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What You Should Know About Harry’s Razors

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[Post updated February, 2017 with information about Harry’s new razor cartridge and availability at Target department stores in the US.] As I wrote about recently, Dollar Shave Club’s allure is an “in your face” marketing theme. In the first 20 seconds of their commercial, the founder Mike says their blades “are f*cking great.” They don’t mince words. You get blades much cheaper than from the store. Seeing as how Gillette has 70% of the world’s market on razors, you know who they have their sights on. And DSC has been growing.

Harry’s Razor And Cartridge

But so has another company. Harry’s. They couldn’t be more different from Dollar Shave Club (DSC). While DSC uses humor to get their point across, Harry’s goes for sophistication. From their website to the design of their razors, the idea is that you can get a great shave, for less, and get to look and feel cool while doing it.

While DSC gets their razors from Dorco, Harry’s went a different route and bought a $100 million German razor blade factory called Feintechnik to control the quality of production. And last summer they raised more than $75 million in funding, so it’s easy to say they’re in for the long-haul battle of taking on Gillette’s $7.9 billion in sales. Yep, that’s billions with a “B.”

While Gillette and DSC are going for the “bro, frat, athlete” market, Harry’s is shooting for the guy who wears a suit, or at least a button-down shirt to work. Do they deliver? Let’s dive in!

The free ($3 shipping and handling) trial kit comes with a handle, three blades and a can of shave gel. You gotta give them credit for packaging. That’s one of the things that I noticed about Harry’s was the attention to detail they show in the smallest things…like how they want your first impression to be a good one when you open your starter kit. Now to the goodies!
One look at the razor handle and it’s obvious that the design in more in line with the Merkur*, Truefitt & Hill* or Edwin Jagger* style of cartridge razor. It has a clean, simple look to it rather than the shiny chrome and bright plastics that DSC and Gillette boast.
The razor head is unique design, with a head that detaches so a new set of blades can be snapped on the top. This is quite different than the other, more common designs. It’s pretty easy to change out the shave heads, but Harry’s provides instructions just in case you’re painfully inept at basic skills. (I got it in one, BTW!)
This is the original razor head that they sold until very recently. It came with five blades and a lubricating strip. The one criticism that I had of this blade was that while it had a flex hinge so it tilted and it shaved very well for a cart, it didn’t have a trimming blade. So when they announced that change, I decided to test it out!
2 blades Again
Side-by-side, the two carts look similar. The older one is on the left. I had put it through about a week of shaves so I could get a good comparison and as you can see by the blades, it’s about done. I believe I could have gotten two more four-pass shaves out of it, which is normal for these blades. I have had a couple of people comment that they’ve had a problem with their Harry’s blades rusting, but I haven’t experienced any.
Good CU of Blade
The one thing I found out is that this trimmer blade is sharp! I was holding the razor in my hand and as I moved it around, I grabbed it from the top and I could feel that blade start to give me a very fine cut on my finger. Genius that I am, I stopped putting pressure on it! But it is a very sharp piece of steel!

The first time I tried out the new cart I used it with a clear shave cream because I wanted to see how well it did trimming and I had also waited a few days so my whiskers were long enough to also as a way to judge the effectiveness.

I started on my sideburns and the trimmer blade glided right through the hair, no tugging or pulling and didn’t leave any behind. I was impressed and had the thought “could I shave with just this one blade?” The answer is kind of. I did one line, top to bottom, and it performed well but the hair started clogging up the blade about ¾ of the way down my cheek. Not a negative on the trimmer blade though! It cut just fine.

I then shaved normally and used the trimmer on the spot under my nose and the corners of my mouth. After a four-pass shave, with no stragglers and a good job of trimming, I have to say that this new blade from Harry’s is definitely better than the older model. Granted, I never had a complaint about the shaving properties of the old cart, but I did feel like it was lacking in one area and that was a trimmer. By adding that, Harry’s got this cart right.

Harry’s At Target

When I heard that Harry’s cartridges can be purchased at Target*, I decided to try them out again (since I shave with a DE I hadn’t gone through the cartridge pack that I wrote the review on).
Harry's Display
The one thing I noticed at Target is that the selection is pretty large and it gave me the chance to put their new handle as well as a couple of the blades. Picked up the same color, dark blue, as the one I have and two heads for $9.99

I like the feel of the Target handle over the original. The new one is rubberized and is nearly impossible to have slip out of your hand. That was one aspect of the old one that bothered me. Nothing like lather on your hands and a slick plastic handle!

Side by side, the razor heads look just about identical and when I shaved with the newer head and handle, I didn’t notice any difference from my previous experience. The trimmer blade is sharp enough to cut through my sideburns without having to put a lot of pressure on it. The razor itself shaved like it should, with no tugging or pulling. But I did notice one thing they changed.

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The way that the head attaches to the handle has been changed, and as a result, it tends to fly off whenever I tapped it against the sink. I don’t know how many of you do this, but it’s one of my shaving quirks. I don’t slam the head down like I’m trying to beat it into submission, but I found that whenever I did more than lightly, lightly, tap it, the head came off. So I swapped it out with one of the older heads, with the same result. Harry’s had changed the way that the razor head is held onto the handle.

So, to compare, I shaved a couple times with the older head that has the trimmer and the original handle and didn’t encounter the problem of having the head come off while tapping it against the sink. It was the new handle’s design that was the problem. I really don’t like sticking my hands in lathery water searching for a razor head that has five pretty sharp blades on one side and super sharp trimmer blade on the other.
In the end, I have to say that change isn’t really better for Harry’s. I think this could be a case of engineers building something without it being tested enough in a real-world situation. And when the result is a head that detaches that easily, it’s not a winner for me. But I still don’t have any problems with the new blades tugging, pulling or not lasting for more than a week.

Harry’s Shave Gel

Included in the starter kit is a can of their gel*. It’s about what you’d expect from a gel, but it does have a good scent of light peppermint and eucalyptus. That’s about the only positive point. As I was putting that gel foam stuff on my face I realized why I’m so glad that I’ve gotten into wet shaving. The products I use daily is made of compounds and ingredients that you can actually identify. And you’re not turning a gob of blue goo into some sort of man-made foam to smear around your face. Sorry for the small rant! Back to the review! The end result is nothing special for a gel foam. It does cushion fairly well and didn’t dry my skin out.  But there is one problem that I saw with this blade.
This is from using the gel, but I had the same issue when I shaved with my real supplies. The shaving cream on your face that you’ve just shaved over comes out the back of the razor. This can lead to you dropping hair-filled clumps of shaving cream on your arms, chest and sink. Not a lot of fun! I saw the same problem with I used Truefitt and Hill’s #10* and Ultimate Comfort,* Geo F. Trumper Lime* and several Taylor of Old Bond Street* creams. When you put on more than a light covering of shaving cream and start shaving, within one pass, maybe one and a half, the used cream starts coming out the back of the razor. If I shave every day with my Fatboy or Super Adjustable, I can easily do three strokes before cleaning the razor. With Harry’s, I felt like I had to rinse it after every stroke. Is it a deal breaker? I don’t think so. But it’s something to be aware of.

