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Harry’s New Blades

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One thing I’ve learned while wet shaving is what I like in a razor. I’ve done a few reviews of cart razors this year and one feature I noticed that I really liked was the trimming blade on the back of the razor. Since I’ve been wet shaving for about 5 years, I haven’t needed this feature, because no matter what DE razor I’m using, I can always get under my nose, make sure my sideburns are squared away and get the corners of my mouth.

Prior Experience

Back in February I wrote a review of Harry’s, the upscale marketed shaving company that debuted in the last few years. While I liked their cart products, one thing that I felt was missing after I published the article was a trimming blade. In fact, a reader commented on the article in late July saying that they missed having a trimming blade that comes with some Gillette’s and the top of the line cart from Dollar Shave Club. The same day, I received an email from Harry’s…saying they were introducing their next generation of blades, and that it included a trimmer blade on the back. Needless to say, I burned up the keyboard ordering a set of four. It cost $11 with shipping, so each cart is a little more than two bucks.
Front shot
Now to the goods! Harry’s says that along with the trimmer blade on the top, they’ve also increased the flexibility of the head with a new rubber flex hinge. I didn’t think the earlier version had a problem with flexing, so I’ll skip that.
2 blades Again
Side-by-side, the two carts look similar. The older one is on the left. I had put it through about a week of shaves so I could get a good comparison and as you can see by the blades, it’s about done. I believe I could have gotten two more four-pass shaves out of it, which is normal for these blades. I have had a couple of people comment that they’ve had a problem with their Harrys blades rusting, but I haven’t experienced any.
Good CU of Blade
The one thing I found out is that this trimmer blade is sharp! I was holding the razor in my hand and as I moved it around, I grabbed it from the top and I could feel that blade start to give me a very fine cut on my finger. Genius that I am, I stopped putting pressure on it! But it is a very sharp piece of steel!

I then decided to see just how sharp it was. I used it with a clear shave cream because I wanted to see how well it did trimming and I had also waited a few days so my whiskers were long enough to also as a way to judge the effectiveness.

I started on my sideburns and the trimmer blade glided right through the hair, no tugging or pulling and didn’t leave any behind. I was impressed and had the thought “could I shave with just this one blade?” The answer is kind of. I did one line, top to bottom, and it performed well but the hair started clogging up the blade about ¾ of the way down my cheek. Not a negative on the blade though! It cut just fine.

I then shaved normally and used the trimmer on the spot under my nose and the corners of my mouth. After a four-pass shave, with no stragglers and a good job of trimming, I have to say that this new blade from Harrys is definitely better than the older model. Granted, I never had a complaint about the shaving properties of the old cart, but I did feel like it was lacking in one area and that was a trimmer. By adding that, Harrys got this cart right.

Have you tried Harry’s new cartridge?  What do you think of it?  Leave a comment below!

Jay Harrell

Jay Harrell

17 thoughts on “Harry’s New Blades”

  1. I knew they changed the blades! I found this article by google search wondering if I was correct. I’m disappointed with the new blades. I feel they are cheaper thus allowing them for mass production. They’re not as exclusive as they used to be IMO.

  2. I knew they changed the blades! I found Tom his article by google search. I’m disappointed with the new blades. I feel they are cheaper thus allowing them for mass production. They’re not as exclusive as they used to be IMO.

  3. Harry’s original blades were the best. Never should have changed them.
    and the smooth handles also stay cleaner than the rubberized ones.
    “Ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

  4. While I find the new Trimmer a plus, I noticed the blades further apart, thus causing a more cumbersome and rougher feeling shave as if the blades were dull and grabbing. Not pleased with the new blade refills.

  5. I bought Harry’s when first released. Had a problem with shaving gel clogging blades, so I stopped. Are the new blades wider apart?

    1. David,
      I don’t know if the new blades are wider apart, but if it’s clogging up the head, I would blame the gel more than the blades, IMHO.

