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Health and Grooming: Here’s 8 Personal Hygiene Tips for Men

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Beauty encompasses the inside and out of a human being. It entails health & hygiene, nourishment, lifestyle, and diet. Amazingly, a significant portion of beauty in both men and women lies within their proper grooming and personal hygienic practices. 

Unfortunately, most men neglect the importance of hygiene and focus more on their external articulations; hair, beard, skin, attire, speech, masculinity, etc. 

Neglecting personal hygiene habits can’t go on for a long time as it’s going to hit you back sooner or later. Additionally, it’s going to cost you more.

So, we’ve brought up eight personal hygiene tips for men to sustain their health and beauty longer. 

Personal Hygiene Tips For Men

It’s not just about knowing about the things to do in male grooming. It’s also about the way you do it and how often. 

Hastening your daily, weekly, and monthly grooming and hygiene practices can deteriorate your skin and health in the long run. So, maintaining healthy hygiene habits to nourish your skin and body afterward is also highly important. 

For instance, shaving the scrotum or ‘balls’ is a must-do hygienic practice on a regular basis. But oftentimes, young boys and even grown-ups complain about their balls itching after shaving them. It mostly happens because of not softening the skin with warm water and applying hydrating lotion post-shaving. 

If you’re willing to learn more male hygiene tips like this, learn about the eight tips below: 

Get Rid Of The Hairs

Let’s not get away from the grooming tip right away. You’ve just learned how to prep before trimming the scrotum skin. Soaking the skin in warm water prevents the abrasion caused by the razor while trimming it. It makes the job smooth and there’s less chance of cuts and bleeding. 

Besides, applying a hydrating lotion will prevent any irritation caused by the remaining sharp hair tips. 

The other part of your body you should care about getting rid of is your underarms. Follow the same rule here as you’ve done for your cojones. Cleaning the underarms on a regular basis will keep you from bad odors, give you a better bathing experience, and at the same time, make you less prone to bacterial infections. 

You shouldn’t leave your crown out of this grooming list. Getting a haircut or trimming them down a bit is a nice way to go about your everyday life. There’s no harm in having lengthy hair, but all you need to care for is washing it with a good shampoo and conditioning it at least every 2-3 days. 

Take A Shower

Has it ever occurred to you that you’re at work or visiting somewhere while constantly getting irritable or disoriented? One of the core reasons behind this is leaving the house without taking a shower.

It might sound cliche, but the impact of not taking regular showers is always going to hunt you unless you finally do it. Washing your body with water and a good soap not only hydrates your skin, but wipes away all dirt, grit, grime, dead skin, and of course, stress. 

Letting your body drenched in clean water opens up the pores while helping your skin to breathe. While you’re in the shower, you can also shower shave, provided your shower is big enough for you to do it properly, without hurting yourself.

Unless you have a critical skin condition, we advise you to take at least two showers a day to start and close each day with a stress-relieving shower.

Nourish Your Skin

Drinking a lot of water a day, at least 8-10 glasses of it, is a rule of thumb to keep your skin hydrated while your internal system going. Don’t fall for the shallow commercials that sell expensive toiletries for men these days, promising radiated yet manly skin forever. 

Even if you’re gifted with an exceptional slow-aging gene, you still have to nourish your skin, no matter what. 

As you go out in the harsh weather, eat all sorts of junk foods, and apply non-organic shaving creams and aftershaves, your facial and body skin ought to turn rougher and flakier. Also, getting exposed to the sun for extended periods can put your skin through various diseases apart from damaging the top layer of your skin. 

Apply good moisturizing lotion to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Doing regular workouts can also contribute to tightening skin while slowing aging. 

Post-Intimate Wash Up

Ditching various male sexual diseases can be easy by just taking a shower post-intimate time. Practically, it’s a ‘no compromise’ zone. 

Cleaning your ‘organ’ and its surroundings (including the crotch and scrotum) with warm water could prove to be highly effective in preventing infections. 

You don’t need to jump off the bed right away after you’ve spent an intimate time with your partner. Take your time but do take a shower anyway. 

Also, it’s not wise to use hot water to clean yourself up after sexual intercourse. Hot water can trigger bacterial ingestion in the body while leading to infections. 

Make sure you apply soap or shower gel to get rid of the grease and grit. 

And yes, tell your partner to do the same. It’s mutual care and grooming, after all.

Maintain Healthy Diet 

Nothing can fuel a healthy and beautiful body insidiously like a healthy diet. Eating the right food can turn your skin smooth and bright while preventing odor from the inside. If you can maintain a clean system inside your body by eating healthy food, you’re getting away with the major portion of the grooming and hygiene tasks. 