The Shave

As I shaved the last couple of months with the DSC and then the Harry’s cartridge razors, I noticed I didn’t enjoy the shave as much as when I switched back to my safety razors. Yes, the other two did the job of cutting the hairs off my face, but it required no skill or even concentration. I realized that shaving with cartridges is like driving a Corvette with an automatic transmission. Yes you can still go fast and look good, which is the purpose of having that muscle car, but unless you’re throwing the gear stick as you let the tach climb to the red line and doing some heel and toe shifting into the corners, it’s just not as much fun. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m hooked on wet shaving. While the end result is a shaved face, it’s the journey of getting there that’s the draw for me.

So, is Harry’s worth the money? If you’re into cartridge shaving, I think it’s a good deal for the money. The blades start at $2 apiece and go down in price from there and give a good shave. They have a quality-feeling handle which can also be ordered in aluminum with your initials engraved. They even offer shaving cream if you can’t do the goo. All in all, what Harry’s is selling is an excellent way to chip away at the Gillette empire. For me, I’ll continue to do it one razor blade at a time.

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Jay Harrell

Jay Harrell

122 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Harry’s Razors”

  1. I’ve used harry’s for years and even recommended and picked them up for Christmas. However after recently picking up another pack I had to do a double take and make sure I ordered from the right place and yeah it’s like other have said; the quality has gone downhill. Sadly won’t be using them anymore as the blades don’t even last a full shave anymore.

  2. I just received a Harry’s razor for Christmas. It’s honestly the worst shave I’ve had since I had to use a generic disposable a long time ago. Rough, tugged at the hair (that had already been buzzed short). Left a thin layer of stubble, even after a few passes. The side trimmer is pointless and dangerous.

    I went back and used a Gillette sensor 3 disposable that had been used a few times and it was a much better shave, left my skin smooth to the touch after one pass.

    1. Agreed. Just came in mail. Tugged, pulled and serious razor burn, 3 hours later.
      One and done, it went curbside with the trash. This razor is a joke.

  3. I had the new blades. I used to love Harry’s and just canceled my subscription. It pulls my hair now instead of cutting it, and it rusts crazy fast. The quality is not good anymore–but originally, the only thing better was a straight edge. My daughters used Harry’s as well as they were better than any “female oriented” razors they could buy—but they too now say they aren’t the same, have discontinued using Harry’s. Bummer. It was a great product that had an amazing fan base and they just had to try to make it better. Reminds me of the New Coke fiasco.

  4. I am on my second handle…
    The winston handle corroded like crazy , all that gold chrome flaked off…now on Truman
    .I have their jells …but I use the cheep foam…
    blades are top notch..and last a long time on my course hair..I never had any rusting isuues with blades ..
    just winston gold chrome handle corroded all to hell…
    so I just got a Truman…shipped with just 1 blade…that was cheep…anyway…it does last a few good shaves…they sent shave gell ..probably wont use it…I already have it..tried it….not impressed…..but blades are top notch….too bad they are not 5 for a dollar like disposables at dollar tree (but they are pot luck on getting sharp blades).
    I remember as a kid how I wanted hair to shave .couldn’t wait for that first hair on my .. I hate to shave… on of life’s little ironies..

  5. no one told me there was a freaking change to the blades, and the trimmer blade cut both sides of my nose, above moustache . Great,….. not!! going back to DSC

  6. I just received my Harry’s trial kit and in utter defiance of the gods (and Harry’s), I shaved my head. I’ve been using Gillette disposables for this task until the last batch screamed “Chinese knock off” as it lacerated my scalp. It took a few strokes to get the feel of the blade on my scalp but otherwise, no issues (or lacerations). Next I’ll try it on my face. I have to wonder why Harry’s goes to such lengths to dissuade you from using it on your scalp….guess they’ll freak if I use them on my legs (I’m a road cyclist). As an aside – while I get the point of the analogy about the Corvette and the automatic transmission – if you’ve driven a Porsche with a PDK double clutch transmission (I own two), you’ll understand why it is to a manual slush box what your smartphone is to a rotary dial landline set….but I guess some people need to be part of the dial up to truly establish a meaningful connection to the party they are calling…..

  7. Shaved for the first time with my new Razor this morning. Blades are scary sharp, thought I was going to cut myself, but no such thing happened. Blades seem to suck to the face when using the provided shave cream. Not used to a quality shave after using disposable razor’s for so long. Harry’s shave cream worked well and required small amount of product for coverage. Blade did seem to clog often with the use of the shave cream, requiring more rinses than usual. Face is still tingling several hours after the shave, I think I removed the epidermis of my skin. I will continue to use the shaver the rest of the week. It was a new experience for me, I will wait a week to pass judgement.

  8. I switched to Harry’s over 2 years ago. Originally liked the smoothness of Harry’s shave and became a regular user. Last year, however, Harry’s introduced a new blade with a trimmer. While the trimmer may be a good idea, the actual shave became more rough on the skin and pulled quite a bit. Upon inspection, I found that the blades themselves are further apart than the original blades introduced. Because of a much rougher shave, I have discontinued purchasing Harry’s.

    1. I experienced the exact same thing. The original blades, prior to the addition of the trimmer, cut through my beard like a hot knife in butter. The new trimmer version is downright awful and the trimmer can cut your nose quite easily when shaving the upper lip. I am finishing out my supplies and then moving on.

  9. Harrys shave system is the best I ever used. It put fun back into shaving.. I also get the closet shave even after 2 weeks..

  10. i have used the razors and after 4 time, they pull on the beards instayed to cutting…
    i never had this prolem with a gellette>>>

  11. I like Harry’s shavers club I don’t like the razor. Makes good sides on face. I start the gel to see if make smooth pero they charge my money 3 dollars for 1 package it suposta be free. I try Gillette after tom Brady scored the championship NFL then I try Harry’s then I try the dollars shave club now see how smooth. Price is good only costed free but pay shipping so.

  12. The amount of packaging used for the Harry’s razor as well as the blade refills is a ridiculous waste. I also found that the first blade that came on the razor was amazing, but every one of the refills I’ve used since, is very disappointing in comparison.

  13. In the past year, I cut myself more times than I did in the previous 40 years with the trimmer blade. I really loved the whole package with the shaving cream etc. But, my last shave left me with a long slice across my upper lip. I just can continue using this product and unfortunately, I bought a whole years worth.

