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Guest Post: Stan Ades from Pacific Shaving

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This month’s guest post comes from Stan Ades, the founder of Pacific Shaving.  I asked Stan to describe what inspired him to start Pacific Shaving, and what tips he might want to pass along to the new shaver:

I started Pacific Shaving Company in 2002 with a clear goal – to radically change the shaving experience (without radically changing the shaving routine). In the beginning the desire was personal. After years and years of irritation and discomfort, I found that shaving was no longer a comforting daily ritual, but a really annoying chore. A pain – literally. I quickly realized that the right (or wrong) products were at the heart of the shaving experience.

I wanted something that would guarantee a smooth, nick-free shave. I wanted a product that would leave my skin moisturized all day, a product made with safe, natural ingredients, one that wouldn’t leave me smelling like musk or clove, or “morning dew.” This fantasy shaving product would also be good for the planet – I was through with rusting, bulky shaving cans. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if it was also an awesome value and could be stashed in a carry-on bag for convenient traveling.
Extensive searching proved that this product didn’t exist.

So, I set out to develop it myself.

Today, as razor companies attempt to out-blade each other, I’ve found that my simple, reliable approach to shaving products helps keep the daily routine easy and affordable. I’ve learned that the true measure of a comfortable shave is not about the razor, but ultimately the products you put on your skin to provide lubrication and protection. In fact, a fancy, multi-blade razor is not only unnecessary, but it can also lead to redness and irritation. As a former and chronic recipient of razor burn/bumps, I’ve found that the best way to maximize the results of a shave and minimize collateral damage is by using a two-blade razor (which is more than adequate when you’re using a quality shaving lubricant). For very sensitive skin, I also recommend shaving with cool water. Warm water brings the blood to the surface of the skin, which can increase irritation.

So, keep it cool and use the right products.


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5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Stan Ades from Pacific Shaving”

  1. I switched about six months ago to cold water shaving and it's been a major improvement for me. I've also been using Pacific preshave oil for a couple years and swear by it. But a crappy double blade shaver!!!…NO WAY
    Meanwhile, after suffering from ingrown hairs for years these two things along with DE shaving have made me pretty much ingrown hair free.

  2. Most of the time I shave with warm water(I rinse with cold water after I shave) but occasionally I have to use cold water and for me it doesn't make much of difference in my shave, I just prefer the feel of warm water.

    Also I have been using the Pacific Shaving Cream and I must say it works quite well with a brush even though it says it's a "low lather" shaving cream.

  3. James J. Pirretti

    I have been wet shaving for more 25 years – and DE shaving off an on for the same period of time.

    Recently,I have tried cool water shaving and it has proved for me to have not benefits in contrast to the usual warm water shaving. So whatever, works for you is fine.

    However, having gone from every type of razor and blade I can honestly say that a single blade – be it a DE or a SE – is all you need for a close, comfortable shave.

  4. bsmyn0708, you are poorly informed. I recently switched to cold water shaving (as have MANY others on the shaving boards), and have been getting shaves with no irritation and fewer nicks and cuts than I did doing "Kyle's Prep" for 2 years. For people with soft or sensitive skin, cold water shaving can be revelatory.

  5. Shaving with cold water is a very bad idea. You're just asking to get cut and nicked by doing that!

    Oh, by the way, Manitc, to my recent visit to my local Arabic market, I found some Derby shaving creams in the window display. Along with some knock off safety razors and a ton of Nacet blades.

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