  6. I’ve been a Harry’s customer from the start and always wanted them to add a trimmer blade. When it finally came, I was disappointed.
    I cut myself every time, under my nose and even on my sideburns. No matter how careful I was I’d get a cut. The other side of the blade was fine.
    I finally changed blades. I’ve not had the same problem with the new cart. Maybe the first one had a flaw. I didn’t think to examine it closely before tossing it.
    I don’t think Harry’s blades are as good or last as long as Gillette — Mach3 or Fusion. But they’re cheaper and do last a long time for me.
    I complained to Harry’s but got no answer. Now that they’ve grown, maybe they just don’t care as much.
    Seems I always cut myself with a DE so Harry’s works well for me. But the jury is still out on this new blade.

  7. I’m also unhappy with the new blades. They pull and tug at my whiskers. The old blades were buttery smooth.
    I used to love Harry’s so much, but I guess I’ll have to find another shaving solution.

  8. Not happy with the new blade. The flex seems to make the shave feel less effective and close and there is definitely more drag. Also I have cut myself multiple times with the trimmer blade. I would like to be able to get the old blades as I had no issue with them and loved the Harry’s for what they offered. Now I will likely have to look for new options for shaving.

  9. I was really excited about the trimmer, and ordered several boxes of the new blades. So disappointed! The new blades are much less comfortable to shave with. They pull like a cheap throw away razor. I sent an email to Harry’s as well, and got no response. I am throwing away the remaining three boxes, and finding a new razor. Yes, it’s that bad. By the way, the new handles look cheap as well. If this was the product I originally received, I would have quit immediately, after being a fan for over a year the product has changed and cheapened. They are just not with it now.

  10. I am a big fan of everything about Harry’s except the new blades. Whether it’s the sharpness or a design flaw, the blades tug and drag and are painful. The old blades were smooth and gave me a much better shave. Are they still available?

  11. I ditto what a few others say, not happy with the new design blades for regular
    shaving. I have cut myself a few times now and had never with the old ones. Not the
    trimmer, the regular blades. May be the spacing, but not liking it. I sent an email
    to Harry’s and just got a polite thank you.
    I was immediately drive to Dollar Shave Club to try their top of the line. I like
    the business model, loved the old Harry’s, now may be time for a change again!

  12. Not happy with the new Harry’s blades.. I’ve been a customer of Harry’s since the beginning.. Seems to drag and really… I’m not getting a close shave.

  13. I went all in about 6 months back and ordered a bunch of blades and the Truman handle. Overall I liked the product but my complaint was that the blades clogged up quickly and were hard to clean out. Needless to say after about a month of frustration I went back to my Fusion. By the looks of it these new blades have a bit more spacing between them? Which sould allow them to clean out better I would assume. Any insight to that would be greatly appreciated. I am currently in the Army 14 years now so I do shave daily and try to make it suck as little as possible.

    1. Rob, you have to EMBRACE THE SUCK! 🙂 Maybe not just with shaving. I didn’t find the new ones were easier to clean, but I didn’t have a problem with the cleaning part.

  14. I’ve been using Harry’s blades for about two years now, so glad they finally put in a trimming blade, the new rubberized handles for better grip was also something people were asking for, love a company that listens to their customers. I haven’t tried the new blades yet, will get them on my next shipment.

  15. I love Harry’s blades. But the new trimmer, which I also asked for, is too sharp. In four months I never cut myself, maybe a small nick or two, with a Harry’s razor. But on my first try with the new trimmer, I gave myself two serious cuts, actual slices. The first came when I was trimming under my nose. I didn’t cut myself there, but the blade caught a little lower and sliced my upper lip. Then I noticed I had another slice, which I didn’t even feel at the time, on my chin. I believe I was using it to pick up any areas that didn’t come clean in the first two passes with the regular blades.
    My caution: Be careful, it is very sharp!

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