  14. I have been using Harry’s razors for over a year and loved them. I even got other people to use them. I stocked up on blades. When i reordered blades they came with the trimmer blade well I did not know that and cut my face very bad. The cut was so bad i could not stop the bleeding for quite a while. Thinking it was me I still used the razors, 3 days later I did it again only not as bad. Why would Harry’s not tell anyone about the change is nuts. Then to not offer the old blades is just plain crazy. Sorry Harry’s but we are through, it was good while it lasted.

  15. My experience leads me to the conclusion that Gillette doesn’t have to feel threatened by the competition for shaving loyalty. What they do need to do is be sensitive to the retail price of their products, which seem ridiculous to me. They also should pay attention to the clever marketing by the smaller challengers.
    To the poster who says that Gillette gets their blades from the same source as….bullshit. Gillette totally engineers and manufacturers its own razors. (under the P&G umbrella. This may change in the future as P&G are considering spinning off some of their labels.

  16. Harry’s razors are an absolute scam. The blades are held to the frame with CHEAP rubber that deteriorates and weakens after only a few shaves. Don’t bother, waste of money!

  17. I personally enjoy Harry’s. Much more than DSC, who gets their blades from the same manufacturer that makes gillette’s blades. IMO, those blades are far worse. I do not notice any ‘dulling’ of Harry’s blades, and I have no problem with the trimmer. I wonder, after reading reviews like this, how would some of you people shaved in the past? When straight razors were used or even before then… I can hear it now “I cut myself, so I just stopped shaving”. It’s pretty ridiculous. Learn to shave. As for why I prefer Harry’s, it’s simple: The quality.

  18. It’s funny, or odd, that you’d say in the very same review, “The one criticism that I had of this blade [the original] was that… it didn’t have a trimming blade. So when they announced that change, I decided to test it out!” and “I was holding the razor in my hand and as I moved it around, I grabbed it from the top and I could feel that blade start to give me a very fine cut on my finger.”
    To me, the second observation exactly contradicts the first! I actually went the other way and cancelled my long-running subscription to Harry’s because of this trimming blade. I tried to convince them not to jettison the old at first, but they wouldn’t hear it, and so, I had to leave.
    The way I’ve been shaving my whole life, the back end, the top of the shaving cartridge, is the safety zone. That’s the smooth part. That’s the guide. That’s where you bring it up under your nose and slide it over to cut the next swath of mustache hair. And if you do that with a very sharp trimming blade there, you’re going to give yourself a nasty cut and it’s hard to stop the bleeding. And if you happen to be shaving other areas, where you may not have as good a view of what you’re doing, and let’s say there may be delicate skin in the vicinity, well, good luck with that, is all I can say.
    When Gillette came out with this kind of thing in one of their blades, without properly identifying it, I actually opened a case with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It didn’t go very far though because they seemed to want me to provide them with additional evidence and information, and I am not a research lab, I am just a guy who wanted to be able to shave safely. I didn’t pursue it. But the same complaint could be filed here.
    There’s a reason they don’t sharpen the back edge of kitchen knives. Imagine if they started doing that without telling you! It would severely limit what you could do with that knife! It’s exactly the same as with these shaving blades.
    So I just don’t get this whole thing. I miss my old Harry’s. I wish I had stocked up on the old blades. But they’re just no longer available. At least with Gillette, they have a wide range of products and I could choose one without the trimming blade. But with Harry’s, I had to give up the whole thing. Sad.
    So yeah, we seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum on this one. I’m still working through the remaining blades of my subscription, but after they’re gone, I’m not sure what I’ll use. I just hope I’ll be able to find something out there with a bit of style and grace… and no ill-placed trimming blade!

    1. No, the two statements aren’t contradictory. The original didn’t have a trimming blade, the new model did.

    2. Exactly right, the trimmer blade is ridiculous! Cut myself on all 3 parts of my nostrils with the thing. It’s like having a blade on the front of yer cowboy boots; might be useful but it’s stupid!

  19. My experience with Harry’s was not positive. I cut myself numerous times, the blades went dull quickly and I didn’t like the feel. I will be giving away my handle and a couple of cartridges and going back to Schick’s Hydro Glide from Sam’s for about the same price.

  20. Just did my first shave with a Harry’s blade from target. Honestly, I feel like there was A LOT of tug and pull, the cartridge clogged too easily, and it is flat out inferior to the Gillette Fusion, which gives a far superior shave especially in the comfort department. The good thing is that the kit was cheap… otherwise, I am switching back to my Fusion.

  21. I am truly disappointed in the newer shave cartridge from Harry’s. The addition of a trimmer was nice, but the cartridge is far too flexible. It is almost impossible to get a close shave. I have taken to keeping one finger on the back of the blade cartridge while I shave. When I run out of cartridges shortly, I will be moving on to a new company. Dollar Shave Club/Dorco is already out due to the low quality of their handles (I had three of them break on me.) I will have to find the next great cartridge razor. I tried safety razors, but they tore up my skin because they simply could not shave close enough without causing damage.

  22. I’ve been testing Harry’s for a couple months now and I’m ready to go back to what I consider the best system; Gillette Mach3.
    I find Harry’s cart too wide and unruly. I also really don’t think you need five blades. In my opinion, Harry’s cart is way too flexible. It seems to take away the ability to apply the kind of pressure I want to get the shave that suits me.
    I have to say though, I really like the shave cream.

  23. I recently tried both Harry’s and the Dollar Shave Club 4 blade option.
    I found Harry’s cartridges not to be as well constructed as Dollar Shave Club but Harry’s blade a much sharper and longer lasting than Dollar’s. It was the plastic of the Harry’s cartridge that failed even though I felt that the blades were still sharp enough to be useful.
    Though I felt that Harry’s had the better blades both delivered a close shave. Dollar’s blades had a seemingly strange effect in that it appeared that the whiskers of my beard took longer to grow out.
    With all consideration, both blades gave an almost equally good shave. I think Harry’s is the better choice of the two because it appears to be the more economical choice because even with the plastic cartridge failure I was able to get more close shaves from one cartridge than Dollar’s.
    I my lifetime of shaving, the best blades I ever used were:
    Personna M5 Magnum System Handle. I found it as part of a free rebate promotional offer from Rite Aide. This was one of the best blades I ever used. Hard to find in stores these days but I would say it would be worth a try.
    The all time best shave “system” Gillette Mach 3 Power Razor. The three blades are perfect for a close shave and easier to rinse clean for the next stroke. I feel the “Power” part of the handle helped the blades go through my beard even after not shaving for a few weeks. I was able to get multiple shaves from the blades but this might be assisted by the vibrating handle. I am not sure why Gillette is trying to phase out the Mach 3 blades/systems, they, for me are far better than the Fusion. I guess the Fusion’s extra blades allows Gillette to charge more than what they are truly worth.
    Thank you.

