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Facial Mapping

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Where can I find those cartoons of the face with the little arrow that map beard direction?

You mean these?

Kind of, but the ones I was thinking of had redlines on the face diagram showing which was to shave for the 1st, 2nd, and possibly third ‘shaves’.

You misunderstand: the red arrows on those faces were for MY beard growth pattern. You need to take the blank face and map YOUR growth pattern (it could be completely different than mine)…everyone’s a little different.

In any case, I will provide links on the right side of the page to these “blank” diagrams for anyone to download and print.


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3 thoughts on “Facial Mapping”

  1. I love to draw, and I want to learn how to do human faces, so thanks for the information has been helpful to my learning.

  2. Thanks to the person asking this as I am going to print it out and see if this would help me prevent some ingrowns I get in certain spots.

  3. Yep, and it is precisely the differences in the way those "red arrows" point that lead to a huge amount of nicks, scratches and pain when people take it for granted that their first pass should be, for example, towards or away from the chin.

    I personally have found that my beard growth patterns oppose quite a few "standards" – but then again, we are all unique, aren't we 😀

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