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An Indiegogo Project: BornSharp

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After initially learning about this almost two years ago, I’m now able to help announce a new Indigogo crowdfunding project for BornSharp, a self-sharpening razor.



No, I’m not an investor nor do I have any financial stake in the company.  But I have been kept abreast of developments and my opinion on specific questions was solicited on occasion (along with others!).  I encourage you to look at the Indiegogo page carefully–a lot of detail has gone into what the razor does.  Be sure to leave your comments below.


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20 thoughts on “An Indiegogo Project: BornSharp”

  1. I think it is very interesting. Definetly has a market. I, as a classic shaving addict would most likely not purchase it as I am more inclined to use a classic DE shaver. But, like I said, there is a market for this type of shaver.

  2. Mantic59 seem to have made an educated guess that this might be something to look at.
    I have no reason to believe otherwise. The product is the result of a lot of research, $, and the balls to gamble. Capitalism rules. Lighten up.

  3. Excellant video encuraging more research by anyone interested in the product. Some of the posts had the same alleged flaws as the vid in terms of “facts”. Hence I will decide for myself .
    Flaming against new razors sucks. Flaming sucks, Flamers suck and should be deleted…..
    along with this post. 🙂

  4. This seems to be another gimmick seeking to exploit the recent surge of popularity of traditional shaving. Why waste money on this when DE blades are so inexpensive?

    1. Exactly. Incredibly expensive, complicated, and hardly an improvement over a $30 Merkur and a good DE blade. Super engineer-nerd factor, but that’s not worth $300+ more.
      Who’s the market for this?

  5. Depending on how much you shave, this will pay itself off in a couple years. Certainly before the five year life of the blade. Also, the company is offering to refurbish the blade after the five year period… So, this will definitely pay for itself. Great product. Good price.

    1. “Depending on how much you shave”? I think it might be better to say, “depending on what you shave with.” I bought a terrific DE razor for under $20. I couldn’t use enough blades over the rest of my life to reach $370 (the price for the razor and stand without the overpriced accoutrements). But obviously, if you use a Fusion and change carts often it should pay for itself. Does it shave as well/better? That is up to each person to decide, I suppose.
      But I did look over the site and found a bit more information. (The initial presentation would have been far better had it included some of these details at the expense of the fluff, IMO.) Still, it looks like a big gimmick, I’m not sure it would have much appeal to guys who call the Fusion “a monstrosity”. And just about any shaver can find a tool less expensive than this (even with frequent blade changes) if cost control is really the goal. This is targeted to tech-heads with money to blow. There might be a market for it. But I’d bet against it.
      And what if you drop it and the blade gets damaged? Does he sell replacement blades? I didn’t notice this on the website. With that smooth handle, I’d hope they have a plan.

  6. Very neat idea. But a near $500 anticipated retail price? That’s heading close to custom straight territory. I’d be on this at $100/unit. $150 would be my tops. Start pushing $200, and I’m thinking that buys a really nice DE and a lot of blades.

  7. “The first razor for the digital age.” What the hell does that even mean?
    Despite the cool looks of this thing, I’d steer well clear of it until other, reliable sources, have tried it and commented on it. Too many variables are relevant to what makes a razor good, or great. About the only one talked about here is the “self sharpening razor”. I already have a perfectly sharp blade in my razor, shave after shave–today it’s a new Feather.
    Have we become so damaged by modern marketing that we no longer understand how to present important details of a product? This presentation was extremely well done, and almost totally devoid of any real information. I just can’t figure out why anyone would invest in something without having a lot more info.
    Anyway, if someone gets a prototype, let us know how it works.

    1. I don’t think the presentation is “totally devoid of any real information.” Between the animation in the video and the descriptions in the text I think it’s a good, clear introduction to how it works without being overly-technical and going over the heads of most of the readers.
      Maybe I should try to interview the inventor?

      1. Excellent idea—and maybe see if you can test the product. Ask him if he has a Rolls (self-sharpening) Razor somewhere in his shave den.
        Somewhere in that video he talks about adjusting the blade.–Does that mean it is an adjustable razor? How mild/aggressive is it?

        1. According to the text the sharpness of the blade is adjustable and the blade angle is adjustable. So it may not be “adjustable” in the classic sense of, say, a Gillette Fat Boy or a Merkur Progress (where the blade gap is adjustable) but there are adjustments for individual preferences.

      2. Sorry, I forgot to add one thing on my last post. You say the video is “…a good, clear introduction to how it works without being overly-technical and going over the heads of most of the readers”.
        That may be true if it was a TV commercial to sell the product. I say if it is targeted to INVESTORS, then it is fluff. I know when I am presented with a dumbed-down sales pitch which looks more like a consumer commercial than an investor presentation, I am typically disgusted and disinclined to proceed further.

          1. Well you may be right about that. I have never been very happy with the presentations on these types of websites. I suppose, Like George Costanza, I’m a stickler!

        1. Dean,
          Not sure if you clicked on the link that Mantic provided, but there’s a lot more information, some of it getting into the technicals, on their indiegogo page. The video is just one piece of their presentation. If you’ve looked at the page and still think it’s fluff, then OK, but I don’t think it’s fair to dismiss them based on the video alone.

          1. I did not, because there wasn’t enough in that video to really interest me. And based on a few past experiences, clicking to the source site hasn’t made a difference in my opinion. But if you say it’s worth it, I will check it out when I get back later. Perhaps if he would have toned down the marketing babble a bit, and concentrated a bit on some real features of the razor (such as being adjustable–if it is) I would have been more intrigued.
            But you make a fair point and I try to be a fair guy. I will check it out further later today.

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