  24. I enrolled in your program To date I have received nothing and
    I have been billed for 128.13 What is going on!!

      1. Is Ora Pond a Gillette Troll? Seems strange somebody would have $128.13 taken out of their account and their first action is complaining to a reviewer on an unrelated site, rather than calling the company to straighten out, disputing charges etc.
        I have been using the old Harry’s blades and haven’t bought the new ones yet. I’ve agree that it is a pretty good blade for $2. I think it is a very close shave, it may wear out a bit more quickly than Gillette’s blades, but it’s an okay tradeoff considering that I don’t want to spend $40 to get 10 Gillette Blades.

  25. I don’t shave every day and a three day beard growth is not shaved as nicely as Gillette blades. I find Harry’s blades skim over any kind of growth. I have to go over the same area again and again to obtain a clean shave. For that reason I went back to Gillette blades. There is something about the angle of the blades that makes Harry’s blades ineffective.

  26. I used Gillette ProFusion for years but it became much too expensive. And the best feature – battery driven vibration only lasts around 1-2 years then you start over. Dollar Shave Club is made by DorcoUSA. I buy directly from Dorco and am extremely happy both in price and performance. I have no plans, no need to even try Harry’s or DSC. I buy the top men’s design which cost $1.99 each (price is same per blade regardless of number of blades in a pack. (However, right now Dorco 24 pack is available for $1.59 ea on the website.) One blade lasts several weeks which corresponds to around 15-20 blades a year. I shave in the shower each morning, lathering generously with Barbasol shave cream. After shaving I rinse the blade out thoroughly with shower water … and then spray isopropyl alcohol to remove the water to assure the water is removed – as a chemical engineer I know that trace chlorine in residential sanitary water supplies (disinfectant) can cause pitting corrosion in stainless steels.

  27. Have been using Harry’s for the last four months.
    Ready to go back to my Gillet Fusion razor blades
    Find the Harry’s blades to be on the dull side right out of the package.
    To much drag, have to go over the same area three or four times to get a clean shave.
    Have to admit that the blades last a long time as the feel of the shave does not change much (heavy drag from start to throwaway) hard to tell when it is time to change blades.

  28. Way too much flex in the cartridge. I really want to use this as I love so much about the look, size, feel … but way too much flex. I have to go back to Hydra 5.

  29. Have been using Harry’s since summer of 16. Generally happy, price is great but the only thing I notice is that with the new trimmer blade, I have been nicking myself on the front or bottom of my chin which has a tendency to bleed profusely. I shave in the shower and I think this happens on the upstroke when I am shaving my neck and the bottom of my chin. I originally thought I was catching my face with the end of the blades but the edges are sealed in plastic. I didn’t realize I was nicking myself with the trim blade until I looked at your picture on the website and figured out that was what was happening. I haven’t used the trim blade at all, frankly didn’t even know it was there but will try it. One thing that bothers me is that I never cut myself with my Gillette blades and I assume they had a trim blade so still not sure if the handle design (it is very smooth and a little slippery in the shower) or just my carelessness is causing the problem. In any event, the price and quality overall seem very good.

    1. It’s not you, Fred. I have been shaving for 30 years and have never gouged myself like I have with Harry’s new blades with the precision trimmer. That thing is perilous! Like you, mostly nicks (some deep) on my chin, but today I managed to gash my upper cheek when the handle slipped. I complained to Harry’s customer service and they dismissed my comment, basically saying I didn’t know how to shave. They no longer sell the blades without the precision trimmer, which I find to be superfluous anyway. You should send them a comment too. There is a design flaw they need to address, because, as you note, similar blades from other makers don’t injure like these do. I will look for a new vendor when my supply runs out and pray I don’t get any more scars until then.

      1. Yes. Loved the old blade, but have had to cancel out of Harry’s because with this new blade the trimmer sooner or later nicks my nose. To be specific, if you are shaving your upper lip/mustache with downstrokes, then the trimmer blade sooner or later cuts the bottom of your nose on the upstroke. I asked if they could supply the old blades, and they can’t, so I had to cancel.

  30. I have the harry’s razor and the hinges on the cartridge are breaking on me; the cartridge is still sharp; so when it does finally break off both hinges, i will figure something out. Made in germany? nah!! don’t think so: MORE GARBAGE MADE IN CHINA

    1. I have been having the same problem with the swivel part wearing out quickly, noticed the swivel on the blades is made thinner,and no h for Harry’s on head,wonder if they are using another manufacturer to produce cheaper?

  31. Have been shaving in the shower since the sixty’s ( thanks to the U S Army) still dontoday. I have tried gels , aerosol, and creams. Really the Harry’s blades and pretty much the handle. Going to have to get the rubberized textured model to try. I recently (just for the hell of it) used some hair conditioner on my face before I shaved. Wow that’s my new go to ,fewer strokes, very close shave and babies butt soft face. Love it.

  32. Truly one of the very best shave experiences of my life! I am 65 years old. Blades last over a week, very smooth and close shave! Razor handle is well designed & built strong. I can highly recommend !

  33. I tried Harry’s. The razor is very well made, but I discontinued. Reason? I don’t like dragging a five bladed plank over my face. I told them to PLEASE make a two bladed razor.
    Five blades scrape your skin five times. Figure it out. And because it’s such a big flat device any folds of skin or turns get ignored or irritated.
    Side note: I’ve shaved in the shower all my life. Nothing beats it. No shave cream, no mirrors. Soap up, shave by feel. I learned to do it in one or two sessions, even where to cut the sideburns.
    If you are wet the whole time you need a shaver with a textured handle. Harry’s is smooth, and slides in my hand in the shower. I don’t think others have this issue, and I could do a number of things to roughen the handle. But I just don’t like the five bladed monster brick.

  34. Here’s the deal. I have been using the Gillette fusion razors for as long as I can remember. But the cost has always been absurd. I shave twice a day, and I shave in the shower. I get about two weeks from a cartridge – I admit I probably hang on a little longer than I should – mainly because the damn things cost so much.
    Came across an add for Harry and figured for three dollars – what the hell – give them a try. First day – I liked the feel and the shave was good. The shaving gel smells good as well and provides a good shave – nothing better or worse than the stuff I always use.
    I’m not into writing long reviews so here’s the bottom line. The blades don’t last as long and here’s the worse part. I mentioned I shave in the shower. The handle Harrys provides is smooth and when covered in shaving gel it rolls in my hand and I have cut my chin three times. The blades are very sharp initially…
    If the design of the handle was better I would not consider going back to the fusion but for now the extra cost of bandages and neosporin is offsetting the savings for the blades

  35. Have been using Harry’s for a while. I shave 3 to 5 times a week. With Harry’s, if I don’t shave every day it’s a real chore and scrape job. I don’t have a gorilla like beard, but day 2 without a shave is getting grizzly.
    Harry’s blades just don’t seem to last. Have had good luck with Gillette, but the $ is just absurd. Have tried old fashioned safety razor, but it’s too much work. I prefer to shave in the shower, and the safety razor requires too much attention to avoid slashing myself.
    Going to give DSC a try.

