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Interesting Shaving Links For August 2017 (Plus Some Crowdfunding Projects)

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August was a pretty active month in the wet shaving blog-o-sphere.  Here are some of the articles I found most interesting….


Comparing iKon X3 and Fine aluminum slant

Shave Like Grandad

On Grooming: A Great Natural Soap that Doubles as Shampoo!
Will the Shaving Bubble Burst?
Re-thinking My Favorite Razor: Variant Vs. Ming Shi 2000S
Why I Favor Certain Razors
On Grooming: A Great Natural Soap that Doubles as Shampoo!
A Return to a Three-Pass Shave — Better?
A Quote That, With Luck, Will Provoke Thought

Stephen Davidson

Mach 3 = No Hone
Gillette Guard Initial Review

Jayaruh Shaving

Russian Rocket Straight
48-49 Superspeed

Brush N Soap N Blade Podcast

Ep 183 – I took my mind off of it … Just for a Moment!!!
Ep 185 – Red Tip Super Speed with a KAI Blade
Ep 187 – My Million Dollar Razor!

Wegian Warrior

Mergress – progress report
The Tiniest Razor?
Interesting idea for a razor stand

Tailor And Barber

Cade Shaving Cream Review

Georgetoon Blog

Viking and Baili

Royal Shave

Guide To Post-Shave Products
6 Best Shaving Cream Scents For Fall

Carving Explorations

Father makes a shaving bowl for his son going off to college

Shave Valet

The Core Values Of A Wet Shaver

Shaving-Related Crowd-Funding Projects

Aqua Jet:
Lite Shave:


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4 thoughts on “Interesting Shaving Links For August 2017 (Plus Some Crowdfunding Projects)”

  1. Like any bubble, those best equipped to serve their customers and with an established base of support will last and the pretenders will fall by the wayside. Great links as always!

  2. Hello Marc,
    do you have any idea, how the ZINC-razor works to trim a beard? From looking at the pictures of the blade-gaps, it looks just like a normal adjustable (with only three settings) and I don’t understand, how trimming would work.

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