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EZ-Blade Shaving Gel Deal or dud?

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EZ Shave Tub
I’m always in the market to try new things. That’s probably why I have more shaving gear than I’ll ever use in a lifetime and keep collecting more. So when Sharptologist asked me to review a couple of products, I immediately jumped at the chance. And pulled a hamstring. Note to self: gotta work out more!
One of the products he sent me was EZ-Blade shaving gel.  Since diving into wet-shaving head first (or is it face first?) many moons ago, I haven’t used a gel except to try out Harry’s product. But as I researched this product and company that I had never heard of, I read some good reviews. Some said that they broke out after using it, but they were in the minority, so I wasn’t too worried about looking like a radish after using this.

EZ-Blade shaving gel was created Jay the Barber, who has a company called How to Become a Barber, and his website states that he started by selling the E-Z gel to barber shops and it grew from there. (ingredients: Glycerin, carbomer, preshave oil, barbadensis, leaf, juice, citric, acid, lilial)

The first thing I noticed what the color of the gel. Gotta put that in there so you’re not surprised. It’s green. Like almost neon green.
EZ Gel Green1
Not what I expected, but I’m not easily intimidated! I showered and washed my face and got my Super Adjustable ready with a new Astra Platinum. I had read and watched a video that showed people applying this with their fingers and not a brush, so I scooped up a dollop the size of a quarter and proceeded to spread it on my face.
EZ Gel Dollop
It goes on clear so I concentrated on my right cheek. It’s not greasy, so I picked up my razor and as I slowly shaved, I got feedback I hadn’t had since I owned a Merkur Futur. The sound of my blade cutting the hair. If you’ve never heard this, it’s actually a little startling the first time. One thing I did notice right away is that it seemed like the gel wasn’t providing any slickness. I went to rinse my razor and noticed that the blade was already clogged after one row of a one top-to-bottom swipe. I added a bit more of the gel and went back at it. Since it was clear, I could definitely see where I was shaving, but I still had the feeling that I was shaving without anything between the razor and my skin. After I did my face, applying as I went, I shaved my upper lip and that’s where I did get some razor burn. As I rinsed off, I did get a pretty nice tingle from gel, which has a nice minty smell to it. But it did keep clogging my razor.

The next time I tried it, I used a bit less gel and worked it in more evenly, but the gel still clogged my DE. And I still had some razor burn on my upper and under my lower lip and it still felt like there was nothing between my razor and skin at times. I did notice more irritation to my skin, an issue I don’t have with regular creams or soaps.

In all, it’s probably very good for touching up spots because it is clear. I did notice a lot of positive comments from people who use a “shavette” style straight or a regular straight razor.

The price for the 6oz. tub is $9.99 (slightly higher on Amazon* but with free shipping) which isn’t outrageous. If you want to really see what you’re shaving and have a straight razor, this might be an option. But for me, I want something that won’t clog my razor and provides more slickness and cushion. And for $9.99 I can get shaving cream or soap that’ll fit the bill on all counts.
Dud for me, but it may be a deal for you!

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Jay Harrell

Jay Harrell

7 thoughts on “EZ-Blade Shaving Gel Deal or dud?”

  1. Loved the review. It sounded objective and sincere. Moreover, it was very specific unlike other reviewers who wax rather vague as if they were afraid to insult anyone.
    If a spade is a spade then call it a spade, not a club, heart or diamond. Worse off is to describe it as “spade-ish”. If something is put forth as a spade it would be dishonest to say it was a spade when it really is something less than a spade. Thank you for your spade integrity.

    1. JJP, thanks! Honesty is my middle name. Actually it’s a much harder name to pronounce and spell, so I’m thinking of legally changing it to “honesty.”

  2. Brian Fiori (AKA The Dean)

    Good to have some that are willing to take one for the team. I wouldn’t go near that radioactive-looking slime—let alone put it on my face. Reminds me of the goopy slime they sold (probably still sell) in buckets as a children’s toy.
    But just curious, since you decided to use this twice (glutton for punishment?), I also wonder why you didn’t try a bit with a brush, just to see if that helped its performance. I’d use a brush I didn’t care about, that’s for sure.

    1. The Dean! I love that AKA! I didn’t use a brush because I didn’t think it would improve the performance of the goo. I don’t believe the way it’s applied would change the characteristics of the product. Since it’s definitely not a lathering product, I decided to stick with the “rub it in” method.
      Thanks for reading and posting!

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