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Top 10 Men Grooming Mistakes — And Their Fixes

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Men are not famous for having spectacular grooming skills. Sure, we try to be as neat and presentable as possible, but sometimes there are things that we overlook. It is not enough to take a bath regularly, brush our teeth, and wear clean clothes.

The path to impeccable grooming is a treacherous road. Stop making these grooming mistakes and walk the path to better grooming. After all, women love men who know how to take care of themselves.

Neglecting Nail Care

Don’t be ashamed to get yourself a manicure. Sure, it may sound not manly at first but having dirty and scraggly nails, is a huge turn-off. Remember though nails are small, they can send a strong negative impression about you. After all, your hands are always visible whether you are shaking somebody’s hand or picking up a drinking glass.

How to Fix it?

Maintaining your nails is easy. If going to a nail salon is too much for you, start by investing in a manicure kit for men. Clipping your nails with a nail cutter is not enough as it will result in rough edges. To make nails presentable and tidy after clipping, use a nail file to smooth the edges. Also, make sure to clean under the nails as well. To make nails soft and easier to clean, you may use an old toothbrush–put in some soap and brush your nails before starting. For best results do these every 3 days for maintenance.

Getting A Cheap Haircut

Hair usually grows back after a few weeks so that cheap barber down the road will do the trick. Wrong. There is a reason why some barbershops charge extra, and no, that is not because of the posh seats and free glass of iced tea.

Know that a skillful barber will not just trim your locks and get it over with. They will advise you on improving your style. They will also ensure that your haircut compliments your hair type and face shape. Nothing is more horrible than dropping down the barber chair and hoping for the best. Remember you are stuck with that look for weeks don’t mess it up!

How to Fix it?

Before going to a reputable barbershop, do some research at home first. Get at least three styles that you want and bring them to the barber. A good barber will then advise you on the best one that will suit your face best, they are trained and know what they are doing. So yes, that is what set them apart from the cheap shop down the road.

Poor Hair Washing (Dandruff)

Another sin that men love to commit: neglecting hair care. Your hair is your crowning glory, so it is only proper to give it the love that it deserves. It is not enough to wash hair with some generic shampoo and call it a day since men sweat more, and dandruff is more likely. Don’t be the guy that is getting awkward glances due to flakes decorating their black jackets.

How to Fix it?

Make sure to wash hair regularly, no buts. However, a bottle that says shampoo on it is not enough. Invest in some anti-dandruff shampoo. There are plenty on the market. Make time to read the labels before dropping them in your shopping carts. Remember a clean and great smelling hair will add to your strong points.

Overlooking Feet Care

Horrendous smelling feet are sure to drive away people pronto. This will not only harm you but will also do damage to other members of your household as well, not to mention the ruckus that you will stir when you are in the changing room of your gym. Our feet are sometimes neglected and taken for granted. But know that “groomed from head to toe” saying is there for a reason.

How to Fix it?

It is quite easy, actually. Whenever you are in a shower, make sure to wash your feet properly, especially in between toes. Also, make sure to wear clean socks every day. Before wearing socks, it will also help to make sure that the feet are dry to prevent bacteria from breeding (they love damp areas). Investing in some anti-fungal foot powder is also an excellent prevention method as well.

Growing a Uni-Brow

Look, bushy eyebrows and uni-brows look dirty. It gives off a dirty and greasy look. Not maintaining eyebrows is probably one of the everyday grooming mistakes that men make. Which is terrible as eyebrows are a prominent facial feature.

How to Fix it?

This can be quite tricky when you don’t know what you are doing. If it is just a few unkempt hairs, you can do it by yourself with a trusty pair of tweezers. However, if it is super bushy and the uni-brows are a bit thick, asking professional help is the best way to go.

War of Attrition Against the Sun

You may be tough, but you can never be more powerful than the sun. So, stop waging war against it, you will never win ever! Men skip on sun protection since they believe that their skin is tough enough to withstand it. Well sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not. UV rays are harmful and will cause spots on your face, premature aging, and skin cancer. Not just grooming no-nos, but a health risk too.

How to Fix it?

