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Introduction to Wetshaving Re-Edit

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I’ve re-edited my first “Introduction to Wetshaving” video to both update it and “globalize” it (since I had no idea 30% of my YouTube subscribers would be outside the US).


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4 thoughts on “Introduction to Wetshaving Re-Edit”

  1. I think you have this video editing down quite nicely. The Tom’s of Maine products are very good. The shave cream made a huge difference before I went the DE route. I have yet to try it with my brush but I suspect the results will be excellent.

  2. Hey Mantic! It’s good to know you’re still working on those vids, man! Thanks for your tutoring, some of us really need it!
    Keep on posting. Looking forward to seeing your “More Shaving (Blading and Angle) Techniques” video.
    Take care,

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