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Scent Off: Fitjar Soap Frost Rose

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We’ve crossed the halfway point in the “Scent Off!”  Sharpologist has challenged artisan shaving soap makers to come up with a Fall or Winter “seasonal” scented shaving soap, to be judged by our panel of shaving experts.  Previous entries looked at Mystic Water’s Indian Summer, Barrister & Mann’s Hallows, and How To Grow A Moustache’s Pumpk’n 3.14.  This week:  Fitjar Soap‘s “Frost Rose.”

Fitjar Soap Frost Rose

Artisan Bio: Fitjar Soap is a small company that was founded in 2002. We produce shaving soap, soaps and other natural skin care products. The soaps are made by hand, without compromise, with love, in Fitjar. The Fitjar coastline is a paradise for all who enjoy the company of seagulls and eagles, everchanging weather and fresh ocean air, and who value a simple life in tune with the elements. The landscape is weatherworn and rough, but offers a sheltered harbour for those who come close enough. Fitjar Soap hopes to infuse the products with the fresh energy and wholesome atmosphere of the landscape and air of the beautiful Fitjar coastline, to offer a small piece of life on the western coast of Norway.
Entry Description: The scents of our products are created only with essential oils, which limits the range of fragrances that are possible to create, but keeps the products smelling fresh and natural, which it fits the profile of the company. I welcome the challenge of creating a seasonal scent for this competition, and hope to get the chance to submit my contribution.

Judges Comments on Fitjar Frost Rose


  • “Smelled like a cold Christmas morning with rose and a hint of menthol. Fantastic.”
  • ” I liked it. It was a nice soft Rose with just a hint of menthol. The scent was almost gone when lathering but not a distraction in my opinion.”
  • “If you love Rose scented creams or floral scents you have to try this one. It smells like Roses, very strong but at the same time delicate. Also other floral notes are there which makes it a complex scent, something that many of us truly appreciate. Also, due to the pine notes, is a fresh scent, not on the sweet side of Rose scented shaving creams.”
  • “I will readily disclose that a soap or cream in a rose scent that is done well is one of my favorite scents for a shaving soap or cream.  This soap has to be one of the best, if not the best, rose scented soap that I have ever had the privilege to try and I have tried many of the rose scent creams and soaps… This scent was not [just] a “home run” but rather a “grand slam” and a scent that I would choose daily.”
  • “I like the idea, but for me the scent was extremely faint—not unpleasant, but did not get the rose note at all.”
  • “The rose with the touch of pine is pretty nice, with a reasonable strength level. However, I’m not sure that the menthol is all that suitable for what’s supposed to be a seasonal scent winter/autumn scent. It reminds one of winter, but it’s not something that I’d want to be using during winter.”

Scent Score: 8.7


  • “Of all the soaps this one lathered the best considering the sample was extremely small. Protection is first rate and felt great on the skin. “
  • “Very nice lather. I could generate and control the thickness of the suds very easily. Cushion was decent. No irritation and I could feel the menthol just enough to know it was there.”
  • “Well, this is where I find its weakest point. The cream has a thick texture, something that I also like but some creams with Olive Oil as an ingredient are hard, very hard to lather or to get stable, thick lather from.”
  • “This was not my first time using a Fitjar soap, so I had some expectations of how I thought the soap would perform and I was not disappointed.  I found it easy to produce a rich, lubricating lather that provided a good cushioning…. My face felt conditioned during and after each shave with a softness that lingered long after the morning shave.”
  • “Performance was excellent, especially given the small puck size…. Fitjar Såpekokeri has always had good lather for me, and this is no different.”
  • “Once again, these artisans are knocking it out of the park. Both the soap and the cream were quite excellent.”

Performance Score: 8.2


  • “Came in a plain but heavy duty box with cut paper as a protective lining inside along with a history of soap making in Norway and instructions on how to use.”
  • “The small sample container being white with the silver top was a nice Christmas touch. Although nothing fancy, I thought it captured the holiday. “
  • “Neat looking presentation just for two samples of shaving creams and soap. In the details you can find the excellence and in this case well done for Jorun (he woman behind Fitjar soaps and creams). The cream came in a 20 ml container and both the cream and the soap came on a carboard box , with a paper explaining the story behind the Rose Frost scent and its ingredients.”
  • “This presentation of the Frost Rose or “Christmas Rose” soap and cream from Fitjar was middle of the road for me.  It arrived from Norway in great shape and was a travel size shaving soap and a 20ml shaving cream.  There was not a particular linkage in the presentation of the soap and cream to the seasonal or Frost Rose title of the soap.”
  • “Given the shipping barrier that a Norwegian vendor faces when shipping a lot of samples to the US, I found the presentation (in terms of contest) sensible and also engaging. As a gift, the soap (and shaving cream to boot!) were not presented as a regular under-the-tree gift, but would be perfect as a stocking stuffer. I applaud the ingenuity, and the little well-labeled cardboard container was a nice touch, with the crumpled paper-strand packing sort of adding to the excitement of opening the gift. Good approach to the design problem (which includes expensive international shipping).”
  • “The presentation was fairly nice, if a bit plain. The shredded paper to fill the extra space showed some good attention to detail, and the little jars used for the cream samples are very suitable.”

Presentation Score: 3.8

Sharpologist Staff

Sharpologist Staff

5 thoughts on “Scent Off: Fitjar Soap Frost Rose”

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  2. I have over fifty varieties of old-world roses in my garden. The scent of Frost Rose is about as good as it gets, and will allow me to enjoy the scent of roses long after the last petal has fallen. I guess that my two bars of Klar Kabinett will have to wait.

  3. I read somewhere that Fitjar uses SLS or some other ultra-cheap, skin-irritating detergent in their formulas to make them lather more easily. I wonder if this is still true. At those prices, I hope it is not. Perhaps someone who tested the product can comment.

  4. 1. Mystic Water Indian Summer: 19.4/25
    2. Barrister & Mann Hallows: 19.9/25
    3. How To Grow A Mustache Pumpk’n 3.14: 22.6/25
    4. Fitjar Soap Frost Rose: 20.7/25
    5. TBD
    6. TBD

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