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Good And Cheap

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I liked today’s post from Steve at Kafeneio. In part:
“I spent close to 20 years as a corporate executive in the cosmetic skin care industry. If there were ever a business that sold the sizzle rather than the steak…this is it….
During the last couple of years I’ve tried a host of products spanning the range from very inexpensive to über high-end. In general, I can say that while most high-end products do perform quite well….so do the low-end! In fact, I usually find it nearly impossible to discriminate the two on the basis of shave outcome and pleasure. As a result, I have come to truly appreciate what I call “honest” products – those few brands which by negligence, lack of money, or enlightened philosophy, do not pretend to be anything more than what they actually are…a simple and inexpensive adjunct to getting a great shave.”
Steve then goes on to sing the praises of JM Frasier and Booster shave creams (Canadian products), and Treet razor blades (Pakastani). I admit I’ve never tried these particular products (though I should!) but he’s got a point–there are some great low-end products out there. In the US Van Der Hagen shave soaps , CO Bigelow, and Kiss My Face Moisture Shave are cheap (VDH goes for about two bucks!), widely available, and effective. In the UK, Boots has a terrific shave soap. The Middle-East has Arko (as Michael at Leisureguy reminded me the other day). Germany has Speick (Speick is one of my favorites). You get the idea. There are some great values out there…you just have to do some investigating.

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5 thoughts on “Good And Cheap”

  1. Michael (Leisureguy)- Wow, Shaving Essentials has some great prices too. I’ve never bought anything from them; what’s been your experience?

  2. This is what I find most frustrating about the forums.
    The community seems most focused on the expensive luxury items, to the point of insulting cheaper products.

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