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How To Unwrap A Feather FHS Blade – With Video

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Do you have trouble opening and inserting the blade into your OneBlade razor? Here are a couple tricks that can make the process much easier.

Dealing With The Wrapper And Glue

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of OneBlade razors (Sharpologist is a OneBlade affiliate) and a lot of OneBlade users are also Sharpologist readers.

As good as the razor is, some new users have expressed frustration to me about the Feather FHS blade.  Specifically, unwrapping the darn thing!  Some people also have a little trouble aligning the blade into the razor’s head.

As you know, the razor blade is inside a waxed paper wrapper, held closed by a couple little blobs of glue.  What you may not know is the outer-most fold of the wrapper always exposes the blunt end of the blade.

So unfold that first fold and grasp the blunt end of the blade. Then you can take your other hand, reach under the wrapper for the fold, and slowly unwrap the rest of the blade.

And if you still have trouble inserting the blade because of the glue, just briefly rinse the blade in warm water. That should loosen it enough to make insertion into your oneblade razor a snap.

Lining Up The Blade

One last trick. If you have trouble lining up the blade into the razor head, try looking at the head from behind instead of above. That should give you a better perspective on alignment.


OneBlade razors work very well for  lot of people and a couple little tricks can make using the razor a little more convenient.

Do you have a tip or trick about using the OneBlade razor?  Leave them in a comment below!


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8 thoughts on “How To Unwrap A Feather FHS Blade – With Video”

  1. FWIW, I wrote to OneBlade’s customer service last December and shared the same points you guys have made: Interesting design and well-made razor (Hybrid), but they really need to offer a sharper blade option for tough beards. Here’s most of the response I got: “As someone who sports a pretty coarse beard, I often find myself trimming with an electric razor before finishing my shave with one of our models. I can tell you that we’ve been working on some pretty exciting stuff on the blade front over the past year. Even though I can’t share much since this project is still in the development phase, we should have some updates on this front later next year.”
    I really hope this works out because I’d like to use the razor, which wasn’t cheap, more often.

  2. Not sure why Feather insists on using so much glue on the blade wrapper. It is truly excessive compared to the DE blades I use but, I see it as more of a nuisance than a problem.
    As with a previous reply, I bought the Core model during the special offer and likewise, bought more blades too soon so, not going to let them go to waste.
    I use a Rockwell 6S daily. Once every other week or so, I switch off and use the Core for a day, just as a change of pace. The blade is fine for 3-4 shaves so just have to change them every other month. I’ve got 30 or so blades left so that’s 5 years worth of shaves. Think that will be fine.

  3. Very clever about the blunt end of the blade being exposed when the unwrapping is started. I just hope the wrapping machine at the factory is consistent and infallible on that feature!

  4. I have used my Core model for several months now; maybe 20 shaves. I have tried and tried
    but realize this razor is not for me. I so much wanted it to work for me, but it is not to be.
    I even purchased more blades way too soon…Way to soon. I gave myself plenty opportunity to
    “learn” using this single edge, coming from double edge.
    It just isn’t for me.

    1. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

      I’m with you on being disappointed with the OneBlade Core. But I’m not necessarily sure you should give up on Single Edge razors. The OneBlade isn’t a typical SE, not by a long shot. I plan to still give a traditional SE razor a shot, one of these days. Just for curiosity.

      But I have never had an issue unwrapping a blade, so I thought it was kind of a strange post. But you never know what someone will have an issue with that others do not. I know I have had some problems with products that others couldn’t comprehend how that could be an issue for me. Oh well.

  5. I second the comments of Mr Layman. I was more than happy with the service and quality /engineering of their cheapest razor, but oh dear that Feather blade was an impossibility with my old skin and extremaly tough beard. Haven’t had the courage to insert a second blade and try again. If
    only there was the option of using different blades it would (for me) have
    been a goer. As it is, the razor and blades are in the back of the cupboard.

  6. Gerrold Scott Lyman

    I picked up their low end model some months ago, and the wrapping made sense to me from the get-go. However, after more than 10 shaves (and watching the videos, and even talking to their public interface guy (who pointed me back to the videos), I have yet to experience a shave that doesn’t feel like I’m dragging the blunt side of the razor against my face (and yes, I checked–it won’t go in that way, lol). I’m happier with my old Weber, a Feather double edge, and some Cremo, and I have to assume it’s because of some obviously bone-headed technique that I’m somehow blind to. Anyone have any tips? Even though it was their cheapest model, it was too much money spent for me to just toss it in a drawer…

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