        1. That depends on a such a wide range of variables, I don’t believe that anyone could give you an accurate answer to your question.

  36. I recently purchased the Harry’s Truman kit. Have to say one of the best shaves I’ve ever had. I shave everyday and my facial hair is very course no problem for the Truman gives a nice clean shave a very little stubble. I did notice the build up of cream behind blade that’s really not an issue to me just a little extra rinse here and there. I’ve used several different brands of razors and blades over the years and Harry’s places in the top 5 probably around the 3 spot. THATS IT.

  37. I tried Harry’s razors and shaving gel for a couple months. The presentation is stylish. The products are inferior to the Gillette products I used previously. I suffered more nicks than usual with the blades. I could not use the blades as long. Close trim was more difficult. The gel dried out my skin. I cancelled my subscription. They are not manufactured in the USA.

  38. Harry’s & DSC are second rate products that are marginally cheaper than Gillette and probably more expensive when factoring in the number of shaves one gets out of them. Gillette Mach3 15 count can be had for $29 on Amazon. That’s less than $2 a piece for a quality product I know is not going to rip my face off. I think Gillete’s market share is safe.

  39. Maybe a Harry’s blade works for my average face, but may NOT work for your wooly mammoth fur-covered face.. so PLEASE, when you guys are leaving comments, PLEASE describe your facial hair and/or how often you shave! Some guys like myself only shave a few times per week, and don’t have overbearing, beard-like facial hair.. some of you probably have 10x more than me, so it helps more if you can give that detail instead of railing them right off the bat.
    That being said, PLEASE leave it in the comments from now on!

    1. Trey,
      That’s a good point. I will say that I have what I would describe as average facial hair in both quantity and quality. 🙂 I shave every day and if I miss a day, it’s noticeable, but I’m definitely not a “five 0’clock shadow at noon” kind of guy.

  40. I tried Harry’s free sample. I was not impressed. I had multiple nicks and blood on my face. Using Gillette, I would maybe get one nick a year. 3-4 in my first shave with Harry’s…comon man. I agree with someone who wrote it feels like shaving with sandpaper. My skin was red and irritated. I’m going to try DSC but Harry’s doesn’t hold a candle to Gillette, despite the money.

  41. I’ve tried both DSC and Harry’s. I quit using the old Harry’s model because of the lack of a trimmer blade. I decided to give it another shot with the new version.
    Not sure what they’ve done, but this blade is worse than the older version, though the handle is heavier and more comfortable. The trimmer blade is too sharp and causes nicks with even minor pressure. And the blades are so close together that I have to rinse twice as often. It’s much rougher than the DSC executive (six blade) model.
    I’m good at preserving the life of my blades, and the old Harry’s was fine in that regard. But I’m not waiting to test that with this new model. I’m going back to DSC. Similar price and much better quality. Neither of these brands are quite as good as Gillette, but DSC comes much closer.

  42. You get what you pay for, Harry’s blades are the worst razors I have ever used in the last 30 years of shaving. They tug on your skin and whiskers get caught between the blades. Won’t come out even when banging the razor in the sink. Very uncomfortable to use. I feel like I have been ripped off. I joined them for 6 months and I regret every use of their blades. DO NOT buy these razors, you will be very disappointed. Gillette razors are a lot better, worth the extra money they cost.

  43. I’ve been a DOllar discount shave since July 2015 and keep seeing Harry’s advertised thinking of trying.

  44. Long time Gillet user, no doubt the best you can get, but $$$. New to Harry’s still on my my 1st blade. Shave every day in the shower and blade is still giving clean great shave after 6 weeks. I thought it would be failing by now and it not. I think it a great Shaver, great value, handle could use more grip for us shower shavers, but it worth your try at a fraction of the Fusion price. Some new handles are in the works I see.

  45. I’ve used Gillette blades for a long time. Since using the Fusion blades, I noticed I never, ever, ever nicked my face no matter how old the blade is. Harry’s? Not so good.
    I used it day one at the gym in the shower so there was a lot of water hitting my face and it gave me a really decent, close shave.
    Day 2: At home, I cut my ear with the front trimmer blade and when I got to work, I noticed that I had 3 small areas on my chin that were bloody.
    Day 3: The razor really dragged across my face – felt like it was already dull.
    Today on day 4, I used my Gillette Fusion blade that has 5 shaves under its belt already anti was a smooth as silk. Using the Harry’s blade after a few shaves felt like I was scraping my face as opposed to having my face so I will be returning mine to Target tomorrow for my money back. It was a worthwhile attempt but for now I am sticking with Gillette – it is just a better blade.

    1. The new TRIMMER Blade is dangerous. After many accidental slices/cuts, I decided that Harry’s was not longer for me. The original blade was just perfect the way it was.

  46. Using Harry’s right now and got to say I am not impressed. Love the price but I don’t get as close of shave vs using my Gillette Fusion blades. I only shave about two to three times per week and it feels like I am pulling my whiskers out one at a time. Gave some of my blades to my son in law and he has quit using them.
    Again love the price but not the quality. Will use up what blades I have and go back to the more expensive blades.

  47. I’m a longtime Harry’s user. I, too, begged for a trimmer blade for years. The first cart I got was not right. The trimmer blade cut me every time I used it, even trimming my sideburns.
    Finally, I decided maybe it was the cart so tried a new one. The new one is fine. I do think the first cart had a xefective trimmer blade. I complained to Harry’s but got no response. Otherwise it works well and I like it.
    Harry’s blades are good and last a long time but still not as good as Gillette Fusion. They don’t last as long either. Not a DSC fan.

    1. Chuck, I also have been a long time Harry’s user. I was quite pleased with the former blade. It was better for me than the Gillette that I used for a while, with the latter cost nearly $3 more per blade. Happy with Harry’s new blade having a trimmer blade, no issues (I don’t do sideburns) blades are now extremely sharp. The former ones not so much. I had to reduce pressure to avoid cuts. The old ones lasted almost a month! These probably last 3 weeks. I shave my whole head and use Shikai Sandalwood shower gel, just a dab. Btw, the Winston handle is so superior to the chrome and ceramic types with better grip.
      Staying with Harry’s. Better quality, better longevity, much better price for me.