Sunblock and daily moisturizers are enough to keep the harmful rays at bay. You may not want the idea of dabbing your face with facial products before leaving home, I get it, I really do. But UV rays are deadlier than ever, and this skincare routine might just save your life.

Bathing in Cologne

You love your cologne, and maybe too much that you can’t help but spray tons on you as part of your daily regimen. However, don’t be the guy who walks down the corridor and causes everyone to gag or cover their noses. This sin is even worse when the said cologne is a cheap perfume! Yikes!

How to Fix it?

Spray in moderation. Yes, no matter how you love that scent, just 3 spritz is enough. One on your throat and one on each wrist. For a more subtle effect, spray a mist then walk through it. Less is more when it comes to perfumes.

Not So Kissable Lips

Dry and flaky lips are an appearance destroyer. It makes you look unhealthy and unclean. Especially on cold months, as your lips are more prone to this. Having a bright smile will get toned down if your lips are not that healthy-looking. No, we are not telling you to go all glam up with colored lips, but moisturized lips are excellent.

How to Fix it?

There are tons of lip balms on the market. Unscented or mint-flavored are also available so you would have no problem in getting one. Make sure that your lips are clean when applying the balm. If you are allergic to certain chemicals, make sure to visit your dermatologist first.

Skipping on Nighttime Skin Care

When coming home after a long day it is super tempting just to toss all your clothes and sink into the couch and watch TV or go straight to bed. Remember, during your time outside, you are exposed to all kinds of pollutants, and God knows what. Though just sleeping it off sounds good, you are subjecting your face to all sorts of infections and poor skincare.

How to Fix it?

Even if you have to drag yourself every night to wash your face, do it. Some warm water and some facial foam will do wonders for your facial care. It will also help your skin have that healthy glow and will prevent acne and pimples. Maintaining consistent face care is key to clear skin.

Settling For Cheap Products

Yes, saving money is essential, I agree with that wholeheartedly.  However, it should not be done at the expense of lousy grooming. Sometimes men tend just to get the first product that says shampoo, shaving cream, or whatever from store shelves. Though it sounds economical at first, you are not saving money if this product is not doing what it says it will. For example, if the so-called anti-dandruff shampoo is not eliminating your flaky problem, then maybe you should throw it out and switch to a more reliable brand.

How to Fix it?

Budget products are cheap for a reason. Though sometimes you can stumble upon a gold mine but that is not the case most of the time. Make sure to select products that use premium ingredients and from a reputable company. Make it a habit to read labels.


Men want a simple thing. We take a bath, we shave, we dress up, and we went on our way. However long gone are the days of primitive routines, and more men are now getting serious in grooming. It is definitely not shameful to pay attention to self-care.

Remember it doesn’t just make you look good and clean, but it also gives off the impression that you are capable. Proper grooming means that you are responsible for your wellbeing and have an eye for detail, and that says a lot from a professional and romantic perspective.

Author Bio: 

Hayk Saakian is a tech wizard with affinity to product reviews and guides. He is an entrepreneur by trade, but always makes time to write and share his expertise with other tech junkies.


Hayk Saakian

Hayk Saakian

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  1. If you got dandruff issues, greasy hair, or other hair issues, look for a shampoo with the active ingredient “Piroctone Olamine”, it’ll fix you right up after first use 🙂

  2. I NEVER wear the same shoes day after day. I have four pair walking shoes, for the summer. Then four pair of boots for winter. This gives plenty of time for today’s shoe to completely dry out before wearing again. Neither my shoes or my feet stink!

    Think about it. Would you wear the same underwear day after day for months and months? ICK!!!

    1. It’s not like they will get clean by you just leaving them standing there though 😛 But if it is oder issues, make a spray with water and baking soda, or just use baking soda as a powder on it’s own, it’ll take it away 🙂

  3. Do not forget to eat a lot of beans, preferably seasoned with crushed garlic and onion powder. This will enhance your natural fragrance.

    1. Except that Beans are a Legume, and not meant as food for humans! It is an antinutrient, and slowly drains your body for vitamins and minerals, while keeping your body from properly absorbing new ones… The high levels of Phytic Acid, is the worst about them, that is why people shouldn’t eat Peanuts either, as that is also a Legume, and NOT a Nut 😛

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