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Gillette Planet Kind Shave Cream

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Well guess who has become environmentally conscious? It’s our old earth loving friends at Gillette. The Big G has introduced a line of shaving products labeled “Planet Kind” that are “kind to skin and to the planet”. 

What It Is

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They include a five ounce tub of shaving cream, a new razor and cartridge combo, skin moisturizer and face wash. All the products come in “sustainable packaging” with jars made of “infinitely recyclable metal” (aluminum) and even the razor handle is made “60% recycled plastic”. This review will deal only with the shaving cream which I purchased for $7.99 at Target

I searched at other stores such as Wal-Mart and all the major drugstore chains but, at least in western NC, I could only find it at Target. One can also order it directly from Gillette for $8. with free shipping.

I was initially prepared to be my usual cynical self and say this is a cheap marketing ploy to attract the environmentally concerned demographic. It well may be, but really to be totally honest this is a damn good shaving cream. I figured if they were truly “aware” they would make the jar out of a biodegradable substance, such as chocolate, instead of aluminum which will be around forever (granted that aluminum is lauded for its sustainable properties and is considered one of the most efficient and sustainable materials that can be used.  Infinitely recyclable, too).

Using The Cream

It can be used either brushless or with a brush to generate lather. I tried both on a two day growth with a new cartridge and then on a one day growth. I tried both putting it directly on one side of the face and bowl lathering on the other. To be perfectly fair I didn’t tell myself which side of my face had which technique. 

Starting on the left side, which I suspect, was the brushless side, the glide and lubrication were very impressive. The residual slickness was top-notch and the cushioning was very good. It cleared the stubble to an almost BBS degree on the first pass and removed the rest with the residual slickness. 

Using a Semogue Owners Club boar brush on the other side, which I’m guessing was the bowl lather side, was equally smooth in all spheres. In the bowl it instantly generated all the lather you could dream of by just adding drops of water at a time. Imagine the very opposite of a quadrupled mill hard soap and that is what the lathering was all about. The post-shaving feel was also very smooth.

Looking at the ingredients list I didn’t detect anything that was of obvious animal origin and Gillette says on their website that none of the usual villainous chemicals were included.

The cream is very soft which you would need to keep it brushless.

What did I not like? The fragrance. It is described as cucumber and peppermint. If you don’t mind smelling like a salad then you’re good to go. Peppermint? I hate it in every form that it takes. I would have settled for a mild soapy or powdery scent but nooooooo it was cucumber and peppermint, although I would have to say that cucumber is predominant.  What’s next? The lovely scent of kale?


My only knock is the fragrance. Setting aside the environmental stuff this was an excellent performance, irrespective of the low price. Brush or brushless it works very well to lubricate the shave and remove stubble.

Saul Nathanson

Saul Nathanson

8 thoughts on “Gillette Planet Kind Shave Cream”

  1. I am in love with this shave cream, it works grate and with 3 ways to apply it I can have a quick , medium, or slow shave.

  2. The Target Store in Plano TX has marked down all KIND products by $2.
    I wonder if this reflects weak sales? Maybe Gillette should have tried for “fragrance free”?
    Also, they should have included in the KIND lineup a totally recycled synthetic brush. It would have gone great with the shave creme.

  3. I have to say: the fact that Palmitic Acid is the first ingredient (after water) is a major red flag for a supposedly “good-for-the-planet” product. I’m glad to see major companies making efforts to be more environmentally conscious, but it’s all just marketing speak if they don’t back it up with the ingredients and practices. Not too surprising, given P&G’s track record on issues of deforestation, etc.

    Good review otherwise. Always appreciate the thoughtful articles here.

  4. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

    Thanks for the terrific review, Saul. I will definately give this a try at that price. The scent has me a bit concerned, but if I don’t like it, I can always give it away.

    One minor nit to pick. You said “To be perfectly fair I didn’t tell myself which side of my face had which technique.” OK, maybe I’m missing something here, but how can you keep the knowledge of which side of the face you used the brush when YOU used the brush. Is your short term memory that bad?

  5. Fine review, Mark. I agree with everything you say, including your thoughts on the less-than-pleasing fragrance, which for me, makes this a cream one I won’t use again. Interestingly, I wonder if this cream will affect the Art of Shaving line, also owned by PG. I found the cream as good as a performer as AOS ones, but I will continue to pay $25 for AOS lavender.

    Also, the Planet Kind handle fits Skinguard blades, and most likely all Fusion blades.

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