  48. When I use Harry’s razors I can literally hear and feel the blades pulling my beard–like the sound of sandpaper on wood. I even tried shaving in the shower to keep the razor very wet. (it’s not my shaving cream). I’ve gone to work on more than one occasion with 4 small cuts under my nose, and I’m finding that I have to follow-up with an electric razor to shave the sides of my mouth.
    I’m not one to necessarily pinch pennies, but I just want a good SMOOTH shave and Harry’s isn’t the one for me.

  49. saw harrys on sale at target, im a long time Gillette Fusion user. shaved once glad this thing was on sale, what a piece of crap. whiskers stuck to the blade even after rinsing. if I had the receipt i would return it, All i can say is buyer beware yes its cheaper than the Gillette and performs like a 99 cent bic

  50. ive yet to come across one good comment . I had listened to their ad on Pandora and decided to order a free sample I’m so glad I read all of these comments because I will not be purchasing any blades and will definitely be canceling my subscription.

  51. I decided to try Harry’s after being a long-time Gillette Fusion user. I’ve been trading off between Harry’s and Fusion blades every other shave. It has been about 2 1/2 months and I’ve found the Fusion blades last more than twice as long as the blades from Harry’s. I also noticed I nick myself more frequently with the blades from Harry’s. After going thought this exercise I am switching back to the Fusion blades. Not all is lost on the Harry’s side. I like the shaving gel and balm from Harry’s and will continue to use that together with the Fusion blades.

  52. Not impressed. Too much flex on cartlige. The more you use the weaker the flex is. Sometimes the little plastic strips will break then cartlige goes in garbage even though blades still sharp.

  53. Harry’s is a loser. Poor quality control and results reflect that. I spent big money for a nice cartridge holder, but I have yet to get to a blade to compete with the Gillete “Good News”. Harry’s is definitely bad news.

  54. I’ve been using Harrys razors for about 2 years. I am not a fan of the “new” cartridges with the trimmer blade on top. I have accidentally cut myself several times with the trimmer blade. For years I used Gillette razors with trimmer blades on top and never had this problem. So there is something about the position or angle on the Harrys razor cartridges that is problematic for me. I wish they still offered the originals….

    1. I’m cheap and expected a great shave wth Harry’s. First shave tight fit with blade and good shave.
      Second try with Harry’s and grass didn’t get cut.
      I get more shaves out of Gillette.
      I tried to give Harry’s justice and it failed.

    2. I too love Harry’s razors but I’ve been cutting myself every time I trim my sideburns, with little or no pressure. I complained to a rep and they were going to send replacement blades but I never received them.

  55. I have tried Harry’s new 5 blade with trimmer vs Gillette Fusion Manual. Here are my comments:
    I get 7 fairly good shaves with Harry’s at a cost of $0.29 per shave.
    I get 10 very good shaves with Gillette at a cost of $0.24 per shave by buying the 12 pack from Amazon. Better shave lower cost stay with Gillette.

  56. I have used Gillette Fusions for the last several years and found that the Harry’s blade was not nearly as sharp as what I’m used to. And if I shop carefully on Amazon I can find Fusion blades for $2 each. So I cancelled my trial subscription.

  57. The Schick three blade gives me a much better shave. I was expecting more, very disappointed in the Harry’s razor.

  58. Completely disgusted! Harry’s blades too good to last. In my already long life I have learned that the words “new and improved” never mean that- beware. I have been using the Harry’s system for about 2 years (out of shaving for almost the last 50) and can honestly say it’s the best shave I’ve ever experienced. The original blades lasted me 2-3 weeks and I virtually never was cut. Then I recently received a shipment of their “new, improved” blades that feature a side trimmer. The cartridge is dull, rough, cuts me all over the place and lasts a week, if that. They obviously brought in a team of brilliant, high-level accountants to make a decision to lower their quality at the same time they (temporarily) raised their profits. I wonder if their production changed from Germany to someplace like China. I’m completely disgusted and asked them for my money back, probably won’t hear from them. I guess I’ll have to find a quality alternative, because these guys really let us down.

  59. Just last week I purchased a Harry’s Razor with two cartridges from Target for $7.99. I’d been wanting to give this or DSC a try. First shave was awesome. Second shave felt like I had a dull blade and cut my face in multiple places. I tried a third time, let the Gillette Gel sit another 30 seconds, but still got 1 cut. Not Sold on this and will likely take back to Target for refund.

  60. Harry’s “Free” trial set…not so much. To get your the trial set you need to break out the credit card (no sending a bank or personnel check, using google cash, etc…) and pay $3. Don’t get me wrong this is still a great deal, on the surface. If it ended w/the $3 that would be fine. What they don’t tell you is you are getting a shipment of blades, shaving, etc…for $27 (10) days after you receive your initial “free” trial set and yes they use the credit card you utilized for the “free” trial set. When i emailed Harry’s about this/getting out (cancelling) of the plan i got some automated email response about how i can modify my “…shave plan to fit my personnel needs and blah, blah, blah…”SHAVE PLAN! Who said anything about being on some plan?!?!? I just want to buy some replacement blades when i need them not when some plan tells me i need them, and the plan keeps going. Get out of it/the shave plan, you ask? Have fun trying! Make sure to put aside a few hours for email, phone calls, etc…
    I am going to stick to my original shave plan of buying the bulk replacement razors at BJs. Have not done the math but i will bet you a $3 trial kit that the costs are fairly close.

  61. I’ve been using the same razor cartridge from my Harry’s shaving kit for 2.5 weeks now, it is still sharp. The key is to ‘strop’ the razor cartridge along a pair of old jeans or a leather strap, and throughly clean & dry the razor after use.
    My goal is to get a months use out of a $2 razor cartridge. If I can make that happen, I will probably be a Harry’s customer for some time. German gothic arch steel.. Nothing has come close to providing a close clean shave…

    1. I’ve heard about stropping cart blades but I’m a wet shaving safety razor guy and I’m not sure it would work on single blades. I see a trip to ER in my future if I try! Please post your findings and let us know if it made it for a month.

  62. Great psycho-ads get you to buy. BUT … let us not forget you get what you pay for. Nothing wrong with that, after all it’s your money, soon theirs. The blades simply don’t compare to the big guys – the first handful of shaves are great but soon goes downhill after a weeks use. Not worth considering a re-order.
    I don’t care if the blades are made from German steel or wherever. They’re simply not as sharp, don’t hold an edge or make me feel like I’m shaving back in the good ‘ole days when men were men and there beards were stiffer than steel wool.

  63. I have been shaving my entire life. Since 16, I’m now 53. I have tried everything and most big name brands are good. I gave Harry’s a try and I absolutely love it. Great shave, the best I’ve ever had. I use all of their products from shave gel to the post shave balm, it’s all good.

