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Healthier looking skin without breaking the bank!

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I had a friend ask me the other day… “are there any really good moisturizers for less than $60?”

My answer… Of course there are!

More often than not, we are all guilty of believing that if the product is expensive, it must be the best! But, although that may be true for “specific needs”grooming products (i.e Anti-Aging products), the standard moisturizer shouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet… especially since this is an essential daily use item!

Here are a few great face moisturizers that not only get the job done, but are concentrated enough so that you get more “bang” for your buck!
And of course, the most important part… less than $60!


14 thoughts on “Healthier looking skin without breaking the bank!”

  1. Good Evening from the UK
    I use Nivea POst Shave Balms as well Boots Botanicals Face Moisturiser SPF15
    I find both leave my skin nice and comfortable after a good DE razor shave.

  2. Who hell spends $50 on a moisturizer? This is supposed to be cheap?
    Great job on the endorsement. How much are these companies paying you to mention their names?

    1. That is certainly one point of view on the matter, as there are many schools of thought on something like this. It would be akin to asking, “Who would spend $50 on a meal with a McDonald’s on every corner?” It is up to each individual to determine that, and the same is true of your skin. Well-developed products that yield consistently great results can oftentimes come at a premium, however I have listed out options at several price points. And as with any purchase, it all depends on the value you equate with what you are buying. To quote an old adage, “to each his own.” As for you question about endorsements, I am not paid to promote any brand, these are my honest, professional opinions.

    1. Used traditional products in the past, now i’m using exclusively dermo-cosmetics.
      I’m using Paula’s Choice products and they are great.
      Skin Relief Treatment for any irritation. BHA 2% liquid and Skin Balancing moisturizer on a daily basis. All PC moisturizers are full with antioxidants so give them a try.

  3. What about Neutrogena’s Post Shave Lotion? It seemed to disappear out of stores a little while back, but I’ve seen it again and it’s available on line as well. It seems to work well as both an aftershave and a regular moisturizer and is pretty inexpensive, especially online.

    1. I use Neutrogena’s Post Shave Lotion. Especially if I’m going out on the motorcycle in the wind (cold or hot). I think it is much better for protection of the skin than my other post-shave, Old Spice–which is obviously great smelling alcohol, good for antiseptic car of nicks, but not protective. Neutrogena’s Good stuff IMHO, and it doesn’t cost a fortune!

  4. What about The art of shaving’s orange moisturizer? I remember it felt and smelt great, not quite sure how ‘good’ it actually is.

    1. The Art of Shaving’s moisturizer is pretty good! Two great ingredients are the orange essential oil and shea butter. Orange essential oil not only provides a great smell it also has anti-inflammatory qualities. The shea butter is a good source of vitamins A and E, which helps to strengthen the skin and help it repair damage. And, it’s priced competitively with other moisturizers on the market.

    1. Nivea for Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm is a great aftershave balm speifically designed to heal and moisturize freshly shaved skin. And it does a great job! If you enjoy it’s results not only on your bearded area but also on unshaved areas (forehead, nose, upper cheeks) then go for it!

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