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Aside: Another Indiegogo Project–TMR Shave Cream

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Craig from The Men’s Room, and occasional contributor to Sharpologist, is attempting to crowdfund his project to create a new shaving cream.  HERE is the Indiegogo link and here is a video explaining his project.  Take a look!
Good luck Craig!


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3 thoughts on “Aside: Another Indiegogo Project–TMR Shave Cream”

  1. After further review, Craig already has a very nice website from which he sells products. Looks like he has created a stylish logo, sells advertising, etc. So, what is the fundraising for? I might buy a jar of his cream when he starts selling it (depending on the price point and early reviews).

  2. There are so many great shaving creams and soaps out there — some of them inexpensive. The video did not convince me about the need for yet another one. My guess would be that given a decent shaving cream, inappropriate technique is the source of most problems. Just my 2 cents, good luck with the project.

    1. Well I have to agree there doesn’t seem to be anything earth-shattering about this new cream—though it does look lovely. There are a number of “natural” very moisturizing creams on the market. Still I think most of us would welcome another great shaving product.
      Clearly Craig doesn’t need the money to create the product—it looks to already be created. And there are a number of artisans selling their wares (quite successfully, it seems) on sites such as Etsy and independent websites. So IMO the fundraising aspect of this pitch seems to be for “brand” creation and development. I’d say “sell the product on your own, and if it is great the word will spread.”
      Perhaps technique is the source of some problems. But many men have legitimate allergies and skin conditions that need special care. I solved my ingrown hair and post shave irritation issues many years before switching to a DE and with no change in my technique. Hell back then I didn’t even know there was any technique to shaving. Finding the right products and improving my prep was my Holy Grail. DE shaving was just icing on the cake.

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