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Climbing Mount Fuji: Mantic59’s Kamisori Razor Journey (Part 1)

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I have been curious about Japanese-style (“Kamisori”) straight razors ever since Jim Rion’s Sharpologist article a couple years ago.  To me it seemed like kamisori razors were better suited for shaving yourself, compared to the western-style folding straight razors (which to me seemed like they were better for shaving someone else rather than shaving yourself).  Unfortunately Japanese-style straight razors are difficult to find in the west.  So when I had an opportunity to purchase a “KIYA Ichogake Kamisori Straight Razor,” for a reasonable price I decided to buy.
When I received the razor I was initially struck by it’s unusual, simple beauty:

KIYA Ichogake Kamisori Straight Razor

Unfortunately, on first use it became obvious it was not shave ready (despite being “factory sharpened”).  I was a little disappointed but not really surprised.


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17 thoughts on “Climbing Mount Fuji: Mantic59’s Kamisori Razor Journey (Part 1)”

  1. I’ve had the pleasure of honing several Kiya Kamisori (the last one at the SRP meet in Long Island) and find them to be a great value. They are easy to hone and held their edge very well.

  2. It is very interesting to read about your experience with the Kamisori. I would love to shave with one of these! However, I have absolutely no idea on how to hone one!

  3. Damn…
    I don’t need a kamisori…I don’t need a kamisori…I don’t need a kamisori…I don’t need a kamisori…

  4. Wow, such a teaser for article :p, I expected something juicy and enlightening… All I ended up was a massive cliffhanger until next week ;).

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