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Interview With CEO Of OneBlade – With Video!

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The response from Sharpologist readers and the “enthusiast” shaver to the new OneBlade Core razor was dramatic.  Since I live a day-trip away from the CEO, I dropped by a week or so ago to discuss the Core launch and OneBlade as a company with Tod Barrett, the CEO of OneBlade.

The response from the “enthusiast crowd” was well beyond what OneBlade expected, with the first production run selling out.  Going forward, OneBlade wants Core to have an additive effect on OneBlade as a company, a complement to the original razor (now called Genesis).  OneBlade is also hoping Core will introduce their technology to a broader market.

Other inspirations for the core include continuing to develop both razor and blade, to make a better blade and have more blade choices.
Obviously Core shares similarities and differences with Genesis.  Genesis is 30% heavier and has a different hand feel.  There are design differences in the head since the characteristics of steel vs. polymer (plastic) create different engineering choices.  However the important specifications of blade gap, exposure, and angle are the same between the two razors.

A discussion about OneBlade would not be complete without going into their blade development and history.  OneBlade is committed to research and development (R&D), particularly with respect to blades.  There is a lot of intellectual property (IP) on blades, and OneBlade is looking at how to make blade edges better to give the customer a better shaving experience.  They were initially committed to a proprietary blade until the discovered the Feather FHS blade late in their research.  The FHS blade had the attributes they were looking for.  OneBlade has since dropped the prices of the blades but are still looking at other options.  De-spined GEM blades weren’t taken into consideration during razor development but OneBlade is committed to blade choices though.
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The decision to make the Core razor out of polymer and have it produced in the United States was a conscious decision on OneBlade’s part.  The Genesis will continue to be produced in China as a “hand made” product.

OneBlade (affiliate link) considers the Core razor as a “gateway product for the cartridge guy,” and a product for those looking for a better outcome for skin health.  It can also be thought of as a travel razor for a Genesis user or as a way to try OneBlade’s razor technology.

Have any questions?  Leave them in the comment section below and I will do my best to get them answered authoritatively!


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9 thoughts on “Interview With CEO Of OneBlade – With Video!”

  1. I have both core and Genesis and like both. The core1 for that still sleeping decent shave. And the Genesis for a closer shave.
    What would Be my future Wishlist?
    Adjustable Blade exposure, that is what you learn from Shaving with both a core1 and genesis2. 2 small imbus screws could just do that.
    The stem is pretty but some texture to make it grippy or a rubber insert would make sense.
    A gem like ptfe Blade but with the right cutouts.
    Maybe an adapter plate to make the head adaptable to other Blades and Blade exposure.
    There are some 3D printed tin cases for traveling out there.

  2. I’ve just recently received my Core razor. I am not thrilled, so far. I do not get as close as shave with it as I do with my Rockwell 6S, my 34C, my Variant, or my Mergress. It is a comfortable shave, just not a really close shave. I was expected more from all the attention it’s been given.
    .Apparently there is a first and second generation Core with the newer one said, by their representative, to shave more aggressively than the first. I’m not sure which I have now. I’m trying to find out and make sure I have the latest version to try, hoping it’s better than the first. It may be that I need to use more pressure with the Core than my other razors. We’ll see.

    1. The first generation lacks the riser knobs on the bottom (Genesis has 2 knobs above and below the Blade) and this makes the Blade less stick out and thereby a milder shave. This was written in that last mailing of oneblade. And Yes a Genesis is more agressive as a first gen core.

  3. I’ve been using my One Blade Core since they shipped them in June. I am not impressed. I just cannot get a close shave. New blade or 3 shaves in, it just feels dull, compared to my regular Feather blades. I can go over the same place, against the grain, and I still feel stubble. Now, I have not cut myself with it, so that’s good. But I am not really pleased. My Merkur Futur with Feather blades set on a 3 setting is a ton better.

  4. Thanks for the interview with Tod Barrett. I was hoping he would have addressed your question about an aluminum version.

  5. I’m going to return my Core. To be honest, after using it several days I found it very unsatisfactory. The shaves have been VERY rough, uneven and worst of all, uncomfortable. I’ve been a long time wet shaver. And I absolutely adore my V2 of the original OneBlade! Without a doubt, the best razor I’ve ever owned. It’s all I use now. I bought the Core hoping it would become my lighter weight travel razor. To be blunt, the shave with the Core is more like using one of those disposable BICs. Yep..that bad. I even opened up a new pack of blades in case the blades they sent with it might have been defective. That wasn’t the problem.
    I’m really not sure what the issue is. But, it’s quite obvious after multiple tries that – for whatever reason – this first iteration of the Core does not work at all for me. YMMV…

  6. I am new to the product with just three shaves under my belt with the OneBlade Core. I thought it was a great interview, and he didn’t shy away from any questions. I think the OneBlade company has a real opportunity to continue to be a leader in innovation and technology when it comes to wet shaving products. I’d love to see their product line expand to other razors at varying price points. Undoubtedly, they will continue to convert cartridge or electric shavers over to traditional wet shaving. When I look at the OneBlade Core, it is like a Valet Auto Strop had a baby with the Gillette Atra which gives me a really cool “the future is now” feeling!

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