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Is There A Market For Vintage Razor Blades?

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Is there a market for vintage razor blades?

A Recent Email

I recently got an email from “Patty” about some vintage razor blades she has:

“I have a salesman‘s case filled with boxes of antique razor blades. I really don’t know what to do with it it was my father-in-law‘s and a letter dated back in 1933 to go with it. From the federal razor corp. I don’t know much about it and would like to know more.”

She included a pic of the case:

Click for full-size image (portions blurred electronically for privacy purposes)

Personally I know nothing of the vintage razor blade market except what I might see on internet auction sites.  I would normally presume vintage blades would be a low-interest, low value item…except for the fact of the provenance and completeness of this kit.

I’ve seen enough Antique Roadshow episodes on television to know that provenance and completeness can be really important to a collector.  So here we have something that is potentially of value to several different kinds of collectors (shaving items, sales kits, manufacturing, etc.).

Can any of you help me and Patty out with determining the value and market of this kind of thing?  Leave a comment below!




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8 thoughts on “Is There A Market For Vintage Razor Blades?”

    1. Hi there I have some vintage blades myself would u be interested in having a look? I can not list on ebay. Thanks Patrick

  1. RE The salesmans kit with razor blades.

    Put it on Ebay for 2 weeks at NO Reserve and you will be surprised what it will bring

    Very hard to put a value on something like this

    1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

      A bit confused here. Why should he list it with No Reserve? Then doesn’t he have to sell it to whomever bids the best, even if it is $5? Shouldn’t be protect himself by making a reserve that is worth him giving up a piece of his history? What am I missing here?

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