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How Many Shaves Per Blade?

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I’m often asked by “newbies” how many shaves they should expect out of their DE blades. Its a tough question to answer because there are so many variables, not the least of which is the particular brand of blade they’re using. But here is a poll from badgerandblade about shaves per blade. It looks like the average is 3-5 shaves. How about you? The results of my poll:
How Many Shaves Can You Get Out Of A Blade (Select Days and Blade Type)?
One or Two
2 (3%)
Three to Five
27 (52%)
Six to Eight
20 (39%)
More Than Eight
1 (1%)
Cartridge Blade(s)
2 (3%)
DE/SE Blade
34 (66%)

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9 thoughts on “How Many Shaves Per Blade?”

  1. I get 20 to 30 shaves from a double edge Parker 88R with a Wilkenson blade. (7 cents apiece ) When I am done shaving, I dip the head of the razor in rubbing alcohol, and let it air dry. It makes the blade last a long time. I learned this trick years ago, and I have used it with the single edge Bic blades I used to buy. I also use a shaving cup and a badger hair brush. I hydrate my face several times before I lather up. Then I work the lather into my face for at least a minute before shaving. Then I repeat the whole process again for a really close barber shop shave .

  2. Well, you can "strop" DE or SE blades on your hand, and let them dry outside the razor in order to make them last longer. You can "strop" a little bit cartridge razors as well. Two passes on the palm of your hand per side ought to be enough. There's a video on YT about that. Check it!

  3. Strange. I read a post by someone talking about the multiblade refills. They stated you can make a blade last a month by blowing off the the blade and drying it completely with a towel. I suppose now that I think of it, the blades were all getting duller with each use and each of the four other blades were compensating. I asked for a Merkur Progress or Heavy Classic for Christmas. Hope to be on the Safety razor very, very soon.

  4. Secret Guide to Shaving

    I've found that Feather blades last the longest. I got about 15 shaves per blade. Shark blades on the other hand thus far are getting 3 shaves before they find themselves changed out.

  5. Funny, after almost 30 years of using the same single edge razor, I am finally learning how to use it properly.
    I have been using a razor for about 3 weeks to maybe a month. When it starts to pull or a nick, I get a new one. A box of ten, lasted almost a year. Well, I guess I will try changing the blade more often. Thanks for the informative site. Gardner

  6. I can usually get 3-4 shaves per Merkur blade. It depends on how often I go in between shaves. When it cuts heavier growth each time, I get less shaves.

  7. I can typically get 6 good days worth out of my merkurs. It’s convenient because I know every Monday to change my blade. If I go over 6, I’ll be pressing my luck.

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