You can maintain a diet chart prescribed by a professional dietician to keep your body, skin, and mental health activist. Although the modern trend is to get shredded to show off your chiseled physique to the world, it doesn’t require you to ditch all the good foods in the world. Instead, it needs you to eat healthily. 

Opt for healthy carbs and fat found in eggs, lean beef, soybean, yogurt, chicken breast, and other protein-rich and fiber-filled food. Avoid alcohol and smoking at any cost. Consuming alcohol for years can hamper your liver health, and cause inflammation. Smoking can turn your skin gray or pale, not to mention pungent breath.  

Do Regular Workouts

Yes, working out can make you sweat, but it will keep you in shape. Health and grooming aren’t just about trimming your beard and eating healthy. It’s also about how you shape your physique to appear nice and decent. 

Working out doesn’t necessarily have to mean an intense session of burning 500 calories every day. You can choose any form of exercise that suits your body and personal fitness goals. 

However, workouts mean perspiration, right? But the sweat itself releases the stress while ensuring regular blood flow throughout the body. Thus it’s helping your body get nourished with healthy nutrients and rejuvenates the skin to radiate more.

Nonetheless, don’t forget the post-workout routines. Wash your body with a proper shower and apply good hydrating lotion on your skin. Don’t let the grit and grime stay longer on your skin. 

Brush Your Teeth And Tongue

Oral hygiene is a major part of the male grooming routine. And it includes your teeth, tongue, throat, and stomach.

It’s common for people to ignore brushing their tongues while brushing their teeth. The tongue carries tons of bacteria and microflora in the entire area which mostly causes bad breath or halitosis. Imagine the kind of bacterial breeding space one can create by skipping the tongue-brushing routine. 

Once you’re done brushing your teeth, wash the bristles and run them up and down to scrub off the white coating on your tongue. You may also use a traditional tongue scraper to get the job done. You might not be able to clean it off in one attempt. Maintain this routine daily and you’ll see a big improvement in your oral hygiene. 

Also, rinse your mouth and throat regularly with antibacterial mouthwash. Don’t swallow the liquid, just gurgle properly and spit it out. 

Besides, keep your stomach clean by avoiding the consumption of unhealthy food regularly.

Use Good Deodorant

We’re not advising you to be dependent on deodorants or body sprays to save yourself from the shame of body odor. Yes, you need to take shower regularly and trim your underarm hair. 

However, a good deodorant contains antimicrobial agents that ward off the bacteria in those groovy places of your body. And thanks to the anti-odor long-lasting property in them. 

Keep a small deodorant to help yourself get away with embarrassing situations at a gathering because men tend to perspire even after having a couple of showers a day. 

Bottom Line

The truth is, both men and women should maintain their grooming routine while taking care of their health properly. A healthy and hygienic lifestyle of a man can take him a long way, getting him success, happiness, and contentment, and most importantly boosting confidence.

So, follow the eight tips we’ve shared above to incorporate healthy grooming and personal hygiene habits for men.

About The Author: Shawn Richard is Obsessed with dogs, tech, and FPS games. Coffee addict, and during his spare time he binge-watches old shows on Netflix or enjoys a good book. A true believer of the saying “words have the power to change the world” and lives life embracing the present.

Shawn Richard

Shawn Richard

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  1. Points taken! I will begin to shave my balls regulary(what abot the area around the anus? ). And i will tell my wife it is very importan she santize herself soon after we have intercourse, because i care so much about her health.

    Seriously, shaving tbe balls!? There is no good reason whatsoever for that.

    One of the things i like about old school shaving is it belongs to the old shool male fashion and grooming. Shaving the balls is totally anathema to that.

    Whats next on this site? “The 10 best straight razors for intimate shaving”, or maybe “Prorazo or Bay rum splash, wich one is best for after anus shave? Lets find out!”

    This site claims to teach people “What your father never taught you about shaving”.
    Yes, my father never mentioned anything about shaving the balls. Thank you for teaching me what my father so neglectingly didnt teach me.

  2. What a croc about shaving scrotums, pubic hair! Do some google searching. It’s really a bad thing. Shaving increases your chances of STD’s greatly. Also, you will see “provides some cushion.” Most articles I’ve seen. Is the practice started with the porn industry. This is how they showed who appeared to an underaged performer, who was of age.

    I’ve seen no article that says, shave your pits and pubic’s or face the consequences. If you want to, fine. But don’t say it is needed.

  3. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

    Are you actually suggesting that shaving pubic hair is a hygienic practice, and should be done by all men? As far as I can tell it is a strictly unnecessary (and ridiculous) vanity process. I’ve seen virtually no medical experts advising people to shave their genitals for hygiene.

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