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Video – How To Get A Better Shave On The Chin

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The chin can be a tough shaving-nut to crack. Here are some tips on how to get a better shave on your chin.

The obvious problem with the chin is it’s shape. With all the curves and dimples in the area, getting a razor to shave consistently can be a big challenge.

This is one instance where a pivoting razor head can help, but it’s best not to rely on it either.

Another problem is the tendency for the chin area to have the toughest stubble, particularly for older men like me. The chin usually starts greying before other parts of the face and the character of the hair changes.

But there are several strategies you can follow to make the job a little easier. The first is making sure you have prepared the area well. A gentle cleaning with lots and lots of warm water will go a long way to making the hair softer and easier to cut. I’m usually not an advocate of pre-shave oils but the chin is one place that can benefit from a little extra lubrication. Give pre-shave oil a try, but don’t substitute oil for careful preparation.

A really good shave lather is important here too. Use a quality shave product–don’t settle for some pressurized foam from the discount store.
When it comes to actually shaving the area, there are a few techniques that can work well. The first is to examine the area very closely and try to shave along the flattest segments. Gently curling your lower lip can help flatten part of the area to some extent but the best strategy is to not follow curves, even if you have a razor with a pivoting head. That means taking shorter strokes around the most curved areas.

Second, shave with little or no pressure. A common problem is to unconsciously press harder on the razor, thinking that it will get more stubble. The opposite is true–shaving with very little pressure is more efficient. If the cut is inconsistent, that’s OK–you can relather and repeat the stroke from a different direction, reducing the stubble in stages.

Finally, near the finish of your shave you can feel around the area and just touch up those spots that may still be a little rough. Spot-lathering and shaving with a very light, quick buffing action with the razor can tidy up the area. But be sure to do this just once–repeating a touch-up on the same area will almost certainly result in razor burn.

Give these techniques a try and then leave a comment on how it they work for you!


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  1. The chin area was always one of my trouble spots. Never tried J hooking though.
    Thank you, Mark, for the advice.

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