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How Double Edge Razor Blades Are Made

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8 thoughts on “How Double Edge Razor Blades Are Made”

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  2. I’ve used Croma razor blades that came in a sampler, and found them to be a very good blade. I also enjoyed this video very much. It’s the man and machine in me… that enjoys the precision mechanical side of razors and blades.
    Thanks Manic!

  3. Bully: You couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag!
    Wet-Shaver: Maybe not, but my DE blade could!
    Bully exits stage, defeated, with head down.
    >>Ha. I’m lame. Anyway, thanks for the vid Mantic!

  4. Ted Pettinicchi (TAP119 on B & B)

    Whether Cromas are good or mediocre, that’s pretty much how all DE blades are made. Manufacturers will vary the grinding, the coatings and the hardening processes and these give us the differences in qualities and types of shaves from so many brands.
    Thanks for an interesting video, Mantic!

  5. Really cool video. Never heard of Croma
    brand before curiously, not that it matters as the basic manufacturing methods are probably very similar over various brands despite their subtle though significant structural and performance differences. The video was well produced and very informative. Thanks for the link!

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