwell Razor

They say “we’ve been working with expert engineers, designers, and machinists in North America, refining the Rockwell Razor to be the best razor in the world. By manufacturing the Rockwell Razor with stainless steel, we are able to make a high quality product that will last for generations, instead of just weeks or days. Stainless steel is durable and hefty, allowing for precision maneuvering while ensuring the razor will survive the wear and tear of everyday use or travel.

“We believe American steel is still the best in the world, and we wanted to keep jobs here in North America, instead of outsourcing to Germany or China. Partnering with a steel mill in America guarantees we’ll do just that, while shortening our supply chain and reducing our environmental footprint.”

There are some interesting aspects to the Rockwell razor.  The first is the price-point of $50.  That is lower than any other stainless steel razor I have seen.  Perhaps more interesting is the unique set of razor base reversable plates with different exposures on each side:

  • Size 1: 0.38 mm
  • Size 2: 0.56 mm
  • Size 3: 0.72 mm
  • Size 4: 0.84 mm
  • Size 5: 0.94 mm
  • Size 6: 1.12 mm

rockwell baseplates
Be sure to take a look at their Kickstarter page for more information!


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8 thoughts on “kickstarter Project: Rockwell Razors”

  1. What a great idea! I hope it really kicks off. I also find it interesting to see that the traditional razor manufacturers appear to be on the rise.

  2. Wow! Backed this razor. Will be giving feedback when it arrives accross many forums. Just a great idea at an outstanding price!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I’ve decided to throw my financial support behind this project; it’s great to see some design innovation.

  4. Interesting idea, however…
    I’ve been a user of not one, but 5 vintage Gillette Adjustibles (2 195’s, 2 ‘Slims’, and 1 ‘Super’), and I have found my experience with them hard to beat for these reasons:
    1. Safety and ease of blade replacement: TTO doors almost always allow me never to touch the blades.
    2. In-shower adjustment: during a shave, I can simply twist the adjustment knob for the blade exposure height when I need without swapping parts.
    3. In-shower rinsing: TTO allows me to open the doors under my shower spray to rinse well.
    4. The weight and size of the components allow me good reach for under the nose and allows me to rest the razor against my face with the weight alone.
    5. Less revolutions to operate the TTO.
    Again, I think it’s an interesting idea and there can be a significant amount of satisfied customers, however as an engineer myself, I’m more inclined to use the “Vintage Gillette Adjustibles” designs more than this.

    1. Hi Alexi– I understand your comment but I don’t think the “adjustability” of the Rockwell is meant in the same way as your adjustables and my Progress. I agree with you that this would not be the best razor to change “on the fly” but to find the best setting normally, with the ability to change it when necessary.

  5. Amazing!
    great engineering project and tough competition for existing players in the market.
    Maggard’s is coming out with low cost stainless as well.
    It would be fascinating to see these guys – when funded – come up with a slant design as well.
    Awesome project

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