  64. Harry’s is just ok. They make a claim that you can go on line for four free blades, but there is no provision for it online, nor going to Target to redeem my four free blades after I purchased the razor from Target. Smells like a scam. Maybe I will try The Dollar Club since it seems that Harry’s can’t keep there promise. It probably will come back around to bite them ass. If I don’t hear from them I will toss this in trash and go back to my Gillette or try their competitor The Dollar Club. No one continues business with the feeling of being had.

  65. Thank you so much, for this Review I will Give Harry’s a try!
    Im 42 and have been using G-word (it’s a bad word because of the hefty price) Mach 3 since High School. I have super sensitive skin and break out in Razor burn and bumps with those Throw away cheap Razors. Also I had to switch creams from coconut, to Aloe, to you name it I’ve tried it. It would seem to work for for a month or two then my skin would figure it out and go Surprise you need to change again!!!
    Well it wasn’t until I moved to Dallas (2000) that I was the mall and walked into a Razor shop that sold nothing but Razors (Mostly electric) I told the last my problem and she listened and gave me a nugget of advice that I’ll will now pass on to All of You….She said to stick to Wet Shaving and TOSS OUT THE SHAVING CREAMS/GELS! *WHAT?!* YES I KNOW!
    She then proceeds to tell me to use Shampoo Or Conditioner as those have been perfected for the most sensitive part of your body…. THE SCALP! Well
    I tried it and guess what?!?! I’ve never gone back! Everyone has Shampoo or Conditioner already in the Tub/Shower! And I have yet to ever break out again (unless I stayed over at a GF or a Friend/Family Member’s who had inferior cheap blades) GO AHEAD AND USE THIS! I’ve told every male that In my entire family and all of my good friends and NO ONE BUYS SHAVING CREAM OR GEL ANYMORE!
    P.S. Conditioner is so silky smooth it’s the smoothest shave you’ll ever have…. I GUARANRTEE IT!
    Thanks again, Grest article I hope you try my suggestion and send me back an email with what you think!

    1. Bradley,
      Thanks for the tip. I’ve talked to a couple of friends who have used shampoo or conditioner to shave with and they like it. I might try it, but I’m really loving my collection of shave creams!

  66. I’m 77- I’ve been shaving since I was about 15. I decided to try Harry’s free offer (only cost was a few dollars for shipping- less than $5) of a razor handle, one 5 blade cartridge and a canister of shaving get. RESULT? IT GAVE ME THE BEST SHAVE I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. Only need a very little of the gel to do the job. TRY IT!!!!! I do not have any business or personal affiliation with Harry’s- I just loved the shave I got. I just received my shipment of 8 new cartridges- I’m sending 1/2 of the cartridges I just received to my 25 year old son in San Francisco. I only wish that Harry’s was in business back when I started shaving- I want my son to know about Harry’s.

  67. Tried Harry’s today for the first time. Am a long time Gillette Fusion Power user (used 3rd party power handles before Gillette came out with them). One thing that kept me from getting Harry’s was no trimmer blade. Now that they got one, I thought I would give them a try.
    Just to clarify: I don’t get these to save money. Quite honestly, I go through about a blade a month and the Harry’s blades are still pretty expensive. Harry’s blades are $2.00 each. If you buy Fusion blades on Amazon (pack of $12 for $34.19, it equates to $2.83 per blade. I typically go through a blade a month, so this would be less than $10.00 of savings to me per year – big deal. I mainly got Harry’s because of looks and style. I know it sound vain, but I hate the orange blue look of Gillette. It makes my shower look like a clown threw up a razor. Getting a classy Gillette compatible handle that looks as good as Harry’s would be $100 ordeal ($200 for power option). This was a no brainer to the $25 Winston.
    First impression is that the Harry’s gives me a smooth shave with clean lines. I find that I didn’t really miss the power option to get a decent shave with these blades. The main difference is the Harry’s don’t really pivot. You would have to push with enough pressure to the point of cutting yourself to get these suckers to pivot. That being said, I kind of liked it better. It gave me more control of knowing where the blade was going to be. The only negative is when I was done I discovered that my neck was nicked. I haven’t been nicked in years and never with a brand spanking new blade out of the box.
    I can typically get a month of shaves out of a Fusion blade before it needs changing (I shape a 3-day beard in the shower – so my blades don’t go through a lot of wear and tear). If the Harry’s lasts as long, then I’ll continue user them. If not, then they would be more expensive than the Fusion blades and I’ll go back to Gillette.

  68. I have a Harry’s razor and I use it when I travel but I take my brush and soap. Otherwise, I use a Gillette Slim adjustable that I had plated in Rhodium. I like the shave Harry’s gives but the slim is easier on my face for sure.

    1. I’ve found that Harry’s isn’t too bad on my face, but I find I get more razor burn and ingrown hairs from Dollar Shave Club blades. I usually have no problems with my Slim Adjustable or my Fatboy.

  69. I bought both Harry’s and Dorco razors and much prefer Harry’s. It seems to cut better than Dorco’s and it has a lighter more modern feel to the handle and razor itself. It’s like going from a car of the ‘1960’s to a modern car of 2016. They both do the job, but the 2016 is much more technologically advanced.

  70. Been using Harry’s for a good year now.
    Im very happy with my shave.
    They came out with a new blade with a trimmer which is great.
    Never had a better shave
    satisfied customer

  71. I have been very pleased with Harry’s blades, been on their shave plan since almost the beginning. They have now redesigned their handles and cartridges, the cartridge now includes a back blade for trimming, one of the most requested things to be added to their cartridges, it shows that they listen to their customers.

  72. I normally use Gillette Fusion blades. They last a month, shaving every day, but I ‘sharpen’/align them with a rubber pad after a week of use. Yesterday morning (I shave in the shower) I tried the Harry’s razor and blade for the first time; today was my second shave. Out of 5 starts, I’d give them 2.5, maybe 3 (if I were generous).
    I’m unsure if the problem is the steel of the blade or the blade itself – I believe the latter. It’s a really long shave, with many passes and re-lathering to get a close shave like the one I get with Gillette. First, the blade doesn’t flex or pivot sufficiently. Second, it must be held at an unusually acute angle against my face. Third, the skin on my face is unusually raw and painful (not from nicks, but from so many passes of the blade.) Third, the razor is light and feels cheap; it has nowhere the heft of the premium razors from the UK or Germany. I cannot in all honesty recommend Harry’s to anyone!

  73. I use the Gillette Fusion. I shave 4 times a week. What most people do not realize is that you should never leave the razors to dry as-is. Once you have rinsed them, you should either blow them dry, or in the most ideal situation, dry them with a hair-dryer. My Gillette razors sometimes last up a month. I need to see how much Harrys would last with this process.

    1. I always dry my carts with a towel and my blades for my DE as well. I just seems logical that the less exposure the blades have to water, the less chance of rust.
      Thanks for the comment!

