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How To Shave, Part 2: Lathering

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Another re-edit/refresh of my introductory series on traditional shaving.


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2 thoughts on “How To Shave, Part 2: Lathering”

  1. The thing you mentioned about the holes still showing in the brush will be very helpful. I’m new to this and the first time I built up some lather it was not moist enough.

  2. Hi Mantic…
    I got a question: I shave every 4 or 5 days. My skin is used to wetshaving, electric shaving will irritate my skin. But nevertheless I sometimes get “shaving akne”. This is why I prefer oneway-blades (more sterile) and high-alcohol-percentage
    after shave (Pitralon from Switzerland is the most classic one in Europe). I know its also useful dont to touch your own face so often after a fresh shave.
    But what is your opinion how to prevent shaving akne?

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