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An Interview Update With Captain’s Choice

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I was so busy at the recent Maggar Razors meetup that I did not get a chance to interview every vendor.  One I was not able to catch up with is Scott from Captain’s Choice.  So we chatted by email for an update.

What has changed for you over the past two years since our first interview?
The awareness of traditional wet shaving has continued to gain traction in the market. This has benefited not only existing brands like Captain’s Choice but has encouraged a steady stream of new entrants into the market.

Specific to Captain’s Choice, much has changed in our store. By December 2018 we will have added thirteen new products in just the past year alone. Razors, blades, a new fragrance – Venture in all lines, a (soon to be released) lather bowl made out of copper that is unbreakable, proprietary brushes, and more.

What is your best-selling product at the moment?
Our bay rum has always been our top seller whether in the aftershave, the soap, the cream, or the balm. The unique scent is just magical and not found anywhere else. In large part I credit the essential oils and extracts used in the proprietary fragrance with its popularity. The scent is both masculine and earthy without becoming overbearing, a terrific scent for guys.

I will say that as popular as our bay rum is, there is a “New Kid” in town. We just released Venture which is our interpretation of Creed Aventus (Ed. note: Amazon affiliate link for reference). We were recently at a trade show and were selling multiple tubs of it at a time to customers – they like it that much. It has a clean, citrus scent that is the most refreshing approach to a scent I have found. Retailers are just now beginning to stock it in their normal course of reordering. The reviews have been stellar. So I see Venture as being a real challenger to our top seller, bay rum. In time, it just may take top place. Speaking personally, Venture is a favorite of mine no matter which product line it is in.

What is your favorite wet shaving product?
Oh, you would ask that Mark… and the answer might surprise you. I have a Gillette Bostonian New Improved in original fitted chrome case from the first year of manufacture, 1921 and it is mint-ish. As you open the lid, the razor lifts slightly since it is on a hinge tied to the lid. It has the accompanying blade holder with age appropriate Gillette blades.

You used to sell popcorn for a living. Have you considered making a popcorn-scented shave product?
Egad – perish the thought!

What new products are you developing?
I mentioned most of them above but I will add that I have begun working on a new scent based on Floid Blue (Ed. note, Amazon affiliate link for reference). It is not easy but I am confident we will have our own interpretation of this now discontinued fragrance released by the holidays. It will be released first as an aftershave, then across all product lines. I have a terrific name selected that is ideal for our brand.

What do you wish your customers knew more about you, or Captain’s Choice?
That we enjoy supporting a very worthy charity that is based right here in our home town. Every purchase makes it possible for us to donate to the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans. They, “Help veterans help themselves” by providing veterans a place to live while they receive counseling for substance abuse, mental health counseling, financial management, and employment search. The goal is to help these veterans get back on their feet and once again become self-sufficient.

Here is a link for those who wish to know more:

What do you wish your customers knew more about wet shaving?
In our hurry-up world, wet shaving is a great opportunity to s-l-o-w down and enjoy the process. We live in a very high tech world and wet shaving is a very high touch experience. It takes time to shave with a brush, a DE razor or straight razor, a tub of soap, a bottle of aftershave, etc. By delivering this high touch experience each day, wet shaving gives needed balance to our lives.


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  1. I suggest putting products into stores on consignment.
    I think that would be an especially useful method for the small,
    artisan companies that require maximum exposure at minimal cost.
    Barber shops, variety/milk stores, pharmacies and even men’s wear shops could be good places to try.
    If the action in a shop os too slow your products could be moved elsewhere.

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