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Fall Grooming Practices

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As the clear, blue skies of summer give way to grey clouds and dark mornings of the impending fall, now is the time to redo your grooming routine that you had picked up during the summer. With a slight but definite chill hanging in the air, it is that time of the year when cold winds, low humidity and your central heating system, all begin to come into play. And when all these elements come together, be prepared to fight dry skin, lackluster hair and an unhealthy complexion.

But fall doesn’t have to be all gloomy and dull. Instead, it can serve as a great time to experiment with every aspect of your grooming routine! So don’t hold back. Try a new hairstyle, use a new fragrance, go chin deep with latest skin care products and show off your new, evolved personal style for the coming fall season. We have some tips on how to care for your skin and hair during the colder months of the year. Some much needed fall/fall fashion tips too wait for you towards the end of the article. Read on!

Taking Care of Skin

Having oily skin does not mean that your body is going to compensate for the dry, cold climate. Well, to be frank, it does compensate. But in doing so, it often goes beyond the limits and produces extra oil (or sebum) on your skin! Therefore, for any kind of skin, you must have these three items in your autumn/winter grooming kit – an exfoliator, a cleanser and a good hydrating moisturizer.

Get a gentle facial scrub and use it once or twice a week, to exfoliate your skin. A scrub will keep away all the dead, flaky patches and in return, will give a smoother and brighter complexion to your skin.

A cream cleanser tends to work better than the gel cleansers during the cold season. The reason being that the cream cleansers are rich in hydrating oils, which do not clog up your pores. Avoiding gel cleansers is also suggestible, especially for men with dry and sensitive facial skins, as they generally have a chemical compound called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) that can strip the skin off essential natural oils, resulting in skin breakouts.

Cold fall winds carry 30% less moisture than the summer breeze, and so are that much more harder on your skin. The central heating system at your home doesn’t do any favor either, and your skin is highly likely to end up feeling dry, itchy and flaky. Moisturizing is the only way to keep your skin looking alive and fresh then. For dry skinned guys, the Genuine Lapland Cream from Polaar serves excellently to keep the skin hydrated and feeling comfortable. For men with oily skin, it is best to use a light moisturizing lotion (Bluebeards Revenge Cooling Moisturiser comes recommended) for the best results.

Although, these three items must form the core grooming products that every man must have for fall/winter, we would suggest you to go an extra step and buy a night cream. A night cream is essentially a chemical toner containing AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), that accelerate skin repair and stimulate the cell renewal process to produce a healthy, replenished skin when you wake up in the morning! Use Baxter of California’s Night Cream AHA 2-3 times a week before you go to bed, and you will find your skin stays smooth and soft always.

Taking Care of Hair

Fall is a great time to get your hair back on track, after a grueling, hot summer. You can wear any kind of hair style without having to worry about your hair holding cream melting, and forming a lump of locks in your hair. However, fall/winter is also the time when you can need to take special care of your hair, whether it is on your head or on your face. This is because under the hair, your skin begins to break up if you do not keep it properly hydrated and as your hair keeps sucking moisture from your skin, it only gets worse.

Before you can show off a new hairstyle for the coming fall/winter season, you need to lay a solid foundation for your hair to bloom. Wash as thoroughly and as often as required with a good quality shampoo to keep your hair clean and nourished. Molton Brown’s Indian Cress Purifying Shampoo is designed to take care of replenishing and purify your hair and the skin under it. Equally necessary is applying a good conditioner through the ends of the hair (and not near the roots of hair or scalp, as this will leave them greasy) to keep the hair shiny and smooth. Once done with preparing the hair, you can now style it up using all kinds of pomades and pastes or gels.

For your beards, try using Mr Natty Frank’s Beard Elixir to keep your facial hair clean and conditioned. A thorough massage with your finger tips, with the above mentioned lotion will keep your beard smooth and soft.

(Special Mention: While shaving during the cold season, you should use a rich shaving cream instead of a gel or a soap, to avoid your skin from getting dry and keep it hydrated and soft. Post-shaving, use an after shave lotion, preferably rich in Aloe, to soothe your skin and keep it moisturized.)

Right. So much for keeping your skin and hair healthy and preparing it for the fall. But is that all a man needs to look dashing and well-groomed in this season? No. It is not summer any more. Gone are the casual days of summer, when you can pull it off easily with just a cool t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Fall is the season to put your big boy pants on. It is time to man up and appear like you give a damn about your look!

Fashion Tips for Fall

Here are some ideas about how you can dress up from head to toe for a suave fall look.

Head – Get yourself a hat. A knit golf cap, a fedora with a short brim or if you are bold enough, a short cut Alpine hat is the way to go.

Neck – Wrap yourself in some stylish scarves. While they add sophistication to your overall image, they also serve as a chance to add color to your entire outfit.

Torso – Dress in layers. Wear solid colors as a base and a sweater or sport coat with patterns to complement them. Coats or jackets made of heavier fabrics such as wool or fleece can be thrown over these layers as the exterior. The key is to stay away from bright colors of the summer and go for the more toned down, sober color themes.

Legs – Forget your favorite denims. Choose a khaki or woolen or blended fabric trouser to match your upper classy garments. A style conscious adult will not go for a casualness of a jeans instead of the authority that a well-stitched pair of trousers commands.

Feet – Summer sandals need to be whisked away, as do the flip flops. Check out a Cole Hahn shoe (with canvas-based looks) or an Allen Edmonds (if looking for casual leather shoes) for completing the manly getup, fitted perfectly for the upcoming autumn/winter stage. (Think Colin Firth’s slick look in the recent Hollywood hit Kingsman!)

Well, there you have it. All of the essential fall grooming practices (that we can think of) to get that flawless look, at your service. Go ahead. Make this fall/winter a season to remember with your trendy looks and personal style statement!

About the author: Ernest Kingston is the Chief Editor of, a website dedicated to offering helpful grooming advice, buying guides and reviews for different types of shaving tools.

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  1. When I read about this complex skin care routines, I feel like I’ve been blessed but also cursed in a way. If I even think about washing my face, my skin takes a turn for the worst and I’ll break out in pimples all over my forehead. So in other words, I never have to do anything to my skin because it seems to take care of itself. Which is awesome because it means less work, but at the same time… I, for some reason, actually want to have a complicated skin care routine! It seems like fun in a way.

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