  74. I have been using Harry’s for almost a year-I shave in the shower and I have consistently had the best shaves with Harry’s that I have ever gotten, whether comparing other blades or various electric shavers that I have used over the past almost 40 years of shaving.

  75. I have switched back and forth the last few years between Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide, Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s. I have been shaving for more years than most of you have been alive (42 + years of shaving). I have always used disposable cartridges starting with Wilkinson Sword’s single blades – I still have a nasty scar on my cheek where I tried to press too hard.
    I shave in the shower and I use “Kiss My Face Shaving Cream” with a nice badger bristle brush and a fog free mirror.
    For closeness, I get the best shave with the Gillette blades. However, they come with a hefty price. I religiously replace my blade every Sunday. The Harry’s blades are good, however I miss the trimming blade I get with Gillette and DSC. I do not care for the handle of the DSC razor and have had the cartridge snap off of the razor a few times (this is scary when you are naked in the shower and the blade drops right by your privates).
    For half the price of Gillette blades, the Harry’s blades do a fine job – and I will stick to them for a while. I read somewhere that Harry’s will be introducing a new razor some time this year. I will surely try those as I search for the ultimate shave.

  76. I’m a DE guy, but if cartridges are your thing, Harry’s is the best game in town – better than anything Gillette or Schick has to offer. Harry’s other offerings are nothing to write home about.
    That said, the only time I use my Harry’s anymore is for the times I travel by air with only a carry-on bag. Otherwise, my daily drivers are a Seki Feather AS-D2 and an IKon Shavecraft 102, and Kai or Feather blades.

  77. I was sold on it till around the 3rd day. The blades noticeably started rusting. I guess to make em as cheap as they are they have to cut corners.

  78. I received Harry’s sample kit yesterday and was disappointed with the products supplied. The shave gel was heavily scented, not a bad smell but not one a guy like me would want to wear around all day. I am a scent free guy and don’t wear perfumes.
    I shave in the shower so my rather heavy beard is softened after my usual bath. I used the Harry’s razor with Noxzema shave cream which has a lot of lanolin in it. I knew from the the first pass that the razor wasn’t what I was looking for, it just didn’t cut closely. Four or five passes later I called it it quits, I had razor burn and detectable stubble, not near the close shave I had gotten with a Pro Fusion razor.
    I would rate a Harry’s razor at one notch above disposables. I am 68 years old and not a stranger to getting a close shave.

  79. Just got my Harry’s and have used it for one week (7 shaves) it was a little heavy to begin with but I have gotten used to it. The balance is nice. Now I’m shaving my legs so the biggest thing I had to do was slow down. I was using twin blade so this is a set up in size. It definitely is a better shaver. I bought the cream and it is about the same as the other creams I have tried. I will be ordering more.

  80. As someone who has been shaving his head for the last 16 years, and tried out different razors, I have this to say – Both Harrys and Dollar Shave, most certainly arent the best razors to use when it comes to shaving the head. However, I found both perfectly fine for shaving the face. Gillette still is my go to razor for shaving the head and will be for the forseeable future.

  81. i dont do harrys or DSC, after starting with DE ive had the best shaves hands down. that aside you say you rinse your DE after about 3 strokes, i once didnt rinse the head to see how long i could go before i needed to rinse. i got through the first pass, i had 2 inches of cream and beard hanging from my razor haha. if i wasnt into DE i would look into and try both harrys and DSC, i was stretching my mach 3 far beyond anyone should consider, changed the head like 3 times a year.

  82. My wife bought one of the trial sets for me. I didn’t mind the scent of the gel but I HATED the razor. I actually had to stop shaving with it during my shave. Why? Well, I think part of it is that I feel like it’s too big and doesn’t let me get to details I want to get to. Things like just under the nose and certain areas of the jaw. It covered too much of a surface area and I didn’t feel like I was in control. My Fusion Proglide had a sleaker blade, and of course now that I shave with safetys, well, it’s a whole different area. However, I will say that part of the distaste might be because i’m totally blind. So, I can’t get a good feel for what i’m shaving if the razor head is too big, as in the spaces of the blades seemed to be too far apart. So that I was feeling like I would cut myself when I tried to turn around areas that are tricky. And as you mentioned, the cream coming out of the back of the razor really was a gross feeling. I just…I need something with a bit more maneuverability since I have to trail a hand along to feel what I’m doing and how much hair is left. I even did that with my Fusion Proglide, no mirror to look into. I will say, though, for the record, that I really liked the handle on the razor and the balance of the thing in my hand. But that wide blade just really bothered me. I’ll try it again in a few months or something.

    1. Well, my razor finally arrived. And, I agree it’s good looking, enough, and pretty well balanced. But holy crap, it was HORRIBLE. I think it may be the worst razor I have ever shaved with, and I’ve shaved with plenty. I didn’t expect it to be better than a Fusion or my ProGlide Styler, but I thought it would be better than the Dorco crap, but no. I’ve had no-name disposables that shaved smoother than this.
      I abandoned it after the first WTG pass, and a small area of XTG. I actually had to get out of the shower and grab another razor (DE) to finish the shave. I can’t say for sure that it wouldn’t have given me a decent shave. But the drag on this thing was absurd.
      As others have had good things to say, I suppose I may have received a dud, or perhaps this razor just isn’t good for my face/hair.

  83. Strange coincidence. Today I received an email from a friend who I helped turn onto DE shaving a couple years ago. As he does quite a bit or traveling, and hates to check bags, he usually uses a cartridge on the road. As of late, he has been using Harry’s, and seems satisfied. Well, he was given two “gift sets” to have sent to friends (with the $3 shipping) and so, one is on its way to me.
    At first I was a bit skeptical, as the free online offer requires you to agree to a subscription plan (though it can be canceled). I’m the type who might forget and get stuck with the unwanted charge. Plus, I just think that is sleazy marketing. But unlike the free offer on the site, the “gift” comes with no subscription agreement.
    I’m looking forward to trying it out, on one of those rare days I decide to shave with a cart. I doubt it can top the shave I get from my Fusion ProGlide Styler, but I’m open to be proven wrong. I’ll probably skip the gel, though.

  84. I used Harry’s for about a year and was pleased with the razor. Like you, the cream and gel were other stories. I have always been a cart man, but I find 5-bladed ones too much for my skin. I favor a Mach3 type, which is why I switched to 800Razors. To my knowledge, it is the only subscription blade company that offers a 3-bladed razor, and I find it excellent, as good or better than the Mach3. The company at times offers 25% sales, which meant that my last order included 15 blades for $19.50. Very pleased, although not a fan of the shave cream and aftershave, both are too powerful smelling for me.
    Thanks for your well written critique, Jay!

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